Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 18

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Pact with the Devil

Private Army of the Fifth Prince of Apristos…

At the center of the encampment, the former general and the eye-patch-wearing female Elf were inside the tent that was prepared for the senior military personnel.

“I’m surprised. I didn’t expect the human race to possess that kind of power. Regardless, that power is mine now.”

“That’s true. If you use that guy wisely, the General will not have any difficulties dominating the world.”

“Yeah. It’s all thanks to your proposal for revenge. You also have my gratitude for negotiating with Apristos.”

“Fufufu, don’t mention it. I just wanted to help you, that’s all.”

With that, the eye-patched Elf hugged the ex-general’s neck and kissed him.


The ex-general was shocked at the female Elf’s action.

That’s when it struck him.

“W, who in the world are you!?”

She was not the Elf woman that the former general knew.

“Oh, so you’ve finally noticed? I wanted to play with you for a bit more, though.”

The Elf woman’s demeanor changed, and she removed her eye patch. The eye that she had supposedly lost in the past was glowing red.

“What did you do to her!”

“Isn’t she here right now? This is her body, without a doubt.”

“W, what do you mean!?”

“I fulfilled her desire, that’s all. She wanted to be your strength—such a laudable wish.”

The former general had saved the Elf woman’s life. She had felt indebted to him, and so she had been striving to return the favor. However, there was a barrier of social status that could not be overcome by effort alone. Still, she had not given up her feelings for the former general. As a result, she had opened the forbidden door that should never be opened.

“I’m Amon. I’m the devil that granted her wishes.”

The Elf woman had ended up summoning a devil. Not only that, it was not an ordinary fiend. She had summoned one of the Great Devils that was directly under the command of the Evil God.

Amon was the seventh in the hierarchy.

“If she didn’t summon me, then she would have never been the Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces. She must have been glad to be able to spend the time with you, albeit shortly.”

“Did she… die?”

The former general understood. The Elf woman had been yearning for him, so she had sold her soul to the devil in order to gain power.

“Yes, her time ran out. According to the contract, I possess this body for the next hundred years.”

When the Elf woman had invited the former general to take his revenge, her body had already been occupied by the devil.

“Amon, is it? I have a favor.”

“What might it be?”

“Use my body. Please let her rest.”

Amon’s eyes widened at the suggestion of the ex-general.

“Are you sure? She will not come back to life even if I transfer to your body.”

“She sold her soul to you, right? I already know I won’t be able to do anything about it.”

One had to pay the price if they wanted to form a pact with the devil in order to borrow its power. The best way to borrow its power was to sell one’s soul. When the contract was fulfilled, the soul would be taken away to the Underworld by the devil, and it would continue to suffer endless pain there.

That’s why even if it’s just the physical body, he wanted her to rest in peace.

“Is it really fine with you?”

“Yeah, I will form a contract with the Devil Amon. Leave the body you are in now. The price is my soul and this body.”

“I will grant your wish.”

All of a sudden, the Elf woman’s body lost power and was about to collapse. The ex-general gently caught it.

“I’m sorry. Rest well.”

“Come, I will have your body and soul in accordance with our contract. But before I take your soul, I want to ask you something.”

A devil with an androgynous face and two horns poking out on its forehead conversed to the ex-general.

“What is it?”

“How did you know that it was not her? Was my kiss unskilful?”

“I never laid a hand on her. I think of her as a daughter.”

Although the ex-general loved fooling around with women, he did treasure this female Elf—as subordinate, and as a daughter.

“Oh, well. Then I apologize for my rudeness.”

“Doesn’t matter anymore. Rather than that, make sure to bury her body with respect.”

“I understand. Well, then.”

After leaving those words, Amon took the soul of the ex-general. Amon then entered the former general’s body.

“Hmm, this body’s well maintained. Looks like it will not break easily even if I unleash all of my power.”

After checking out the body for a while, Amon then picked up the elf woman’s skeleton that was lying on the floor.

“Alright, let’s fulfill the contract.”

Amon disappeared into the darkness as he left the tent.

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