I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 106

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


While the whole world was eagerly looking at the TV currently broadcasting the tower, suddenly from high up in the air three meteorites were making their way towards the tower.

It wasn’t long before all three of the meteorites fell right next to the tower…

As they touched the ground a blinding light covered all of the screens, blocking off the sight completely. After a bit of time passed the countries near France could feel the earth shaking slightly.

When everything became visible again the only thing that could be seen was a cloud of dust rising high up in the air, accompanied by numerous flames reaching making their way towards the skies.

The tower was still hidden behind that curtain of dust, so no one still knew what had happened.


5 minutes earlier――

I was up way up in the skies, in the atmosphere above France. The only way I could think of to take care of the tower with one shot was to use Meteor Impact.

The attack that had beat Titan. After all the tower couldn’t move so it would be perfect.

And on top of that this time I wasn’t just going to fire one shot, but rather three at the same time.

If I were to fire them one at a time the tower would probably have time to regenerate. If that were to happen everything would be pointless… So that is why I had decided to focus all of my fire power at once.

My control would probably fall drastically, but on the other hand the power would be unimaginable. The problem was that if I were to drop them, they might not hit the tower.

I wanted to also attack at different angles, but the propulsion force would make it hard. After thinking for a bit on what I should do I took out three Mithril balls from my space region and used Gravity Manipulation on them to lower their gravity to zero.

I planned on using Wind Magic to make the balls fall right next to one another.

I would accelerate them towards the tower, and after they had picked up the necessary speed I would bump up their gravity with Gravity Manipulation.

In addition I would create wind channels with Wind Magic to make the balls hit the tower.

Even though I had decided on the plan, carrying it out was still hard! Flying downwards the mithril balls slowly started shaking and going out of trajectory.

They were just about to hit the tower so I forced everything I could into my Wind Magic to try and readjust the trajectory.

“HIT IT!!!”

All of the three balls fell in different places. The first one fell right in front of the tower shaking the whole area.

The second one fell, destroying the lower left part of the tower, and continuing further leaving the tower behind.

The third lightly grazed the top of the tower and continued until falling further into the distance. The surrounding area was enveloped in a swirl of destruction and a screen of dust covered everything rising up to even greater heights than the tower.

The egg that was grazed by the third strike unfortunately immediately regenerated to how it was before. 

‘It seems like it’s really pointless if I don’t destroy the tower itself.’

And lastly there was me――

After sending the mithril balls in first, I was currently flying behind them, making myself into a bullet that would charge straight at the tower. My whole body was covered in Aura and I put both of my hands in front of me, crossing them, and raised my speed even further colliding with the tower.

I hit the tower right in the middle, and accompanying a loud boom a hole could now be seen at the place where I had hit it.


Liguria Sea・Within a rescue ship

Noah: We were currently riding on a rescue boat that had left Marseille and was currently heading towards Italy. The boat that we were currently riding was a really high class one that normally wouldn’t be used for rescuing passengers.

It was currently being used for this purpose due to the sudden developments, and riding on top of it, were most of us from the St. Victor Monastery as well as other people evacuating from Marseille.

Including the 7 of us, everyone was nervously looking at the TV.

“Mr. Gojo is doing that right??” asked Arthur with disbelief. It was no wonder he was shocked, after all we had thought that Mr. Gojo would be cooperating with Leo and the others to take down the BOSS.

However, there wasn’t any information about Leo, Carlo or any other ability users heading to help in the subjugation. Which would mean that the only one left would be Mr. Gojo.

“I think that Mr. Gojo might be stronger than Leo and the other.”

I said, inviting shock into the faces of everyone, however there wasn’t anyone who denied it. Up until now I had checked all of the ability users that had appeared in newspapers or on TV.

That is why if there were any famous ability users besides The Sanctuary Knights or Suzaku I should have known of them. However even despite being that strong I was yet to hear any rumors about Mr. Gojo.

I didn’t know why that was the case, however I still believed that Mr. Gojo would be able to do something about it.

“Noah… It’s gonna be okay right?” asked Emily with a quiet voice. She was probably worried sick about Mr. Gojo. After all he was the first adult that she had opened her heart to.

“It’s going to be fine. Just trust in Mr. Gojo.”


[Switzerland・Bern・The Sanctuary Knights’ Headquarters]

The Sanctuary Knights members were all currently gathered in a facility within Bern. Due to most of them usually travelling here and there this facility was their headquarters in name only, however currently all 14 of them were gathered.

 “What an amazing explosion. I guess Gojo still has a lot of things that we’re not aware  of.” said Carlo with admiration while sitting on the sofa, watching the live broadcast. It appeared that none of the other members knew what magic Gojo had used just now.

“If even Gojo ends up losing then we can give up without any regrets. Isn’t that right  Leo?”

“I guess you’re right.”

It was true that Gojo was stronger than all of us put together. If even he couldn’t defeat it then nothing could be done.

Looking at the TV the curtain of dust was slowly starting to lift, showing the image of the tower behind it.

“We’re counting on you Gojo.”


[United Nations Headquarters・Geneva]

Various media that were currently gathered inside the United Nations’ press centre were currently watching the broadcast with anxiety.

That was because none of them had a clue as to who was the one that had attacked the tower just now. And due to the members of the United Nations as well as the European Parliament not knowing the specifics as well, he was a complete mystery.

And the only ones who knew of his identity, The Sanctuary Knights, were nowhere to be found as well.

It was a really tricky situation. One of the possibilities was that he was one of the mutants that had defeated a BOSS before. That means a member of China’s Suzaku or a member of the Russian Military. As well as――

[Japan・Tokyo・Newspaper Company Yoshimoto]

“A Japanese? Where exactly did that information come from?”

“Apparently the United Nations registered the guy that is currently fighting as a Japanese mutant.”

“No idea. The Japanese Government hasn’t announced anything.”

Matsuda, one of the reporters for one of Japan’s leading newspaper companies Yoshimoto, was currently watching the broadcast angrily. Even though a huge scoop was right in front of him, neither him nor his junior were able to grab even the slightest clue as to who that mutant could be.

“WAIT! Most Japanese people may not know about it but when Japan was in dire straits if I remember correctly there was an announcement that there were ability users within the Self-Defense Forces. It may be one of them.”

“Now that I think about it, there was some news that the Self-Defense Forces helped in the United Kingdom’s subjugation as well… Wait.” said Matsuda, putting his hand on his chin and began pondering.

“Now that I think about it, when the BOSS in Japan was defeated there were rumors the Self-Defense Forces had cooperated with an unknown Magician to take it down. In the end the government didn’t confirm anything so no one knew for sure.”

“Do you mean to say that the Magician from that time is the one in France at the moment?”

“I don’t know, however it might be worth checking it out…”


After colliding with the tower I stood up and looked at my surroundings. Due to the tower’s outer wall being harder than I had expected I hadn’t gone in that deep… But even so the good thing was that I didn’t seem to be affected by the tower’s life force sucking ability. I guess the Immortality or the Ultra Recovery skills were doing their work.

Currently I was around 5-6 meters away from the tower’s outer wall. In the place where I had entered from a large hole had appeared, however the leech looking creatures were hurriedly repairing it and quickly making their way towards me.

Seeing them I raised both of my hands towards the skies.

Due to my Great Magician’s Class Skill’s rank going up, I could now use some high class magic that I wasn’t able to deploy before. Suddenly all around me a dark aura began appearing.

Seeing that the leeches deemed me to be a dangerous existence and began trying to surround me from all sides.

“Combination Magic: Helheim!!”

The black fog that The Immortal King had once used before, once again appeared in the world and started spreading wildly, coming into contact with all of the leeches. When a leech came into contact with the mist it would immediately turn into a black flame beginning to burn anything within its vicinity.

The power of the flames was severe, and all of the places that had been burned by the flames didn’t look like they could be fixed easily.

I proceeded to go outside, and look at the tower once again while floating in the air.

Looking at it once again this close I was completely dumbfounded by its enormous frame. Even though the black flames had begun spreading, the place that they had occupied could be seen as only a small part of the whole tower.

Even so the creepiest thing about the tower was that even though I had gotten this close there was still no response from my Hostility Detection skill.

This tower was definitely different from any opponent that I had faced up until now.

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  1. This fool should have used his annihilation beam. The stupid moth is probably going to hatch at this rate. But at least when he defeats the moth, he will get another power orb. The author is doing it for style and suspense, but it doesn’t make sense for the story. Even the initial bit with the meteors was purposefully botched, though we know he could have hit on target based on previous chapters.

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