When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 28

Translator: Azo

Editor: Diya

Teacher doesn’t know numbers

On the main road of Shengdu, a miracle happens today.

As one of the landmark buildings of Shengdu, the famous Danta, suddenly collapses today.

It’s not easy to climb out of the collapsed building. A few people are gathered around, staring in shock. Some more are picking their way out, or helping others. 

Master Mo is busy saving all the equipment and herbs he can find, a scowl on his face. “What happened!? Why did it all collapse from the second floor?”

Yes, from the second floor.

The first floor is good even now, but the second floor crumbled and that brought all the upper levels down. 

“It’s him!” Master Mo’s assistant Xiao Gao scrambles out and points in a certain direction. “He did something in the examination room that caused it!”

Along the direction of the raised finger, the students were not surprised to see their respected teacher.

“Ha ha.” Kong Wuying smiles humourlessly. “No, can’t be me. The building is just old.” 

Honestly though, he really didn’t do anything.

“You dare to deny it!” Master Mo thunders. He drops the equipment he’s gathered and rushes over, grabbing fistfulls of Kong Wuying’s clothes. “We Danta have not offended you, yet you treat us like this!”

“Calm down.” Kong Wuying soothes. This is kind of funny though, and his lips are twitching up.

“I am calm enough not to kill you, don’t expect more!” Master Mo takes a look at Danta in ruins. “You can rest assured, I will send you the bill after the losses are counted.” 

If the boy wasn’t a teacher at Tianhong, Master Mo would have killed him here.

“Bill… bill?” Kong Wuying echoes, stunned.

“Master Mo, this way!” Someone calls out.

Master Mo glares at Kong Wuying for a moment before running off to help.

Several students look at Kong Wuying in worry, feeling like the teacher is filled with negative emotions.

Kong Wuying wants to go home and eat a bowl of bean curd quietly.

Looking at the Danta, which is in ruins, everyone knows that the amount of money to rebuild it is generally astronomical.

Kong Wuying is no longer Lord of Yeying. He is no longer rich. He is so sad, but he can’t explain himself because It seems like he actually did this… which he sort of did.

Who made this damned Danta so fragile? Its detection limit was exceeded and it exploded!

“Teacher?” After a long silence, Yuan Ruo finally calls out carefully.

Kong Wuying stays silent.

“That…” Feng Linlin says, “Teacher, our family does loans.”

Kong Wuying squints at her. 

Feng Linlin: How murderous.

Kong Wuying finally sighs, wilting. “Let’s go back.”

In this way, the party goes back to Tianhong, and there’s no laughing or cheering about getting good grades in the exam, because everyone knows that teacher Ning is in a bad mood now.

If anyone is not afraid of death, go ahead, but they dare not. 

Also stay 20 meters away from the crow’s mouth, without exception. Jiang Chen is looking sadly at the ground.

In this case, Kong Wuying takes the lead in stepping into the classroom door and sees a man waiting inside, smiling at him. It’s a little baffling.

“Who are you?”

After waiting for a long time, the prince of the class, who had been absent for a long time, is smiling. His long and narrow Phoenix eyes stare down Kong Wuying and he says in a loud voice, “I am Huo Ziying, prince of the kingdom of Mohe, I heard that the teacher wanted to see me, so I came.”

“Huo Ziying? Who?”

The prince, who always thought he was famous in the Kingdom: “…”

Huo Ziying faintly smiles, the tone more aggressive this time, “I am the seventh student of class seven. As we are meeting for the first time, please teacher, advise me.” Although the tone is light, there is a chill.

“Seventh student?” Kong Wuying asks. “Classmate, you’ve come to the wrong room, all seven students are here, you’re extra.” He gestures to the students just behind him.

Obviously, there are only six students present.

Feng Linlin whispers to Yi Ren, “Is the teacher angry with His Highness the prince, and said that intentionally?”

Yi Ren shakes her head. “No, I think the teacher doesn’t know numbers.”

Everyone: “…”


Huo Ziying is stiff. He’s tired from all the paperwork and thought he could get a break by sneaking out to deal with the teacher but now this happens. 

Huo Ziying has a faint sense that something is wrong, past the issue of numbers. Angry at his daily absence? Wants to kick him out of college? There is clearly a misunderstanding here, if this teacher is supposed to be the perpetrator.

Kong Wuying looks at the prince closely and suddenly realises. “I know who you are!”

The embarrassment in Huo Ziying’s expression turns into a perfect smile. “Yes.” I am the prince of Mohe Kingdom, famous all over the world. How can anyone not know me?

“You came to steal lessons, haven’t you?” Kong Wuying continues. “Absolutely not. Although your thirst for knowledge is worth affirming, if everyone is like you, where are the rules and regulations of this academy? Go back to your class quickly, and don’t do it again.” 

What a joke, Kong Wuying has already struggled with these seven little demons, he doesn’t have time to manage one more.

Huo Ziying is outraged. How has he now become a shameless man who wants to attend class, but he is not allowed to do so?!

Feng Linlin has no choice but to step, especially seeing the prince start to twitch. “Teacher, the prince is really a student of our class. If you count now, we can add up to seven.”

The complex computing system also chimes in, “Yes, seven!”

There is mathematics in Yeying. 

Since everyone says so, Kong Wuying mercifully tells the poor prince, “Then you can stay.”

“That’s not necessary.” Huo Ziying’s mouth flattens out again after he regains control. He’s completely displeased after being ignored for a long time. “I just have nothing to do today. I came to visit my classmates, but I don’t plan to go to class. Judging by your level, I’m afraid I can’t learn anything from you. Please enjoy yourself with my poor classmates! Farewell.”

“Stop!” Yi Ren steps up, her clear eyes incomparably angry at Huo Ziying. “The teacher is the best teacher in the world. Even if you are the prince, it’s too much to say such a thing. Please apologize to the teacher!”

Ah? Is this the little girl who is infatuated with him and blushes when he talks to her?

Huo Ziying looks around and finds that not only Yi Ren, but also every familiar classmate’s face was full of anger. Did the teacher bribe them?

Although he feels that the teacher might have some ability judging by this display, the arrogant prince will never apologize. Instead, he asks her, “What qualifications do you have to ask me to apologize?”

Yi Ren’s goose egg face is bright red, but the tone is very firm. “We are alchemists. If the teacher is insulted, the disciple must die! Your Highness, I will challenge you. If you lose to me, you must apologize to the teacher!”

If the teacher insulted, the disciple must die? What the hell? Isn’t that phrase for monarchs and advisors?

Huo Ziying smiles and reminds her, “The last time I had an assessment was three years ago for third division. Now I feel that I am not far away from fourth. Yi Ren, I remember that you are still at the second division?” The implication of his words is very simple. Don’t insult yourself when there is such a long distance between us.

Yi Ren starts to tie up her hair. “I just took the third division assessment. Although my strength is lower, I can clean you up well enough.”

Since she is so confident, Huo Ziying shrugs. “Go ahead then.”

Twenty minutes later.

“Teacher, please let me hold your thighs! Teacher, do you still lack a leg accessory? Am I not a cute one? Teacher~!”

(^ hold the thigh = get carried/riding coattails)

Six students stand in the corner, looking at the prince’s Royal Highness, currently sitting on the ground and hugging the teacher’s thigh, crying.

Feng Linlin says, “How can I not know that the prince is so…”

Yi Ren adds the last word in a whisper, “Cheap!”

Her adolescent male god, now forever just a nostalgic dream. 

“But I don’t think it’s going to work.” Jiang Chen shakes his head, a face of schadenfreude. “Look at the teacher’s appearance, as if he’s ready to hit people.”

As a matter of fact, Kong Wuying is really impatient. He is not a man who knows how to be a teacher and so will resort to violence. His leg muscles are tense, and he is preparing to kick the madman out.

Then he hears the following words:

“Not only that, my family also has a lot of money, as long as the teacher is short on any resource, I will send it immediately!”

Kong Wuying slumps, every muscle losing the fight. The students see their calm faced teacher and suddenly laugh.

A hand falls on the prince head, gentle. “You are good.”

Seeing that school is about to end, Kongbao is preparing to go to the academy to pick up the master.

All of a sudden, he hears a distant mental call of, “Master!” 

Kongbao frowns and opens the Jade Pool projection. “What is the matter?”

Ah Qing appears in front of him with a look of panic. “Ah Zi went to see you some days ago, have you seen him yet?”

Kongbao has been so happy with the master that he has completely forgotten about his subordinates. “…no.”

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