The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 9

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Pierrot

Katariona Meets Another God

The owner of the voice came down from the top of the tree. She was a beautiful woman with shining golden hair and eyes. 

“That red fruit looks delicious~yea. I want to eat it, too ~ yea.” 

The way she speaks is strange. “Yea” is added to the end of each sentence. Is it her humor? She doesn’t seem evil, so she’s probably not a monster. She’s rather divine. 

“Yes. Here you go.”

I fearfully give the woman a strawberry that I had just torn off. She opened her mouth, saying, “Ahhh~”, so I wonder if I should feed it to her? When I bring the strawberry to her mouth, she takes a large bite into it. 

“Mmm~ It’s delicious …~yea!”

She puts her hand on her cheek and jumps. It looks like it was really delicious. Well, she seems like a nice person. 

“Uhm… Who are you?” 

“Me? I am—” 

“She’s the Light Goddess.” 

Leon interrupts before the woman finishes speaking. Even though he was on alert, he was half-eyed. Ah. That’s his stunned face.

“Ehhh!?” Marie and I exclaim at the same time, surprised. 

“The Forest God is still as fickle as ever~yea. I’m the Light Goddess …~yea. “

“Hmph!” Leon snorts. 

“You still seem capricious, doing anything as you please. Rio was surprised by you calling out from the top of the tree. Show up properly.” 

The Light Goddess walks to Leon and pokes his forehead. 

“Today, I came to complain to the Forest God~yea.”

“I know. You mean regarding Rio?” 

The Light Goddess squints her face, but the gesture is cute. 

“She was supposed to be a member of my family. It’s terrible to snatch her from me!” 

Eh!? Is this her angry mode? But, me, a part of her family? I can only see that leading down to a path of ruin. Hold up! She isn’t saying “~yea” anymore? So, it was actually annoying to add? 

“Ah… Um. Light Goddess. I have something to say. Marie, too, I’d like to tell you a story. Will you listen?” 

Marie nods. “Of course.” 

When I turn my face to Leon, he convinces me that it is unavoidable. 

“I’ll listen…~yea You should tell…~yea.”

I told the Light Goddess and Marie the same thing I told Leon. When I finished talking, the Light Goddess and Marie hugged me at the same time. 

“I’m sorry! Humans are terrible!” 

“To execute an innocent young lady… His Imperial Highness, the Crown Prince, is a scum!” 

Both are crying. By the way, Leon was crying too. I wonder if gods always cry so easily? 

“Do you believe me?” 

The Light Goddess’ *embracing power becomes stronger. That hurts. 

(*embracing power: Uhh, well, I was out of descriptive words. It’s basically describing how strong they’re hugging Rio.)

“Isn’t that obvious!? Rio’s soul is beautiful. You can’t lie!” 

When Marie nods powerfully, her embracing power increases further. 

“There can be no lie in what the young lady says! Marie is on the side of the young lady no matter what.” 

Uwu. Thank you, but it’s painful… I appeal to Leon for help. 

“Get away from Rio, Light Goddess. Rio seems to be suffering.” 

When I turned my face to Leon, the Light Goddess grinned. Where did the tears go?

“You’re jealous~yea? But I also liked Rio. If that’s the reason, you should make the sacred magic a second mana~yea.”

“What is second mana?” 

The Light Goddess suddenly laughs. 

“Second mana, as the name implies, is the second magical attribute.” 

“Is it different from having dual-attribute magic?” 

Leon shakes his head vertically, expressing affirmation. 

“Mana is the magical power that human beings have, which is in the form of the lost language. God can draw out the hidden powers and confer some attributes. ” 

“I was about to explain to you, but you took the best part! The Forest God is a meanie!” 

The Light Goddess is angry, and Leon is snorting. I wonder if these gods are on bad terms? 

“Second mana cannot be seen by human appraisal eyes as long as the first mana is creative magic~yea. But you can also use sacred magic, so you can rest assured~yea.”

I’m not sure, but the appraisal only says creative magic. Ah! Because it is lost magic, is it shown as earth magic or plant magic? Is being able to use sacred magic convenient? 

“The prince’s kid had an appraisal eye. The guardian kid.” 

By the way, the devil prince also has an appraisal eye. That’s convenient. I sort of want it too. 

“But is it possible to go backward in time?” 

Marie, who stopped crying, listens while wiping her nose with a handkerchief. 

“Hmm. The Time God may know something~yea.“

“Did you call me~pinpororin?”

A black dragon’s face emerges from empty space. Huge! 


The screams of women echo in the forest. 

“Time God? Don’t come out of nowhere! First, minimize your size!” 

“Leon is calm~yea.”

Ah. The Light Goddess’s speaking style just spread! 

(:gasp: it’s contagious!)

“All right. Wait here~pinpororin.”

When I heard a pop, a small, black dragon about the size of a kitten appeared with a watch around his neck. 

“This good~pinpororin?” 


“Hey, don’t say that! That’s embarrassing~pinpororin.” 

Dragon! The Time God awkwardly scratches his cheek, giving a little “eheh” feeling embarrassed. That being the case, his nails are very sharp.  “Ouch!” he exclaims. Yes. That’s what would happen. 

“What’s up with the “pinporin”? “

“It’s my style of speaking. Don’t mind it~pinpororin.” 

I’m really worried. Do all gods typically have a strange speaking style? Leon seems to be incredibly normal in comparison. He’s fluffy, too.

“What’d you call me for~pinpororin?” 

I explain to theTime God how I have gone backward in time. The Time God started shedding tears after listening. As expected, gods shed tears easily. 

“Sniff… Maybe there was a crack in the reincarnation band. Sniff… pinpororin.” 

“There’s a reincarnation belt?” 

“Yup. Sniff… When humans die, their souls ride on the belt of reincarnation and reach the next life. Sniff… Although it is rare, if there is a crack, the soul will fall into distortion, and time will come back~pinpororin.” 

So, reincarnation truly happens. 

“I see. So, Rio fell into the crack, and time has returned. ” 

The ending is no longer “yea”!? Is this the way it was originally? 

But now I know why time is back. I guess I’m thankful for the rift in time. Because if time didn’t go backward, I wouldn’t have been able to meet Leon. 

“I will go examine the reincarnation belt. Well, see you next time, Rio~pinpororin.”

The Time God returned to the empty space as before. 

“Is the Time God in another space?” 

“It’s space-time, to be exact. He manages the reincarnation belt by going back and forth between the past and the future.” 

“I live in the world of gods~yea. But since Rio is here, I don’t mind staying in the human world~yea.”

“No. Go back home!”  Leon utters coldly, and the Light Goddess cries, turning to me. 

“The Forest God is bad!” 

“Leon. Don’t bully the Light Goddess too much. Men have to be kind to women. ” 

Leon growls. 

“Don’t indulge her, Rio. She is capricious and rude.” 

“Is the Forest God called Leon? That’s it! You should give me a name too!”

When she looked up, her tears had stopped. Is she truly capricious? Nevertheless, what is a fitting name for the Light Goddess? Let’s think for a bit.

“Then, how about Flair?” 

“Flair~ Umu. It sounds good~yea. I like it~yea.”

Her cheeks had a slight blush, and she smiled, giggling to herself. Are you happy with it? 

“I’m glad you like it. Nice to meet you, Flair. You don’t have to force yourself to use the name I gave you, though.” 

“Nice to meet you. The Time God of time puts a cute ending like ~pinpororin, so I wanted to put a cute ending too.” 

Did you envy the Time God’s pinpororin? I think saying it is hard, though…

“I know you like to speak that way. But, Flair, you are beautiful as you are normally, so please talk normally.” 

“Rio praised me. I’m so happy! Let’s go back to how I spoke normally.” 

Flair, who is jumping around the fountain, is cute. 

“From the beginning, speaking normally would’ve been fine…” 

Leon sighs. 

“Then, I’ll come back after I’m ready with preparations. At that time, I will give you sacred magic again.” 

Light Goddess, Flair, jumped up and flew into the sky and vanished. 

“You don’t have to come again.” 

Leon cursed in the direction that Flair disappeared. Anyway, what is she preparing?

TL Note: Ano~if you guys find this confusing, please leave a comment. I tried my best to translate this and clarify, but I understand that this is a confusing chapter.



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