The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 8

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Pierrot

Katariona Tries to Plant Strawberries in the Forest

I have dance lessons with my brother in the morning. At the moment, I’m focusing on taking the correct steps under the guidance of my teacher.

“1,2,3. 1,2,3. Now, turn there. My lady, pull your chin in a little more. Yes, right there. After the break, let’s try dancing with the music.”

Dance lessons are taught in the hall used for evening parties held at my home. It is the teacher’s policy to relate everything to real-life situations. By the way, Leon was watching the dance on a chair in the corner of the hall.

“Thank you for your hard work. I brought a cold drink.”

Marie brought me some fruit water, so I decided to move to the table and then have the fruit water with my teacher and brother. It’s strawberry fruit water. Delicious~

Father and Mother follow Marie and come to see us.

“Teacher. How are the children’s dance progress?”

“Both of them are very good at it. After the break, we plan to start dancing to the music.”

“That’s right! Would you like to see Father and Mother dance? I want to see an example.”

I agree with my brother’s proposal.

“I want to see the Father and Mother dance!”

Father and Mother looked and smiled at each other upon hearing us.

“Mrs. Marquis, would you do me this honor of a dance?”

When my father bows like a gentleman and extends his hand, my mother curtsies and “willingly” puts her hand on Father’s hand.

My parents face each other as they reach the center of the hall. Then, the teacher casts magic to play the music. The teacher can use special magic called music magic. You can reproduce the music of an orchestra.

Father and Mother’s dance is breathtaking and elegant.

“As expected of the two people who are said to be the best in the social circles. It was a wonderful dance.”

As the teacher says, my parents have great dancing skills, but they are also beautiful people, so they are very eye-catching. When my blue-gray-eyed father and green-eyed mother line up with blonde and silver-white hair, it seems that the gold and silver resonate.

My brother is like my father, so when he grows up, he’ll become a nobleman who captivates the hearts of many aristocratic daughters. My brother was serious, so he was only a fiancee.

I’m like my mother, so when I grow up, I should be a beautiful woman. Undoubtedly… I was given the embarrassing nickname… “Princess White Rose of the Social World” in my previous life. Stop! It’s a dark history.

Once the music ends, my parents thank each other, and they come back to us. Teacher,  Brother, Marie, and I give generous applause to my father and mother.

“It was wonderful. Father, Mother.”

“It was very nice. Father, Mother.”

The two smile at us. “Thank you. Now it’s Sieg and Rio’s turn. Shall we go with you?”

I’m nervous when a dance master asks that of me.

“Let’s go, Rio?”

My brother stands up first and reaches out to me. I’m standing up while taking my brother’s hand.

The music begins to play, and Brother escorts me to the center of the hall. I replay in my head what steps to take. My brother, Sieg, is really good. So it’s easy to dance because my brother leads me with impeccable movement and rhythm.

“Brother. You’re good.”

“Rio is also good.”

It’s really fun. When did I enjoy dancing so much? 

When I was educated as a princess in my previous life, the dance lessons were really tough, so it wasn’t very fun to dance.

I got a little off time and made too many turns. Although I failed, my brother danced well, so I was able to finish the dance safely.

When we thanked our Father, big applause rang out. I looked back in amazement and saw the butler and other servants of my family were applauding me. When did so many people come into the gallery!?

When I turned to the front, Leon, who was moving before I knew it, applauded me. Ugh. The gesture is too cute. I want to run up and hug him right now! But now, I have to act like a lady. Patience. Patience.

“Both of you were good. We can make your social debut now.”

“Rio had failed the turn, but well, women are cute if they fail a little, so let’s give it a point.”

Mom is tough. But I got a point from a dance master, so I’m happy.

“It would be great if both of us could dance this well this year. Next time, let’s teach an up-tempo dance.”

“Thank you, sensei.”

The dance lesson in the morning was completed successfully. The gallery was full of people and very lively.

* * * * *

After lunch, Leon, Marie, and I came to the Rose Garden in the forest as usual. Today, Marie will teach me how to study color arrangement.

Marie removes a ribbon-colored swatch from the basket. It seems that Marie made it herself.

“Are you sure? Roses are usually in primary colors such as red, but if you plant them in a rose garden, pastel colors will be more pleasing to the eye.”

“What is pastel color?”

Marie flips through the swatch book and shows me a pastel-colored page.

“It’s a bright and soft color. The pink dress that the young lady wore during her dance lesson today was also a pastel color.”

So that’s it. All pastel colors are cute. Roses are one of women’s favorite flowers, so it may be better to make cute roses bloom.

“Then, how about this combination of orange, white, and pink roses?”

“I think it’s cute.”

Immediately, I create a rose sapling with flowers blooming next to yesterday’s plot.

“What do you think? I think it’s a good result.”

“Yes, it’s a cute combination.”

While consulting with Marie one by one, this time, I will create and plant rose saplings just before the flowers bloom. Leon was lying by the fountain. After all, he was sleepy. Sorry. You can sleep until snack time.

Strawberry saplings are planted in the last plot. I take out the botanical picture book and open the page of the delicious-looking strawberries.

“Strawberries are a perennial plant of the Rosaceae family. Hey, strawberries are also a type of rose.”

I hold my hand over the ground and concentrate on imagining a strawberry with high sugar content. It usually takes time to grow strawberries, but with creation magic, you can speed up the growth until right before the picking stage.

When the strawberry seedlings sprouted from the ground, they grew rapidly and soon appeared with fresh red fruits.

“Well, it looks delicious.”

“Let’s taste.”

I’m plucking off the red fruits one by one and putting them into my mouth. I start chewing, and the juice just overflows into my mouth.

“Wow. It’s so sweet and delicious!”

“It’s truly wonderful, Young Lady!”

“Come on! You can’t keep delicious food all to yourselves. Let me taste it.”

Leon is sitting behind me. I wonder when that happened.

“Marie. How about… I’ll do it. “

“Yes. How about… I’ll do it, too.”

We face Leon while tearing off the strawberry.


“Why are you two going at the same time? Well, fine.”

Leon opens his mouth a little. When eating the strawberries, his eyes widen.


“Thank you for the feast!”

Marie and I join hands to worship Leon.

“No. I think I’m the one supposed to say thanks for the feast…”

Fufu. Our feast has a different meaning. I saw a cute expression today as well.

“It looks like you guys are having fun.”

Suddenly a voice is heard from the top of the tree. “Mmm!” Leon sprang up, alert. What!?


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