When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 27

Translator: Azo

Editor: Diya


After a few days of obedience from the seven students on hand, Kong Wuying finally rescued them from the edge of hopeless stupidity and turned them into students who could be saved.

“Teacher, I want to ask you for leave. I’ll be going to assess my alchemy, I’m hoping for a third division badge,” Chen Bin says. 

He and Chen Fan are twin brothers. The two of them are the same in appearance, height, and even personality. They are usually quiet and people lose their presence for most of the day.

“Teacher, I’m going too.” Yi Ren says with a smile.

Kong Wuying takes a look at his seven students. Among the seven students, Feng Linlin, Jiang Chen and Chen Fan have already passed the examination to reach third division. Yuan Ruo passed before Kong Wuying came to Tianhong, and now there’s Yi Ren and Chen Bin.

It seems that the effect of training is very obvious. After being trained for a few days, he broke through the bottleneck of their stupidity. For the first time in his life, he feels satisfied with the taste of teaching and educating people.

He is satisfied with the result. “In this case, let’s all go together and cheer them on.”

There’s silence for a second and then cheers began.

“We don’t have to train today!” This is Feng Linlin.

“Teacher, I love you!” This is obviously Yuan Ruo.

“Teacher, I love you too!” This should be Jiang Chen, crazy.

So the Danta staff ushered in class 7.

Kong Wuying’s last examination was in the Alchemy Association, so this is the first time he’s been to Danta.

The construction of the Danta building is quite different from that of the Alchemy Association. It’s a pagoda with five floors in total.

Yuan Ruo explains, “Each level corresponds to an alchemy division. The most powerful pill master in our city is the fifth division pill master, that is, the tower master of Danta. It’s said that in the capital of the Daqing Empire, there are eight storey Dantas.”

Yuan Ruo shows her pill master’s badge and soon gets a grand reception. The beautiful staff woman respectfully leads them to the third floor.

“Linlin!” A group of people just arrived on the third floor as well. An old man in formal red pill master robes is smiling. “Long time no see, and you are…”

Feng Linlin saluts the old man with a cupped fist and says, “Hello, Master Mo. I’m bringing two students to participate in the assessment of third division pill masters. Please take care of them.”

Master Mo is curious. “Classmates? Ah, students of Tianhong, I’m sure you must be as good as Linlin. I’ll do it myself, I can’t wait to see the results.” 

This is not just niceties. Feng Linlin’s last assessment was very good, a solid A-. He has been on the third floor of this Danta for ten years and she is the most talented examinee Master Mo has ever seen.

Feng Linlin smiles. “Thank you for the care, Master Mo.”

Master Mo says with a wave of his hand, “The two to be assessed will come with me. The rest will sit in the hall and wait. Xiao Gao, bring tea.”

Kong Wuying raises an eyebrow. “We can’t go to have a look together?”

Master Mo pauses, a trace of displeasure in his eyes. “The assessment is confidential. Do you think Danta is the same as that group of rotten food they call the Alchemy Association?” 

Master Mo thinks that if this man had not been brought by Feng Linlin, he would have scolded him harder.

Kong Wuying thinks that if he knew they would have to wait outside, he would not have bothered coming. 

Master Mo leaves with Chen Bin and Yi Ren.

Looking around him, Kong Wuying says, “Since we can’t go in to see it, why don’t we go back to…”


Before he finishes speaking, he is stuffed with a piece of soft and fragrant cake.

“This is plum bean paste cake. Please try it, teacher.”

“This is mint tea. Please try it, teacher.”

“This is Xiaosu. Please try it, teacher.”

“This is, uhh… try it, teacher!”

The students, who want to have a holiday, quickly distract Kong Wuying. They don’t want to study anymore.

Fortunately, the assessment doesn’t take much time.

The figures of Master Mo and Chen Bin appear in front of the crowd. Master Mo’s feet are fast, and the trembling of his beard shows that he’s extremely excited.

In fact, he’s really too excited. “The examination is successful! A top scoring third division! A-!”

My God, are all the students of Tianhong Academy gifted? Feng Linlin is not enough, now the appearance of this boy is also proof.

Everyone applauds immediately. How awesome.

The reticent Chen Bin blushes a little. In fact, he knows that although his talent is outstanding, he still has a long way to go to match Feng Linlin. The reason why he’s so successful this time is because of the teacher.

The boy’s red eyes peer up at Kong Wuying.

Kong Wuying only raises an eyebrow. “Where is Yi Ren?”

“She’s still testing. She’ll come out later. I’ve let my assistant watch. However, her grades may not be as good as this one. I have just taken a look and the talent of the girl is still a little poor,” Master Mo explains.

Looking at Kong Wuying’s unhappy face, Master Mo quickly continues before he can stop himself, “But there is no problem, she will pass the examination.”

Although his explanation is the same as that of no explanation at all, he’s still slightly stunned. He doesn’t know why he had to explain such a sentence in the first place. He just saw the young man’s unhappy eyes, which made him feel a little frightened.


A little boy younger than his grandson?

At this time, more people approach; Yi Ren with the assistant. 

“Xiao Gao, how was it?” Master Mo asks. 

The assistant is in an even worse state than Master Mo was earlier. He looks confused, his steps uneven. “It’s… A+.”

“A what? What did you say?”

“An A+. She scored an A+.”

“It’s impossible!” Master Mo yells at the impossibility and pulls over the assessment sheet. When he sees the two big characters ‘A+’, his eyes close, and he faints.

The students, who were just ready to cheer: “…”

“This Master Mo, his mental endurance is too low.”

“He… is he okay? Do we leave him there?”

“It’s okay.” Instead, Xiao Gao, his assistant, keeps calm. While he skillfully pinches Master Mo’s ear to wake him up, the assistant explains with a smile, “Our Master Mo has never seen the world. He often faints because of small things. He will soon be fine.”

Master Mo jack-knifes upright. “Who hasn’t seen the world?!”

Xiao Gao rears back in shock.

After fainting once, Master Mo seems to spring back, although he looks at Yi Ren still with some shock.

No one has ever had such an achievement in the whole history of Danta. This little girl must be extraordinary.

One, two, three are all like this. The students of Tianhong Academy are all incredible. 

Everyone begins to clap wildly. They look at Yi Ren full of joy and envy, but not a trace of jealousy. 

Because they know that under the teacher’s training, they also have such ability.

Kong Wuying looks over his students, and although the complexion does not change, the angle of his lips quirk upwards slightly. 

His chest is a little warm. It’s the first time that he felt this kind of thing. Not bad.

At this time, someone suggests, “Host, you can also go and take the test, to get to the second division. You can then unlock the third grade prescriptions.”

Kong Wuying blinks. “Wait a minute, who are you?”

The system suffers 10,000 points of damage. “I am the system! Host, have you lost your memory?”

“Oh, it’s you. I almost forgot. You didn’t show up for a long time.” 

System whimpers.

However, the system is also reasonable, so Kong Wuying says to everyone aloud, “Since we’re here, I will also check my division.” He takes out his pill master badge. 

His first division badge was issued by the Alchemy Association, but he’s not a member. Naturally, he can be assessed anywhere he wants.

Master Mo’s face is dignified when he hears the request. After all, these children have given him too many surprises today. However, when he sees that it’s obviously the badge issued by the Alchemy Association, and also the first division logo, his face is still cold. “If you want to be assessed for second division, you have to go down a floor. Xiao Gao will take you.”

A mere second division assessment, there is nothing to pay attention to.

Xiao Gao left with Kong Wuying.

When facing the rest of the students, he regains his brilliant smile. “Leave your identity information, and you can have your badge in 20 minutes. By the way, was that boy also in your class? Why is he first division?”

There is a pause. After listening to this sentence, everyone’s face is a little strange.

“That one is not in our class.”

“That’s our teacher.”

Master Mo opens his mouth and closes it.

Seeing Master Mo’s strange silence, in order to maintain the dignity of their academy and teachers, Feng Linlin says, “Our teacher is outstanding, and he’ll finish the assessment in a short time.”

As soon as her sentence ends, she feels a sudden shaking.

“Why do I feel a little shaky?”

“I also feel like the walls are shaking.”

“It’s okay.” Jiang Chen grins, “Danta is so strong, it can’t collapse.”

Danta collapses.

Crow’s mouth Jiang Chen: “…”

(^ crow’s mouth = saying bad things and bringing that misfortune)

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