I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 105

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Sceptre of Ruin

There was no doubt that it was Leo Garcia. The leader of The Sanctuary Knights and the strongest ability user!  The person all of us deeply admired had come to the monastery.

And apparently he had something to talk about with Mr. Gojo!?

“You guys go back to the dorms.” said Mr. Gojo heading towards a guest room with Leo.

“Noah, it’s the real Leo! We’ve only seen him on TV before, there’s no way we can just quietly go back to the dorms like this!” said Arthur excitedly.

“Arthur’s right. Let’s go and listen in on them.” said Sara putting her ear against the guest room’s door. 

Emily was the only one sitting at the back looking kind of anxious, however I couldn’t deny that I’m also interested in what they were talking about as well.

In the end all of us put our ears against the door listening carefully.


“It’s been a while since we’ve talked, Gojo.”

“You’re right 4 or 5 months passed since then…”

When coming to the guest room Leo had a joyous, happy expression on his face, but upon sitting down it immediately changed to a serious one.

“We don’t have time so I’ll get straight to the point. I came because of the tower that suddenly appeared in France.”

“The one in the news? I just heard about it not too long ago…”

The topic with the tower was still on my mind, so having Leo shed some light on the whole case would be great.

“That thing is a BOSS.”

“A BOSS? The tower itself?”

Leo’s words left me completely dumbfounded. That was because this thing was completely different from any of the BOSSes I had encountered before.

“Didn’t Prometheus succeed in its subjugation?”

“Those were fake news. In reality they failed, and we’re currently in a really dire state.”

‘So that’s how it is… Even though I came to Paris I didn’t notice anything…’

“That is why I have come to…”

“Stop there for a second.”

After I stopped him mid sentence Leo made a surprised expression, however I ignored it and headed towards the door. Opening it, all of the kids standing behind it immediately dispersed in all directions.

I once again closed the door and headed back towards my seat. Seeing all of that, Leo let out a slight laugh.

“You really seem to be liked by your students. That’s surprising.”

“I think it’s just because they wanted to meet the famous Leo.” saying that I once again sat across Leo.

“Gojo, I would like to ask you to take care of the BOSS in France. Even if I gather everyone in The Sanctuary Knights just by ourselves we probably still won’t be able to destroy it.”

“Do you know what kind of abilities it has?”

Hearing me say that, Leo took out a number of pictures and laid them on top of the table.

“We took these pictures of the tower with a telephoto lens. It seems like it’s formed from leech like creatures, and its current height is close to 1500 meters.”

“1500!? It’s that big?”

‘I definitely haven’t seen a BOSS bigger than that.’

“The worst part of it all is that it’s still growing at a fast rate. With the way it’s growing it’s only a matter of time before it spreads its influence throughout the whole world.”

Looking at the pictures I could see that the whole tower was surrounded and being supported by what seemed like enormous, bulky vines.

Also the top of the tower had a strange shape, and there was something resembling a ball situated in the middle of it. Without looking at it closely one might confuse the thing for a sceptre.

“Its ability allows it to suck away life force from people and other kinds of beings.”

“A tower that steals life force huh… What happens to the humans that have had their life force stolen? Do they just die?”

“People and animals upon having their life force stolen age really fast, after which they die of weakness.”

‘They age huh… If it’s just aging then with my Immortality I should maybe be able to get close to it without a problem. Still I won’t know for sure until I actually try it out.’

“Gojo, forgive me. I really wanted to avoid having to ask for your help. After all if your presence becomes known to the world a huge commotion will appear. However I’m afraid that we won’t be able to deal with this by just ourselves…”

“It’s fine. Didn’t I already tell you to contact me if there was something. That aside, what exactly is that ball thing?”

“It’s an egg. A moth’s egg.”

“A moth’s egg? So it’s a bug!”

‘Ahh… I’m really bad with bugs… I guess it’s already too late to tell him that.’

“Prometheus focused all of their attacks on that egg, however it regenerated almost immediately. They speculate that we need to destroy the tower first and then the egg.”

“So you mean to say that if we leave it like that it might hatch eventually…?”

“Yes. We don’t have time. In order to defeat its regeneration power and stop its growth, we need your power to destroy it one shot. I’m sorry I’m urging you like this, but please!”

“Okay. How is the evacuation of the people in the area going?”

“We’re currently broadening the evacuation area, tonight there should be an urgent evacuation announcement. I speculate that the evacuation will be completed by around noon tomorrow.”

“Noon huh…”

In the end we agreed that I would proceed with my attack tomorrow noon.


That same night, before the evacuation order was issued, a shocking piece of news appeared. The news stated that the tower that had appeared in France would continue growing, sucking away the life from people.

The person to have presented the news was told to have been a member of the European Parliament, however there was no confirmation.

And the final drop, that led humanity to go into a state of panic, was that in just two weeks the tower would bring mankind to an end.

In order to confirm the reliability of those news, numerous media hurriedly began bombarding the United Nations as well as the European Parliament for answers.

“What is the meaning of this! Where did the information leak from!?”

“We don’t know. However apparently the media have been told that you Mr. Hans were the one to conceal the news and the one who also expelled The Sanctuary Knights…”

“What!? Who in the world…”

Just as he was about to finish his sentence Hans suddenly received a call from an unknown number. His blood already boiling, he immediately picked up the phone

[Hey Hans it seems you’re having a rough time. I totally feel you.]

“Saruman… You!”

[I thought you would have a hard time making the news public so I decided to lend you a hand. You don’t need to thank me.]

“Do you really think you’ll get away with this!!”

[You’re done as a politician Hans. To be honest you’re probably even going to have a hard time even as a normal citizen… Either way if you find yourself in trouble you’re always free to call me.] said Saruman, his smug voice being transmitted through the phone. 

Hans slammed down the phone with his shaking hand, standing there with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Seeing that internal information was constantly being leaked, the European Parliament and United Nations realized that they wouldn’t be able to conceal the news any more so they decided to hold an interview.

During the press conference later held at the United Nations’ Headquarters, an unprecedented number of angry yells could be heard filling the whole venue.

“Why did such a thing happen!? What have the United Nations and the European Parliament been doing up until now!”

“There are rumors that the news was being concealed by the President of the European Parliament Mr. Hans, is that true?”

“For starters why did you prevent The Sanctuary Knights from acting! If they were there something like this wouldn’t have happened!”

“Who’s going to take the blame!”

Being bombarded with question after question, the members of the United Nations and the European Parliament participating in the press conference were completely flustered.

Furthermore the panic occurring at the press conference was being broadcasted live throughout the world, filling the people with even more worry.

In the midst of all of that, news that The Sanctuary Knights were now on their way to subjugate the so called tower suddenly appeared. The long-awaited return of The Sanctuary Knights once again gave a bit of hope to the people throughout the world.

After the long night filled with numerous emotions drew to an end, the rays of the new day slowly enveloped the world once again.


The morning of the next day we were gathered in Arthur’s room. We were certain that Leo coming yesterday night had to do something with the tower in France.

Due to a sudden evacuation notice we would all have to leave the monastery at any moment as well.

“What do you think about it… Even though The Sanctuary Knights, Leo came to personally speak to Mr. Gojo before that…” asked Sara with a curious expression. Following which I answered her.

“They came here to ask for Mr. Gojo’s help.”

After all everyone here knew exactly how strong Mr. Gojo was. Considering he knew Freya and Carlo it wouldn’t have been strange if they had fought together before.

While we were in the middle of our discussion suddenly――

“Everyone! Mr. Gojo is leaving!” said Victor, opening the door of the room with a bang. 

We immediately rushed towards the entrance of the monastery to find Mr. Gojo talking with the Sister.

“Mr. Gojo! Are you really going?”

“Yea, I’ll be out for a bit.” said Mr. Gojo casually like he was just heading out for shopping.

“You’re gonna fight right? Are you gonna be okay?”

“Oh, are you perhaps worried about me? Don’t worry, I’m gonna be fine. You just focus on evacuating.”

“Don’t you die… You must definitely come back.”

Hearing me say that Mr. Gojo smiled. It was probably not to make us worry. After Mr. Gojo left, all of us couldn’t shake off the sense of worry in our hearts.

At noon there was an official announcement by The Sanctuary Knights. It stated that this time’s subjugation wouldn’t be carried out by Leo or Carlo, but rather by another ability user that had been requested by The Sanctuary Knights to take care of it.

Hearing the news the whole world was shocked. That was because everyone had thought that the one carrying out the subjugation would naturally be Leo Garcia.

However in the end it turned out that the one carrying out the subjugation wouldn’t be the world-famous hero Leo, but rather some unknown ability user――

In the midst of all of that confusion, the clock struck 12:18 PM in France. With the help of a telephoto lens, the situation at the tower was currently being live streamed.

There were currently billions of people watching that live stream throughout the world.

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