I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 107

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Natural Enemy

The places destroyed by Meteor Strike and Helheim slowly began regenerating. I couldn’t just stop my attacks now. I had to destroy the tower thoroughly!

I raised both of my hands towards the skies and began gathering magic power.

Up above the tower an enormous ball of flames appeared, shining brilliantly just waiting for the moment to strike. I vigorously lowered my raised hand down towards the tower.


The ball of flame immediately began falling towards the tower, and upon hitting it engulfed it in a huge pillar of flames.

However the tower still continues regenerating even while being burned. Faced with the abnormal situation of destruction and regeneration I realized that I had looked down on the tower’s regeneration ability.

When the flame ball impacted the tower, a cloud of dust had once again risen towards the sky. I decided to use Wind Magic in order to lead that dust and combine it with the flame pillar, creating a tornado of flames.

“Combination Magic: Inferno Whirlwind!!”

The scorching whirlwind continued rising up towards the air, enveloping the whole tower with its intense heat. But even so, the power of attack was still not enough to completely stop the tower’s regeneration.

It seemed like humans could only produce a limited amount of power.

“I didn’t want to use it, but I guess I don’t have a choice.”

I wanted to avoid using this, due to what would happen afterwards, however now wasn’t the time to hold back. I had to take it down before it could completely recover from the damage caused by Meteor Impact.

An enormous amount of magic power began surging from my body, and a huge magic circle appeared. A pillar of light shot high up in the air, and inside of it a figure was slowly being formed by the light.

“Come forth Titan!!!”

The enormous red giant made its way into this world accompanied by a huge impact. The ground was turned into magma, and each of Titan’s steps caused the earth to shriek.

On the surface of the earth, numerous of the leech like beings were struggling in pain. But even so, in order to try and stop the approaching giant, the leeches formed together into something that looked like tentacles, which appeared from the ground and shot towards Titan.

However, upon landing on Titan’s body, all of the tentacles began swelling and catching on fire.

Titan tore off the tentacles and shoved his hand into the ground. From inside the magma he took out his enormous axe, that looked to be almost the same size as him, and slowly lifted it up.

The axe that looked like it could split the heavens was then brought down with tremendous force, landing directly onto the edge of the tower completely destroying it alongside the earth. A cloud of dust once again rose high up into the air.

“I figured as much…”

The earth dissolved, the leech like monsters burned together with the ground, dying one after another, without being able to regenerate.

The whole area turned into a field of magma, and all of the leeches that were trying to crawl out of the ground burned alongside it.

Titan could no doubt be perceived as the natural enemy of the tower.

The scorching giant once again lifted his foot, continuing his march towards the tower.


Even though the sight was being shot from a huge distance away with special cameras, the figure of the red giant was clearly visible. But even so, all of the people who were watching the broadcast were completely confused as to what was actually happening. In the midst of all of that――

[America Central Army・Florida]

“What in the world is going on!?”

Tens of soldiers were gathered in one place, and were looking at the broadcast. Besides us, numerous other people had ditched their work just so that they could watch the broadcast as well.

“Joshua, no matter how you look at it, that’s definitely a Giant right?” asked one of the soldiers.

“Yea, it appears that way.”

“Why is it in France then!? And on top of that a Giant this big…”

He was right, even though it looked small in comparison to the tower, it couldn’t be denied that the Giant was actually huge. Furthermore this was my first time seeing a red Giant like that one.

While we were talking a soldier next to us, murmured something.

“It’s Titan…”


The guy who had said that was Fred, a soldier who had come here from the north.

“I participated in Titan’s subjugation. Almost all of us died, however I somehow managed to live.” said Fred while putting his hands on his shaking shoulders.

“There’s no mistaking it. That size, that red body overflowing with magma… I still dream of it. That devil-like being.”

If what Fred was saying was really true, then the person currently fighting in France reminded me of only one guy. The guy who had appeared alongside the Giants, and had rescued us――

“Gojo is it really you who’s fighting there…”


Titan once again raised the axe in his hand. Upon seeing that the leeches from the tower and the surrounding earth began forming together into tentacles to stop him.

The tower itself had now probably realized that Titan was a dangerous existence.

Titan ripped apart the tentacles by force, and without batting an eye lowered his axe towards the tower. The Axe of Destruction upon landing on the lower part of the tower, created an explosion that could be mistaken with the eruption of a volcano, completely melting the surroundings, covering them in magma.

‘I shouldn’t miss this chance’ 

I deployed an enormous magic circle in front of me, and began pouring in magic power.

After which from within the magic circle, a burning magic power began pouring out.

“Come forth Shiva!!!”

The enormous dragon of flames appeared in this world once again with a piercing roar. It spread its enormous wings, and locked its gaze onto the tower.

“Shiva! Blow away that tower!!”

Hearing my order Shiva began gathering magic power in its mouth. When the flames in its mouth reached the point where Shiva could hardly contain them any more, it shot them towards the tower at once.

The fire ball collided with the tower, creating a shattering explosion. The power of which was enough to envelop the whole tower. When the flames and dust began settling down, the image of the tower appeared, but this time numerous damages could be seen in a wide area on the front of the tower.

The leeches once again madly tried creating tentacles in order to stop Shiva.

However Shiva spread its both wings wide and flew towards the air, after which it burned the leech and formed tentacles with its flame breath.

The power that Shiva produced was several times stronger that the one I could produce with magic. The leech tentacles after being exposed to the flames immediately burned and fell to the ground.

It appeared that Shiva’s attacks worked wonders against the tower as well.

I proceeded to once again gather the magic power surging within my body. I could feel my whole body screaming under the pressure, however there was no way I could just stop here.

I shut off the outside completely, just focusing on the creation of the magic circle.

“Come before me and wield your power against the world! Come forth――”

The sky was covered in dark clouds, and the surroundings became tinged with an eerie air. Black Magic Particles began flowing out of the magic circle, and the strongest dragon showed itself.

“Dragon God Hydra!!!”

Hydra raised its three heads towards the heavens and let out a frightening roar. The black clouds split and from behind them the light rays once again showed themselves.

Feeling the danger of being surrounded by three BOSSes, the tower began surrounding itself with a huge number of tentacles as if to protect itself.

And the number of tentacles that were covering the side where Hydra was, were clearly way more numerous than the number of tentacles on the other sides.

Without batting an eye to the waves of tentacles coming towards it, Hydra just casually raised its three heads. It opened its mouths and within them light began condensing.

“Vanish it!!”

The light Hydra shot out pierced through the tentacles, completely evaporating them and heading directly towards the tower. After which the light pierced through the middle of the tower and continued even further towards the distance.

The hole that was opened by the light wouldn’t be regenerated easily.

The attacks of these three BOSSes were easily able to suppress the tower’s regeneration.

 ‘As expected, the attacks of these three are way more effective than any attack that I could muster.Let’s finish this!!’

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