Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 27

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Saint Sophia Said She Would Not Forgive Solon

Poros hit his old cane to the floor, then a magic circle was made and began to emit green light. A strong wind came towards us, it was the magic attack that immediately killed all the guards.

I slashed the treasure sword, stepping forward towards the wind. The wind was immediately cleared by my sword. I swung it lightly towards Poros, he retreated backward and dodged my attack. In that opening, I took amulets out of my pocket and scattered it all over Poros’s magic circle. 

Poros asked me, “What are you planning to do?”

“It’s just a little trick.”

Before I could finish speaking, Poros’s magic circle started to emit a blue glow and began to crumble. Poros was probably a high-ranking magician. I didn’t know if I could fight properly against him and win, but I would be at a disadvantage if the fight were prolonged. That was why I used this tactic. 

Poros had an impatient look on his face. The magic circle he created showed an unexpected change, he was worried about what would happen.

I attacked Poros with water magic and closed our distance. Then he swung his cane and used wind magic to block my attack. But he seemed distracted by the magic circle. In the next moment, I advanced and circled around him. Before he could turn around, I kicked him on his back. 


Poros lost his balance and collapsed on the magic circle. At the same time, a water vortex appeared from the magic circle and trapped him. He was confined by a barrier made of my water magic. Poros had lost.

I said to him, “I won’t kill you. How many allies do you have?”

Poros laughed, “I have a lot of allies to be subdued. It’s too late.”

The explosion happened again for the second time and the flames were blazing everywhere. It seemed like it was set up by the enemy magician and a couple of people helping. An explosion was heard coming from the side of the entrance. I’ve managed to cease a part of it, but the whole venue was burning. It was impossible to quell all of it with the magic sword. 

I looked back, Lucy was deploying a large-scale water magic to counter the flames while protecting Philia. However, there wasn’t time. Lucy was a great wizard. But true to her “Crimson” nickname, she was a fire magic user and wasn’t good at water magic. 


I returned to Lucy’s side in a hurry and somehow managed to block the flames that would hit her side with the treasure sword. Lucy smiled with a tired look, “It seems that all the exits are blocked. At this rate…”

Everyone would be trapped and die. Even if the enemy’s magic attack could be quelled, the oxygen supply would’ve been gone and suffocation was inevitable. It would happen exactly as what the July Party had planned, the death of nearly all of the imperial family. If that happened, there wouldn’t be any politicians left and the center of the empire would collapse completely. 

Also, if that happened, Lucy, Philia, and I would die. Philia clung to me and stared at me with her eyes moist. 

At the time, a beautiful voice echoed, “God, please save us.”

That was the church’s way of chanting magic. The huge flame went out in an instant. Looking back, there was a girl with golden hair, her body shining. 

It was Saint Sophia.

You saved us, I was going to say, but stopped short when she looked like crying. Sophia was staring straight at me with her big jade-colored eyes.

“I won’t forgive Solon!”


“I was really hurt.”

“What, Sophia? What are you talking about?”

“You were awful to leave the knight order without telling me anything,” Sophia, my former companion, said so.


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  1. Yep. Solon’s exile from the knight order was suspicious as all hell.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Well then. Hopefully he can tell her what actually happened before she runs off in tears. I would guess being engaged is either something she doesn’t know about or was arranged without her consent too. Let’s see if Solon and Sophie reconcile!

  3. “I, Solon, will just take the word that my old friend wants to kick me out of the party at face value. Without even talking to her.”
    -Solon the Unintelligent

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