When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 26

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No hygiene

“Ah?” Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s eyes widened. 

How could he lie down to be shot? Feng Linlin is one of the best in this academy. How could she not refine the simplest Lotus pill? There must be something wrong with it.

He looks at the furnace with a bitter face and hesitates. “Teacher, in fact, I don’t know it either.”

Kong Wuying doesn’t notice the abnormality, instead, he frowns deeply. “What are they teaching you here? Okay, I’ll do it.” He weaves around other students and equipment to get to Feng Linlin.

Yi Ren smirks slightly but Jiang Chen still catches it. He is more convinced that there must be a problem, but… he takes a glance around and remembers that Yuan Ruo asked for leave today.

Does Jiang Chen want to warn Ning Zhao?

If he doesn’t, Ning Zhao will trouble him later.

If he does, Ning Zhao will trouble him later.

There is a conundrum.

Jiang Chen argues with himself for a while but Kong Wuying has already found good herbs and begun to light the furnace to boil the water. 

Kong Wuying picks up the furnace and is about to put it on the charcoal when he suddenly stops. “Eh? This smell? Isn’t it Red Fairy?”

The first thought of Feng Linlin and Yi Ren is; this is supposed to be colorless and tasteless? Does this man have the nose of a dog?

The second thought of Feng Linlin and Yi Ren is; it’s over. It’s all over!

Kong Wuying frowns. “Feng Linlin!”

Feng Linlin tenses. “I didn’t-”

“Why haven’t you cleaned this properly?” Kong Wuying berates. 

Feng Linlin blinks.

Kong Wuying hands the furnace over and scolds her. “So unhygienic. Why didn’t you clean it after the last refining? The Red Fairy is still on it. Even if you can’t manage a simple Lotus pill, you should at least understand basic hygiene.”

Everyone stares at him.

Feng Linlin suddenly starts. “Ah! Yes! I’m sorry, teacher. I’m wrong. I didn’t wash it, I’ll correct my mistake and be a good child.”

“Wasting time,” Kong Wuying tsks. “Leave it for now. Go collect three Green Heart lotus seeds, a red lotus leaf, three Nine Fairies grass, and a pot of Hundred Flower honey.”

“Teacher, are we going to practice the Lotus pill?” Feng Linlin asks in confusion. “But what do you want with the honey? It’ll blow up the furnace.”

A wooden pointer whips around and almost takes off her head. “Don’t talk nonsense,” Kong Wuying complains. “Do as you’re told, let’s do this quickly. Now stir for three turns on the left, and two turns on the right. Increase the amount of wood spirit input and form a vortex at your fingertips, then release it into the furnace.”

“Teacher, if I can’t do it, what happens if I blow up the stove?”

“It’ll be fine.”

“Oh, okay then…”

“Your classmates love you very much. We will all go visit your grave on a clear day.”


Director Zhang’s office of Tianhong Alchemist Academy.

In the absence of a vice president in Tianhong, Director Zhang is also a second in command and enjoys great prestige in the whole college.

“Uncle, isn’t Mr. Hu’s class to be handed over to me? Why did the president give it to a little-known teacher?” A handsome young man of over two-and-a-half metres complains. 

“Shh!” Director Zhang frowns. “You keep your voice down. Are you afraid that others don’t know that we killed Mr. Hu?”

“Don’t worry, uncle. I saw it when I came in, no one was there.” The young man grins. “But I also admire you, uncle. How did you get rid of Mr. Hu to make it look like an accident?”

Speaking of this, Director Zhang’s face gains a trace of smile. “I heard of the method when I visited the black markets, the most suitable for a man like him who was obsessed with alchemy. I just asked him to add Hundred Flowers honey to the pill, and he killed himself when it exploded.”

“Hundred Flowers honey?” The young man bursts out laughing. “This Mr. Hu is really a fool. Everyone knows that refining needs precision and harmony in the ingredients. He actually believed you?”

“It wasn’t a lie! People in the black market told me that there was a master who added Hundred Flowers honey, which not only improved the grade of the pill, but also greatly shortened the refining time. For a while, everyone was trying to add it to their recipes.”

Director Zhang then sighs. “I planned to recommend you as soon as Mr. Hu died. Unexpectedly, the president directly appointed Ning Zhao. But don’t worry, he is just temporary for the time being. After finishing the competition, the president will start recruiting again. At that time, with your strength, won’t it be easy to win a position?”

“There is nearly a month to go.” The young man drops his head. “Uncle, if I don’t get resources from the academy, it will be difficult for me to win a good place in the competition.”

Director Zhang bows his head to think about it, and then a smile appears on his face. “Don’t worry. It won’t last for a month. That class of students is prickly and arrogant, while that Ning Zhao is only a first division alchemist. I estimate that in a few days, he will have to resign in disgrace, and then you will… why are you gaping?”

With his mouth wide open, the young man points out of the window and says, “Uncle, are those the students you are talking about?”

Director Zhang turns to look out of the window and sees the students of class 7 huddled together in a group, all around one person as they move across campus.

“Teacher, I’ll open a parasol for you!”

“Teacher, it’s hot. I’ll fan you.”

“I’ll massage your shoulders, teacher.”

“Teacher, what would you like to eat at noon, I’ll tell someone to bring it.”

“Teacher, be careful. We’re going up stairs, I’ll hold the hem of your robe.”

“Teacher, may I help you with your pants?”

Kong Wuying stares straight ahead.

In this way, the party passes in front of Director Zhang’s office window.

Director Zhang: “…”

The nephew blinks. “Is that Ning Zhao? He is… do all students suck up like that?”

That’s not a normal amount of sucking up. Every student in Tianhong comes from a well-known family and has a wide range of talents. All of them are arrogant. Although they respect their teachers on weekdays, they don’t have such a coquettish appearance. What kind of bribe did Ning Zhao give them?

But it doesn’t matter.

Director Zhang’s face shows a cold smile. “Lan’er, do you know that there are seven students in class seven, but only six students come to class every day. What’s the reason?”

Zhang Lan hums. “Of course, because the prince is busy with political affairs and has no time for class.”

Director Zhang chuckles. “His Royal Highness is working hard for our kingdom’s political affairs. It’s natural that he doesn’t come to class. But, say that there is a newcomer who wants to build prestige, perhaps he thinks that it’s disrespectful for the prince not to attend class. Maybe the teacher wants to drive His Highness out of the class? What do you think the prince would do?”

Zhang Lan listens and immediately chuckles the same. “Oh, but how could Ning Zhao be so stupid?”

“He can’t do anything else.” Director Zhang smiles. “Ning Zhao is powerless, relying on the declining Xiao family as an unimportant guest. Who do you think the prince will believe? Isn’t your sister good with Redwood princess? Let her say something.”

“Yes, uncle is wise.” Zhang Lan is happy.

The palace of Mohe kingdom.

“Your Highness, these are the documents sent today.” The eunuchs move around the room, ferrying piles of documents like hills.

In the middle of the hall sits a young man in his early twenties, with dark hair and jade crown. His nose is high and straight with a pair of long and narrow eyes. His skin is like white jade, lips gently pursed as if faintly smiling. The black robes he wears is detailed with a golden border and overall this person has a dignified air.

He is the prince of Mohe Kingdom, Huo Ziying.

He looks at the pile of documents and sighs. He picks up the first one and then frowns. “The thirteen princes of the Daqing Empire died again?”

Obviously it wasn’t the thirteenth prince who died and died again and again.


“How many princes have died in the Daqing Empire this month? There seems to be nine already?”

The nearest eunuch bows his head and cautiously replies, “For this month and last month, thirteen have died.”

The Daqing Empire is one of the eastern lands, directly over the Mohe Kingdom. Under the command of the Daqing Empire, there are eight sub-kingdoms like Mohe, which are strictly regarded as subjects of the Daqing Empire. They must pay tribute every year, but they are also protected by the Empire.

However, the princes there often die with increasing frequency. 

Another eunuch calls out, “I heard that the royal family of the Daqing Empire was cursed.”

“No matter what, we should be polite,” Huo Ziying says and puts down the document. “You, tell the Ministry of Rites to prepare a funeral ceremony, the specifications according to the last twenty-one princes.”

“Your Highness,” the eunuch cautions carefully. “It was the 16th prince who died last time.”

Huo Ziying:

“Brother!” At this time, a beautiful shadow rushes into the hall.

“Redwood? Aren’t you going hunting today? Did you come to see your poor brother?” Huo Ziying sees his favorite little sister and unconsciously smiles.

“Don’t mention it!” Huo Hongshan sits helrself down beside Huo Ziying. “When I was halfway out, I heard that someone scolded you. I was so angry that I ran back!”

“Someone scolded me?”

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