I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 102

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro



“So in the end Leo Garcia didn’t hand over the weapons.”

“It’s fine, he’ll have no choice once the law comes into power.”

Two men were talking while walking through a long corridor.

“Is the weapon manufacturing going smoothly?”

“Yes, however we’re still stuck on the case of mass producing them.”

“Make them work faster. After announcing it to the world I’ve already gotten numerous questions from different countries.”

Hans Berend was currently within a facility associated with the DWMA company, which was known as one of the big shots in the arms industry. The company originally used to only make weapons for the German military, however nowadays they were spreading their influence towards medicine and money transactions as well.

Currently one of the members from that facility was walking with Hans towards a completely white room, within which there was one young boy. Upon them arriving they could see the boy inside the room, sitting on top of the bed, reading a book.

“So that’s the boy with the so-called Sage class?”

“Yes, he can be seen as a rare type of mutant. Only a handful of people like him have been found throughout the world.”

“If there’s others, doesn’t that mean that there’s a chance that the information will leak?”

“There’s no need to worry about that. This boy’s Class Skill is at rank B. It’s quite high compared to other people, so you shouldn’t be that worried…”

“I see, still it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. Do your best to find all other mutants that might have this Sage class.”

Afterwards both of them headed to a room on the side. Inside of which numerous men could be seen working in something that looked like a small factory.

“The men here have the so-called Blacksmith class. Compared to the boy it’s not that rare, however all of the men we’ve gathered here have a high ranked class skill.”

“Can’t you bring in more of them?”

“It’s easy to find people with low class skills, however the ones with higher ranked class skills are a bit…”

“Can’t you continue producing weapons even without them? Isn’t it just mass producing, I don’t see what’s the problem.”

“Unfortunately in order to create the gunpowder a material known as magic power is required, without it production is impossible. We’ve already tried it numerous times, but in the end ability users were deemed necessary.”

“So annoying. I guess to defeat the monsters you have to use monsters after all.”

After saying that Hans turned around and began walking.

“Oh well. As long as all monsters die out then it’s fine.”



“What did you say!?”

After hearing the news Saruman was left dumbfounded. The German Government was currently in the process of forcefully infiltrating his facility and confiscating all of his weapons.

“What’s going on! That wretched Hans!” saying that Saruman immediately went to call Hans. 

After calling, on the other side of the phone Hans was apparently really calm about it all.

“I was awaiting your call Saruman. You seem to be doing fine.”

“You bastard! What in the world did you do? How much money do you think I invested into your damn group! Wasn’t it all so that you’d protect me. Is this how you return favors!!”

“Don’t misunderstand. I already protected you. If it wasn’t for me do you think you could have gotten away with having that number of weapons under your belt without any permission?”

“What a shameless…”

It was no secret that Hans was against the mutants, however the thing that he and Saruman shared was that they were both using the mutants for their own good. And now that Hans had gotten power, he could easily betray Saruman.

Handing the phone Saruman felt like his rage was about to climb to the skies.

“Do you know how much damn money and effort I spend into getting all of those weapons… Remember this Hans, I’ll definitely repay you for what you did today!”


“How are the kids?” asked Mr. Phillip with a worried expression.

“They’re really down. They don’t feel like doing anything… And I don’t have a clue on how to cheer them up.”

The news about The Sanctuary Knights turned out to be a way bigger shock for the kids than what I had thought. They were their heroes and the ones they admired after all.

“The one they admired…”

‘That’s it!’ I just thought of a great idea so I immediately took action. 

After saying goodbye to Mr. Phillip I opened an entrance to the space region.

England・Leeds’ Special Care School

“Everyone be careful!”

A number of kids were running around the spacious school grounds of the elementary school. Apart from them there was also a woman, who watched over them looking really pleased.


“Eh!? Gojo!?” said Freya, completely shocked by my sudden appearance.


France・St. Victor Monastery――

All 7 of us had come to the classroom and were just sitting inside with gloomy faces. We couldn’t just stay in our rooms all day, so we had decided to come out, however even if we did that we still didn’t have any motivation to do anything.

Because Mr. Gojo had gone out somewhere so we were having self-study.

It was then that suddenly――

“Hey everyone, come outside!”

We suddenly heard Mr. Gojo’s voice. It was coming from the monastery’s inner garden, so we opened the windows to look. Outside we saw Mr. Gojo with a woman standing right next to him.

At first we couldn’t figure out who she was, but after looking at her for a bit more we all gasped.

Everyone including me was staring at her with wide eyes. All of us immediately rushed to the inner garden.

“This here is my friend Freya. I had her come here for a bit.” said Mr. Gojo, casually introducing Freya to all of us, who were still struggling to catch for breath. 

‘This is the world famous Freya you know! How can you introduce her so casually!’

“I heard from Gojo here that you were all feeling down, so I thought that maybe I’d be able to cheer you up a bit so I came. My name’s Freya Cruz it’s nice to meet all of you.” said Freya with a smile.

‘She spoke!’ Just thinking that she had come just for us, all of us began jumping up excitedly.

“We aren’t feeling down at all! On the contrary we’re doing amazing!”

I said, after which Arthur and Victor vigorously shook their heads in agreement. Even Emily looked like she wanted to talk to her.

Apparently Mrs. Freya would be here for only an hour after which she would have to go back to her school in England. However, even that single hour was a really joyous time for us.

In that time we didn’t stop asking her everything that came to our minds.

Like why she had dropped out of The Sanctuary Knights.

What kinds of hardships she had to go through.

What kind of people were Leo and Carlo.

What had been the strongest BOSS that she had fought up until now.

And so on. 

Thinking about it, we should have also asked how she had met Mr. Gojo but at that time we completely forgot about it. After all the question that we all wanted to ask the most right now had been what would happen with The Sanctuary Knights. Hearing our question Mrs. Freya slightly smiled after which she answered.

“The Leo that I know won’t give up that easily. He’ll continue fighting until true peace comes along.”

Hearing her answer a small fire of hope was once again lit within our hearts.

“There’s also a person that continues fighting even though the whole world doesn’t know about him! Isn’t that right?” said Mrs. Freya, looking at Mr. Gojo. We didn’t understand what she meant by that but we were just happy that maybe we could one day be of help to Leo or the other members of The Sanctuary Knights that wouldn’t stop fighting.

After Mrs. Freya went back we once again felt a bit down, however we now had made a decision, so we immediately turned towards Mr. Gojo.

“Mr. Gojo! Let’s go to China! We want to become stronger.”

I said, conveying the thoughts of everyone. Currently they might say that The Sanctuary Knights weren’t needed, however they would surely appear again once the world encounters danger.

At that time, we would then be strong enough to help as well…

“Got it. But we won’t be going to just China. When you get stronger I’ll also take you to America and England! So prepare yourselves!”



Brussels・European Parliament――

On this day the law targeting the actions of the Personal Militaries finally came into power. With it all of the countries that were part of the EU would have to prioritize the Parliament’s decision and obey the law.

And with that, The Sanctuary Knights that mainly acted within the boundaries of the EU were now completely bound.

“Mr. Hans. We finished examining all of the weapons and armor that we confiscated from Saruman’s facility. Unfortunately it appears that only mutants can use them. What should we do with them?” said Hans’ secretary, conveying to him the report from the research facility.

“Is that so…”

“Should I prepare a place for them to be stored?”

“No… It will be bad if they fall into the hands of the mutants. Keep the ones that can be used as materials and dispose of the other ones.”

“Dispose of them? But there seem to be some really precious ones amongst them.”

“We still don’t know the complete scope of the mutant’s abilities. If some of them manage to steal the weapons and turn to terrorism, we’re going to have a big problem on our hands. It’s better to eliminate the risk completely.”

“Understood. I’ll do just that then.”


Central Paris・Luxembourg Gardens

One of famous tourist places in Paris, the Gardens had long since been a famous relaxation spot for tourists and citizens. Within the midst of all of the people, a single ant was moving on top of the ground.

It appeared to be searching the place for food.

While it was searching from behind it a long and narrow creature appeared from underground. The long and narrow creature suddenly wrapped itself around the ant’s body dragging it underground.

A small change, unnoticed by anyone was slowly beginning to occur.

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