The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 6

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Pierrot

The Creation of the “Mofu God Loving Association”

Because the royal family visited today, the chef pulled out all the stops. How regrettable. The supper looked so delicious, yet I couldn’t taste a thing. 

His Royal Highness was enjoying the supper while chatting with my family. As for me, I just half-heartedly agreed, saying, “yes”, when I was spoken to.

I usually enjoy eating while chatting with my family, but today I couldn’t enjoy it.

After supper, we were supposed to have a tea party at the salon, but I was allowed to go back to my room because I was still too young. His Royal Highness was disappointed, but I wanted to relax early, so I politely greeted him and returned to my room quickly.

“Ah! I’m so tired~”

Returning to my room, I sit down on the sofa. Marie prepared herbal tea for me, so I took a sip. Recently, I learned a lot of herb names as well as flowers. This smell from the tea is chamomile. Chamomile has the effect of relaxing the mind and body. 

“Thank you for your hard work, Miss Katariona. We are preparing to take a bath, so please relax for a while. Would you like Leon to take a bath with you?”

“Of course.”

Marie went into the bathroom next door to prepare for the bath.

After returning to the room, Leon reappeared in the form of a small beast. Leon was invisible the whole time, which felt like forever, so I missed Leon’s Mofumofu. As soon as Leon appeared, I picked him up and enjoyed Mofumofu time!

“Ah, healed~”

I snuggled my cheek on Leon’s mofumofu. It’s warm and comfortable. He disappeared to stay with me, but I’m relieved to see him. Mofumofu makes me feel more relieved.

“Good work today. You worked hard, Rio. It must have been hard for you, right?”

“A little… But it was reassuring to have Leon by my side.”

“Is that so?”

Leon narrows his eyes. Is that a smile?

“My lady. Leon. The bath is ready.”

Marie is back from the bathroom. I’m ready, and somehow my hands are excited. Hehe~ I’m looking forward to washing Leon.

* * * * *

The next day, after breakfast, His Imperial Highness, the Crown Prince, was leaving, so the whole family sent him off. His Highness greeted our family before he got on the carriage.

“Marquis Grandeur, I’m sorry for the sudden visit. Thank you, I had a good time.”

His Highness gives a light bow. Father hurriedly thanked him, and Mother lined up for curtsy.

“His Imperial Highness, Prince Richard, you waste your kind words on us. Our family was very honored with your visit to our territory.”

After he nods, His Highness turns to my brother.

“Siegfried. See you six months later at the magic-attribute judgment ritual.”

Older brother answers, “yes”, while thanking him. His Highness smiles and finally turns to me. While doing a curtsy, I try not to look at His Highness as much as possible. That smile of an angel is a poison to the eyes. 

“Katariona, will you come to the royal capital during Siegfried’s magic-attribute judgment ritual? Let’s play together again at the royal capital.”


I reply vaguely since I don’t want to see him again. I feel bad for my brother, but I don’t feel like going to the royal capital.

* * * * *

During the afternoon, I went to the forest for a walk to lay a brick road around the fountain I built yesterday. Of course, Leon and Marie accompanied me.

In order to create bricks magically, it was necessary to know how to properly imagine the materials. After creating the fountain yesterday, I thought that it would be easier to create one if you knew the materials and properties of the actual one.

After seeing the Crown Prince off, I went to the library in the mansion and found a book titled “How to Make Bricks”. I seem to often find such geeky books. I wonder whose hobby that is…

“Well, bricks are made of clay, shale, and mud. Then the mixture is put into a mold and baked in a kiln. I know clay and mud, but what is shale?”

“Simply speaking, it’s a mudrock, but if you want to build a garden path, you can use sun-dried bricks.”

Leon advises me as I turn to the page on how to make sun-dried bricks. It was written that the sun-dried bricks are made by hardening the clay and then drying it out in the sun. This one seems to be easier to make.

Imagining a brick road around the fountain, I send magical power to the earth. The ground trembles, and a brick road appears around the fountain. Leon is staring at my brick with a blank, half-lidded look. Eh? Did something go wrong?

“The bricks are well made, but they have some awkward… sharp spots.”

“Eh!? So I have to start over…?” I sigh, frustrated.

Marie was also looking at the bricks. Suddenly, she clapped her hands to show that she had thought of something.

“Can you let me shape the bricks?”

“Do you have any idea? Okay. I’ll leave it to Marie.”

Marie accumulated magical power in her hand, and then she cast water magic on the bricks. A thin line of water runs on the sharp part. Then, the sharp part disappears, and the shape of the brick is adjusted.

“Wow, Marie! I never knew you could use water magic that way.”

“It’s an application of a water cutter. Did you adjust the force and amount of water to cut the bricks? That’s a pretty impressive feat.”

Impressed by Marie, Leon and I send lots of compliments, which receive a shy smile from Marie. 

“I am honored by the praise. Well then, I will shape the remaining bricks.”

Marie repairs the shapes of the bricks quickly and easily.

“Next is the stage of planting roses. First, I will need to create seedlings.”

“Can’t you just make the flowers bloom?”

Leon tilts his head. His lion appearance is also cute. Any gesture of a cat-type beast looks cute, doesn’t it?

“It’s the rose season soon, so I’d like to see each stage of the roses until the flowers bloom because it’s a big deal.”

“Lady. For reference, can the seedlings be colored?”

Marie, who finished preparing the bricks, asked a question. Looking at the brick road, it is beautiful as expected.

“You can freely create colors and types. I also brought a rose picture book.”

Saying so, I hand the rose picture book to Marie.

When I asked my father for a botanical picture book, he bought me some other flowers-related books, and one of them was a rose picture book.

“If so, please be careful about the color arrangement.”

“Is that so? I thought I’d plant it from my favorite rose sapling.”

Marie’s green eyes shine brightly. When I flip through the picture book of roses, I see the page of Rose Garden.

“First of all, please plant roses using this garden as a model. If possible, please use the same type of roses. The colors will be pleasing to the eyes of the viewer by arranging them in order from dark colors such as red, pink, and white. “

Marie starts talking in detail about the rose picture book in her hand. Do you have to be that particular about the color arrangement? 

“Okay. First, I’ll try to place the flowers in this section, so please tell me if my color arrangement is bad.”

Holding my hand over the ground, I imagine letting the same kind of roses bloom in the order of red, pink, and white, as Marie said. I think it’s a pretty good result. I glance at Marie to see her reaction. 

“It’s wonderful, my lady! It’s just right! Would you like to study the color arrangement with the ribbon when you return? I will make sure to teach you thoroughly,” Marie joyfully exclaims.

It’s a smile that doesn’t admit any objection. In the face of such a smile, I gulp and furiously nod. Please teach me, Marie-sensei!

“That’s for the best. If you leave it to Rio, the color scheme of the rose garden will be an utter mess.”

I feel slightly insulted, but I can’t argue with that because it might end up as Marie said.

“Let’s take a break. Today I brought cold herbal tea and scones.”

Returning to her usual smile, Marie spread the rug on the finished brick road, taking out the scones and herbal tea from the basket, and setting up our picnic.

“Herbal tea uses elderflowers. It has a nice scent.”

“That’s right. You seem to be quite familiar with the types of herbs, my lady.”

Elderflowers have a sweet scent like Muscat. It has the effect of soothing a person’s emotions.

“This clotted cream is also delicious. If you eat it with scones and strawberry jam, it will be twice as delicious.”

“Fufu. Young Lady loves strawberries.”

“Is it that delicious? Let me eat the scones with both.”

“It’s really delicious. Please try it.”

I spread a generous amount of clotted cream and strawberry jam on the scones and ask Leon to open his mouth. Marie and I look at each other as Leon’s fangs are sharp, but his muffled gestures are so cute. 

We have a conversation with our eyes about how much it makes us want to fluff Leon right now.

At this moment, Leon, who finished his scone, opens his eyes.

“Umu. This is delicious! Can I get another one?”

This time Marie puts a scone in Leon’s mouth. I have to share that cute “Ahhh” with her. It was then Marie, and I totally became fluffy friends.

That’s it! Let’s make a “Mofu God Loving Association”.  As of now, there are two members, Marie and myself…



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