Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 15

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot


“First, we must capture the Prince of Apristos since they already invaded this country.”

I advised this to the ministers and Elf King that were gathered together.

“With the captured prince as a hostage, we’ll negotiate so that they’ll pull out their army… I00,000 is that it?”

“However, the prince is protected by 3,000 soldiers. If it is only to defend, then there is no problem, but if we plan to abduct the prince, it is necessary that we annihilate the enemy. Our military force will not come unscathed.”

“If we lose a lot of soldiers here, we will not be able to defend when the army comes.”

The ministers argued.

I already anticipated this.

“In the event that Alheim’s army shall confront the prince’s private army, it is expected that the prince will fall behind the troops. That is where we attack to kidnap the prince.”

Since Alheim’s army is larger, the private army won’t attack immediately. By capturing the prince before the battle begins, we won’t exhaust our resources that much.

“…Will that be possible?”

“Well, I’m here. Isn’t that more than enough?”

Sylph agreed with my suggestion.

I can advise the Elf King and the ministers regarding the operation, all thanks to Sylph’s presence and her command that they should listen to me.

“It is truly possible to seize the prince with Sylph-sama’s help. However, there is no guarantee that their army will retreat even if we use him as a hostage.”

“What do you mean?” Sylph questioned the words of the minister supervising the Intelligence Unit.

“Right now, the one invading our beloved country is none other than Apristos’s Fifth Prince. There is a possibility that the prince is nothing more than a sacrificial pawn to carry out the invasion against our military forces.”

The 100,000 soldiers of Apristos are said to be about 1/3 of the country’s strength. True, it doesn’t make sense that their nation will move an army that large just because the Fifth Prince’s marriage talks fell through.

But what if the prince was taken to Alheim then killed?

That is enough reason for them to destroy Alheim in retaliation.

Alheim’s Intelligence Unit was able to gather intel that the Fifth Prince was being used, by his own country, as a pawn for this very purpose.

“Hmmm… So, Halt, that means there’s no sense in capturing the prince, right?”

“Well, that may be so. We can’t use him to make the army retreat. However, it can leave evidence that the country tried to negotiate properly with the invading people.”

“Evidence of negotiations with the humans? What exactly does that mean?”

“Supposing the opposition attacked us without prior knowledge of the difference in our military strength, and we annihilated them in return—we can still prove to other countries that it was not a unilateral fault on our part.”

“I don’t really get it. Halt, it’s like you’re saying that annihilating the opponent is just a piece of cake. That’s how it sounds to me.”

“That is right. If it’s just about 100,000 soldiers gathered in a troop, Luke can destroy them in one hit by using [Ultimate Magic].”

“[Ultimate Magic]!? There is someone who wields that spell among you!?”

“Yes. I’m a Sage Apprentice, so… Ah, by the way, the level is 125.”

The ministers were buzzing with excitement at Luke’s reply.

He might have said it braggingly and in bad taste, but to tell the truth, I already asked a favor from him earlier to disclose his occupation and level so that we might be able to persuade the ministers.

“Nevertheless, if you do that, our country will be endangered against other countries. If it’s only one country, then there will be no problem. However, if several countries joined together and formed Allied Forces, it can be expected that the situation will be out of our control.”

The Allied Forces are not the only problem. If the neighboring countries see Alheim as a threat, international trade will also be affected.

Hence, it is not necessarily a good thing to annihilate them.

“It’s not about winning, it’s about how you win.”

This is my strategy plan A. First, abduct the Prince, and then negotiate for withdrawal of the opponent’s army. Most probably, those negotiations will fall through. 

Next, with Luna’s support, Luke will display the overwhelming difference in the military force through his [Ultimate Magic]. This will be an intimidation tactic. The spell will not hit the army, but it will destroy the nearby mountains.

With this, the enemy will be filled with fear, and hopefully, they’ll retreat.

Case closed.

However, there is also the possibility that they will not back down. It’ll be troublesome if that happens, but I’ll use my magic and disperse them, and switch to individual destruction, which is Plan B.

The cooperation of Alheim’s Army and the power of my classmates are vital for this Plan B. I explained the strategies of Plan B to everyone.

In the end, my strategy was accepted. My comrades’ strengths were revealed, and the ministers thought we could win somehow if their power was coupled with my strategy. All that is left is to execute it.


The private army of Apristos’s Prince hasn’t moved much from near the border. Taking advantage of this time, I met with the commanders of each unit of the Armed Forces to explain the operation and introduce my companions.

“So it’s you, Sir Halt!”

Sylph, Tina, Leaffa, and I were on our way to the commanders when I heard someone call my name. There was a man with a muscular physique that is atypical for an Elf.

It was the former general who fought with me at the competition held for Tina’s hand. I heard he was fired because he lost against me.

“Uhm, I heard you were fired after the match…”

Even if he lost against me, he was strong. He was a general, yet instead of being demoted, what he received was a military discharge, and it had been too sudden.

I wonder what happened. I feel apologetic since there is a possibility that his match with me is the cause. And now, I’m also bothered that the former general is wearing military fatigue.

“Ah, it’s my fault for losing to you so easily. However, even if I’m like this, I’m still the former general. This war against Apristos requires strength, so I was also summoned. I am here to participate as a soldier.”

 “Ah, is that so. Meaning to say, you will not lead the troops?”

“Ahaha, you found out, I got back to the lowest rank. Well, I’m better off swinging my sword on the frontlines anyway.”

With that said, the former general extended his hand.

“I will fight with my ex-subordinates on the front lines to protect this country. The outcome of this battle depends on your strategy. Please, help us win.”

“Okay, I’ll do my best. Please be safe.”

After saying that, I shook hands with the former general. He slipped a bracelet on me as he took my hand.

“Huh? Excuse me, this—”

I’m losing my consciousness.


The former general’s laughter rang in my ears as everything turned black.


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