I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 104

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


I was standing alongside Gress on the outskirts of Paris, in a place where we could vaguely see the newly appeared tower.

“How is it Gress?”

“It’s no use Master Leo. We’re too far away, I cannot appraise it.”

“Is that so…”

Even though I already knew that it wouldn’t be possible, getting closer than this would be dangerous. I wasn’t sure what kind of power was causing it, but the closer we got to the tower, the more we could feel power being sucked out of our bodies.

And because we had been forced to stop our actions due to the European Parliament, we hadn’t obtained enough information. We could only guess that something huge was going on considering the amount of weapons they had used…

“Damn it! Had we found out sooner, we could have done something about it. We should make those politicians take the full blame for this!!”

“There’s no point in saying this now.” I said, however it was definitely true we had lost the initiative to act. 

‘If only we had come at the proper time, something like this wouldn’t…’

It was at that time that my phone suddenly rang.

“Master Leo, who is it?”

“Speak of the devil…”

“Are you going? There’s no point in helping those bastards.”

“Even if you say that, they are the only ones that have information about that thing. I have no choice but to go.”

‘Considering it can affect this wide of an area, there’s a chance it’s a BOSS… If that’s the case I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to do something at this point in time, but it’s not like I can just stay and do nothing.’


China・Jilin Province――

One week had passed since we had seriously started hunting monsters in China. Today since the morning we had come to an area filled with beats and the children were currently leveling up.

Emily in particular was…

“Black Sun!” shouted out Emily, after which a black ball appeared in front of her, after which it suddenly split into 10 smaller balls all hovering around Emily. There were currently three wolf monsters charging towards Emily.

As soon as the wolves touched the black balls, they were immediately sucked inside of them by some kind of tremendous force.

In just an instant the three wolves completely disappeared. Emily once again gathered all of the balls into one big one, and began shrinking it until it disappeared completely.

Her level was currently over 30 and her Dark Magic as well as her control over Black Sun had improved tremendously.

Seeing Emily’s powers even Wan was left dumbstruck saying things like “That’s amazing!”.

Excluding Emily most of the other kids had already exceeded level 40.

Sara was also able to get a hang of using the Great Magician’s Combination Magic skill, and Louise was also starting to get a hang of the Monk’s Chi Control.


On the side Noah with a gun in hand was looking at a strange bird flying in the sky. Suddenly Noah shot a single bullet from that gun piercing the bird.

After being shot, the bird stumbled for an instant, after which it regained its senses and began charging madly with a high pitched shriek towards Noah.

However as it was flying it suddenly began burning, and in the next instant fell to the ground only to have the remaining of its body be covered in flames. The thing Noah had used just now was a gun that had come from the Magic Library. The gun’s barrel was completely black, and it had golden ornaments decorating it on the sides. The surface of bullets also had some symbols engraved, which gave of the feeling of magic power.

I had been able to gather the resources for the making of the gun, but I hadn’t been able to make it. My Blacksmith’s Class Skill rank was pretty low after all.

However Noah had been urging me to make it for him, so I used up a lot of effort in finding skilled Blacksmiths. I had asked around in Suzaku, however I hadn’t had any luck, and just as I had been about to give up a person suddenly came up from an unexpected place.

It was a pair of twins that were studying at the St. Victor Monastery. On top of that both of them had a peculiar Unique Skill.

“I’m the older brother Gabriel. And that’s my younger brother Raphael.”

“I-I’m Raphael… N-nice to meet you…”

At first when I had met them, they had given me the impression that they were both really cute, however that hadn’t changed the fact that their Unique Skill “Double-Headed Own” was amazing.

It allowed them to join together their powers, allowing them to use high quality ingredients in order to use the Blacksmith’s Class Skill Generate.

Without materials, or the help of the Magic Library their abilities probably would have went unnoticed, however as long as they had those, the twins were able to bring out a miracle.

So after I had asked the teacher of their class, the twins worked together with Noah to create the magic weapon.

Still in the end it was a pretty dangerous weapon, as when Noah wasn’t using it, I had it stored in my space region.

“Mr. Gojo did you see? Its way stronger than I thought.” said Noah with a face filled with excitement. 

After all up until now he was lacking behind the others when it came to combat. He was probably happy to be able to fight side by side with the others.

And I had no intention of stopping them from growing as well. 

‘With the way they’re going they won’t have any problems in America as well…’ thinking that I suddenly got a call from Wan.

“What’s up?”

[Just now on the news there was a report about France. Apparently a monster appeared in Paris and Prometheus went out to subjugate it.]

“In Paris!?”

[According to the report, they have already succeeded in the subjugation, but I thought it would still be good to let you know.]

“I see… Thank you.”

‘Strange… I was in Paris yesterday but I didn’t hear any news about this. Most of all there was absolutely no response from my Hostility Detection.

It’d be great if they really have taken it down, however France was ranked A in the Archive, so I don’t think it’s gonna be that easy. This is bothering me.’

“Everyone, we’ll be going back early today so get ready. We’ll come back tomorrow.” saying that I went back to France with the kids.


European Parliament・France・Strasbourg

After getting a call from the director of the United Nations I headed towards the European Parliament building within France. When I got there, there were already numerous members of the United Nations, as well as Prometheus’ Air Force General, as well as some parliament members.

And on the side, projected on a monitor I could see Hans Berend’s face.

Due to him currently residing in Germany, he as well as some other members of the parliament had opted for video calls in order to participate…

Before coming to the meeting room I was filled in by Air Force General Mark. Apparently the situation was really dire… If they had only contacted us sooner…

“Leo, all members of the European Parliament have agreed to restore The Sanctuary Knights’ activities. We would like to ask you to take care of the BOSS within France.” said Robert Lange, the parliament member from France. 

‘From what I remember this guy was on the side of the mutant faction. I guess Hans is thinking of using the members that have good connections with the mutants in order to try and ask for the help of The Sanctuary Knights rather than doing it himself.’

While thinking how disgusting of a man Hans was I responded.

“That goes without saying, if a monster appears The Sanctuary Knights will naturally stand against it.”

“So you’ll take up our offer!?”

“However I’m afraid to tell you that you have contacted us way too late. Considering how much that monster has grown I’m afraid that The Sanctuary Knights cannot do anything against it.”

Starting with Robert, the faces of all of the people within the room turned completely white.

[This is a matter of life and death for the human race!  Would you please set aside your personal emotions and respond in a way that takes the whole human race into account?] said Hans from the other side of the monitor. It was clear that rage was starting to build up within him.

“I didn’t say it with my personal emotions in mind. I just spoke the truth.”

[Leo, listen to me. It’s true that our decision to stop The Sanctuary Knights’ activities was indeed hurried. However we had no choice but to listen to the voices of the people.]

‘Why does it sound to me like you’re just trying to put your blame on the people…’

[Even so I still plan to take the blame. I will retire from my position when this subjugation succeeds. So please lend us your strength.]

“I don’t care at all whether you retire or not. Whether we take action or not is based on rational consideration.”

Hearing me say that, Hans made a serious face and went into silence.

“Is it really impossible!? Do we really not have any other options? We’ll do anything we can so please! Leo there’s no one else we can ask.” said Robert, continuing to clinch to the idea. 

To which I immediately responded.

“I never said we didn’t have other options.”

“R-really!? Didn’t you just say that you can’t do it?” said Robert instinctively. 

Following him a lot of people in the room turned to look towards me with faces of surprise.

“I just said the The Sanctuary Knights won’t be able to do it.”

“What do you mean!?”

“I have a clue as to who might be able to help.”


On the evening of the same day I came back to the monastery alongside the kids. There was still no response on my Hostility Detection so it really seemed like Prometheus had really taken care of the monster.

Walking through the hallway, I stumbled upon Mr. Phillip who was just finishing his class, so I decided to ask him about the news.

“There certainly was news that Prometheus attacked a monster that had suddenly appeared in Paris, however afterwards they said that it’s already been taken care of. It’s just that…”

“Just that?”

“There’s rumours about a certain tower you see.”


I didn’t quite get it, but apparently an enormous tower that had suddenly appeared was all over the news, however there still hadn’t been any information about it from the France Government so the people were really confused.

After I finished speaking with Mr. Phillip I thanked him and went ahead to the dorms with the kids. On our way there I was suddenly stopped by the Sister.

“Mr. Gojo I see you’re back. There’s someone waiting to see you.”

“Someone’s waiting to see me?”

Walking back to the monastery’s entrance I could see a single man waiting in front. The kids, who had all come with me out of curiosity, upon laying eyes on him all became speechless.

“Hey Gojo. Sorry for coming on such a short notice.” said Leo with a smile on his face.

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      1. No, Emily would need to get close to use her ability, and it would drain all her life before she could get close enough.

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