When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 29

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Editor: Diya

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Ah Qing sighs. “This isn’t good. I’m afraid Ah Zi has been captured by the Sword King.”

Kongbao’s eyebrow raises. “What?”

Ah Qing reports with a bitter face, “Ah Zi went to see you a few days ago, and since then, he hasn’t made contact. Today, I received a report from the people who were undercover in the Sword God’s palace, saying that they saw Ah Zi in the palace.”

Sword palace?

Kongbao’s lips thin and a moment of overflowing cold makes Ah Qing shiver, even through the projection.

Ah Qing says, “It’s very important. Please come back to the palace and take command.”

Kongbao blinks.

Ah Qing at the other end of the line pauses. Why does he think that this action of the ruthless monarch is so cute? It must be that he has been under too much mental pressure recently.

“Can’t you deal with it?” Kongbao asks with some uncertainty.

Ah Qing hesitates. “But Ah Zi…”

Kongbao waves it off. “Ah Zi has a strong constitution. He should be able to hold on for a while.”

Ah Qing says nothing.

“Ah,” Kongbao says. “I’m kidding. I know. I’ll be right back.”

After Kongbao finishes the conversation with his subordinate and suddenly finds that the master of his family has already come back home.

With a few uninvited guests.

One of the uninvited guests, dressed in black clothes, orders the others to put away all kinds of gifts he brought over and looks at Kongbao’s master with shining eyes.

The most excessive thing is, the master actually returns the look with gentle eyes.

Kongbao feels his heart fill with anger.

On the other hand, His Royal Highness has a smile on his face. “Teacher, this student is going back first. If you still have anything you need, please send someone to the palace to call me.”

Kong Wuying replies with a fond smile, “Be careful on the way back.”

After the prince salutes, he leaves with his men.

In a good mood, Kong Wuying turns around and almost runs face first into Kongbao, who is far too close.

“Baby, what are you doing? That scared me to death!” Kong Wuying complains. This sneaky baby, standing behind him like a ghost.

Kongbao says, “Teacher? Master, have you accepted him as a student?”

“Not yet.” Kong Wuying shakes his head. 

Huo Ziying and the other students in class 7 are all good. Although they are his students, they can roll off a cliff after class as far as he cares. They can’t be regarded as real students. But…

Kong Wuying rubs his chin. “Well, he can think that way if he wants.” 

The prince did pay back Danta’s bill and also sent over the Hidden Shadow flower and other herbs needed. Although the prince looked a little ugly, Kong Wuying was able to accept it.

“No way!” Kongbao hastily says. “The manner is frivolous, the behavior is boundless. And master, don’t you think he’s a little ugly? Although the appearance has ten stars, which is a little higher than the three-star Xiao Yue, it is still scum!”

“Ten stars?” Kong Wuying realises this is the first time he’s heard of Kongbao’s evaluation list. “What’s the full score?”

“A hundred stars.”

“And how much am I?”

“One hundred and one stars.”

“Baby, don’t you think you gave me too high a mark?”

“No, the master is the best to see!”

“Oh, thank you.”

Kong Wuying’s mouth twitches a bit and he doesn’t stay on the topic. Instead, he continues to open the gifts brought by Huo Ziying. The more he sees, the more he likes Huo Ziying.

Unconsciously, Lord of Yeying has become very easy to satisfy.

Kongbao’s dark, shadowed eyes are watching.

Master… it can’t go on like this.

Kongbao wants to rush back to deal with Ah Zi’s affairs, but with the master’s ability, he will certainly provoke a large number of wild bees and butterflies as long as Kongbao leaves.

(^ bees and butterflies = men and women)

Leave only after he’s established his position? But in the eyes of his master, Kongbao is still just a child.

For the present, he can only work hard on changing the master’s perspective. Let Kong Wuying never forget Kongbao’s own existence.

With the idea churning in his head, the air around Kongbao is growing colder and colder. If Kong Wuying had looked back, he would have seen that Kongbao’s pure black eyes have completely changed color.

Cold purple, lingering and charming, eyes like a lure to reel in prey.

However, Kong Wuying is busy sorting out the free (free!) medicinal materials, and spares not a thought for the unusual behaviour of Kongbao. 

After getting the medicinal materials, Kong Wuying quickly mixes up two pieces of medicinal ‘soup’, ready to close the door to the bathroom completely and wash away the impurities in the body.

With an order to Kongbao, Kong Wuying heads into the bathroom again.

At this time, placed in front of Kong Wuying, are two barrels of green water, a pale and pleasant colour with a faint cooling fragrance.

Kong Wuying strips himself down, leaving a pile of robes on the floor, and slowly lowers himself into the barrel until his whole body is submerged.

As soon as he enters the water, the cold feeling makes him shiver slightly, and his hair stands on end. Soon after, he acclimates to the temperature and slightly closes his eyes, empties his body and mind, and lets the medicine slowly transform his constitution.

When the liquid medicine invades the body, it is with a slight cold and pinprick of pain but it’s very subtle, and it’s still within the range that ordinary people can tolerate.

Over time, the discomfort will gradually disappear.

He doesn’t know how long it has been since he started soaking but Kong Wuying has gradually adapted to the potion. His skin feels pleasant, as if someone is caressing him slowly from behind.

Wait a minute!

A gentle touch?

Kong Wuying’s eyes snap open and he begins to stand. The result is a pair of strong arms embracing him and holding him in the bath.

What a horrible experience! Enjoying a bath and suddenly feeling someone holding you! That kind of spine numbing sense of panic, Kong Wuying can not help but get angry.

“Kongbao! Are you suddenly dying? What’s the problem, what are you doing in here?”

Although he can’t see the person behind him, there are familiar arms. Isn’t that the Divine soul puppet Kongbao? What does he want? He was supposed to guard the door outside and not let anyone in. It’s only three days, why so impatient!?

Kong Wuying’s tone is no longer the gentle coaxing he usually uses, but instead has a touch of anger.

Unfortunately, the person behind must not understand properly. 

Kong Wuying only hears Kongbao say in a cute way, “Master, I’ll help you wash your back!”

Then the arms slide down slightly.

“Do you want to lose those arms?” Kong Wuying scoffs.

Kongbao says, really very seriously, “Master, I’ll help you wash, you don’t have to worry, close your eyes and enjoy it.”

Enjoy your mother!

Kong Wuying frowns. When he was Lord of Yeying, he had 18 maid attendants every time he took a bath. It’s okay to help wash him in the bath, but he did not order Kongbao to help.

So Kong Wuying’s tone only gets worse. “Kongbao, I will say it one last time; get out of here.”

Kongbao doesn’t answer but judging from the arms still moving, the baby hasn’t listened at all.

“Leave,” Kong Wuying orders firmly, infusing the command with his cultivation.

No soul puppet can argue. Kongbao can take the order like that time in Yunyue city and obediently roll out.

And sure enough, Kongbao stops.

And then… the arms around Kong Wuying’s waist abruptly spin him around in the bath and shove him back against the wooden side.

“You…!” Kong Wying’s eyes widen.

Kong Wuying trails off, shocked at seeing Kongbao. The real Kongbao, not just the disguise. 

Originally, the black hair which was as smooth as silk, has now turned into silver-white. The bright moonlight coming through the window is suppressed under the glow of Konbao’s skin. A face of unparalleled beauty, with long eyelashes framing bright purple eyes – no longer the usual cute cleverness but instead full of possessive need.

The man watches Kong Wuying with one corner of his mouth quirked up in a dangerous smirk. He lifts his cold, slender fingers to caress Kong Wuying’s cheek.

“I’m afraid I can’t do what you want, my love.”

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