I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 101

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


“Would you say that the main cause for the success of this subjugation was due to the new manufacturing process of weapons?”

“Yes, according to the United Nations’ announcement, they were successfully able to create gunpowder that has an effect on monsters. Up until now, it was mainstream to create projectiles from the new type of metal, however we thought that if we could go back even further and actually create the gunpowder anew, that would increase the output of the weapons even more.”

“From what I’ve heard, it won’t be necessary for ability users to go out and fight, is that correct?”

“That is correct. The EU as well as the United Nations are currently planning on making the blueprint for the gunpowder public. As long as the countries throughout the world are willing to share knowledge and experience amongst themselves I believe that from now on we’ll be able to hold off the threat of the monsters with just the military alone.”

“Thank you for your time. Ladies and Gentlemen, with this we conclude our interview with Prof. Morris. We hope to see you again.”

During the same time as the news program was coming to a close me, Leo and Alexander were sitting in front of the TV inside a hotel room in Geneva.

“So I guess we won’t be needed any more huh.”

“Are you perhaps sad about it Carlo?” Alexander said to me with a surprised expression.

“No way. It’s just that I feel kind of frustrated. We still don’t know anything about the BOSS that was in Libya and whether it was strong or not. What do you think about the whole thing Leo?”

“I can’t say, I wouldn’t know unless I fight it myself.” said Leo, staring at the now blank TV screen seemingly lost in thought.

“In any case it doesn’t look like it will be possible for us to cooperate with them. For starters The Sanctuary Knights are a Private Military. We were only allowed to do what we did because of the emergency situation, now that the fight against the monsters has been put under control it won’t be strange if they say that they wouldn’t need us any more.”

“I guess you’re right, we’re different from National Organizations such as Suzaku.”

In the end we just stayed in the room quietly, thinking about it all. In the midst of the silence, Alexander suddenly opened his mouth.

“Let’s say that we really are disbanded, in the end if the world still manages to bring back it’s peace I’ll be happy with just that.”

“I guess you’re right… As long as peace returns then everything will be fine.” said Leo, agreeing with Alexander. But even as he said his expression changed to one of seriousness.

“However, we have no proof that peace will really come back. For starters we don’t even know why the world became like this in the first place.” said Leo, turning his gaze to look at Durendal that we had left in a corner of the room.

“There’s the case with this sword as well. We still don’t even know how Saruman managed to get a hold of all of his weapons… I feel that there must be some kind of reason for him to have that many weapons. It just feels like some higher being has purposefully given us our abilities and made us fight…” finished saying Leo. 

Everything he said made sense, however I doubt that the government would look at it that rationally. I just hoped that these doubts of ours would turn out to be unnecessary ones.


“Eh!? Mr. Gojo what did you say just now?”

“I said that we’re going to China.”


All of the kids looked towards me with dumbfounded expressions on their faces. They had already gotten used to the Undeads in Japan, so I had thought that now would be a good opportunity to have them experience the magic beasts of China.

It would be a good source of experience and also…

“There’s also a friend that I want to meet there.”

[China ・ Jilin Province ・ Baishan]

A huge wolf came charging. Wan was standing in front of it with closed eyes, trying to focus. Just as the wolf got close to her, she opened her eyes and planted her left foot on it’s body, sending it flying.

Aura could clearly be seen covering the whole of Wan’s foot.

The huge wolf that had just been sent flying into the air fell to the ground to never move again.

“Was this okay Gojo?”

“Yeah! Thank you.”

I had wanted to show all of the kids the way Wan fought, but most importantly I wanted for Louise to see it, because he has the Monk class as well. That is why before coming here I had asked Wan whether she’d be willing to help, and she surprisingly gladly accepted.

“Louise, how was it, did you learn something? You should know that Wan here is the best Aura user there is.”

“Y-yes!  I’ve been a huge fan of Mrs. Wan for a while now! Mrs. Wan this is a selfish request of mine, but can I please shake your hand?” saying that, Louise stretched out his hand towards Wan.

A tad bit of embarrassment could be seen on Wan’s face as she looked at his hand.

“You should know that Gojo over there is way better at using Aura than I am.” said Wan humbly, however Louise was so excited that he didn’t hear anything of what she had said just now. 

Apart from the both of them, the rest of Suzaku’s members were also helping the other children with farming exp, or just teaching them how to fight or use their abilities.

Up until now we weren’t able to go out that much, so it seemed like the kids were really happy to have a lot of people teaching them different stuff.

“Gojo did you see the news about that new squad?”

“I did. Prometheus was it?”

“To be honest I was shocked… This is the first time since Georgia that the military managed to defeat a BOSS just with their own strength alone. That thing they said about their new weapons must really be true.”

“In regards to that, I think it’s kind of suspicious.”

“Suspicious? What exactly do you mean?” asked Wan with a serious expression. 

In order to explain it to her, I called out to Noah who was currently training with one of the members from Suzaku.

“Noah could you come here for a sec and show us your Magic Library.”


“I want to show that thing to Wan.”

“Okay, got it.”

Upon coming next to us, Noah focused some magic power in his hand and then manifested his Magic Library.

“Is this the Sage’s Class Skill? What’s written inside?”

“Usually this Magic Library contains blueprints of weapons, armor and other magic items. It’s usually blueprints of weapons that they used in the past like swords and spears. However, look at this.”

Wan immediately turned her gaze to the page I was pointing at.

“What in the world is this?”

“Blueprints of modern weapons are written down here. For example guns and such. Basically weapons that are primarily used in today’s time… I wouldn’t call them magic tools any more, but rather magic weapons.”

“Magic weapons… But still what does this have to do with Prometheus?”

“The blueprint for the gunpowder that they created is also here.”


“To be more precise it shows how to use monsters to create organic compounds, which are then used to create explosives.”

“Use monsters as ingredients? Are you being serious…”

“Prometheus announced that they had used science facilities to create them, however I suspect that they might be forcing ability users to create their weapons for them. And that they’re hiding that fact from everyone.”

“Can that really be true!? They were selected by the people, weren’t they.”

“Them being selected by the people doesn’t mean that they’re completely pure. I guess they did whatever they could so that they could get rid of usability users.”

“Which means that the people who they’ll turn to first will be…”

“That’s right, Leo and the others.”


Switzerland・Geneva・Grand Hotel

“I’m sorry to have made you come all the way here. I wasn’t able to free up any time you see. Today was the only day I could free up so Leo, Carlo I really am grateful that you both came here today.”

Before coming here Carlo and I had been invited by some of the members of the European Parliament to meet with them in this hotel. The person currently standing and talking in front of us was no other than the new President Hans Berend.

“So President Hans, may I ask why have you called us today?”

“Leo, you’re a smart boy so I supposed that you already know, but even so I’ll tell you. The Parliament is thinking of banning all and any Private Military Institutions. If this suggestion does pass, that means that the United Nations will follow suit.”

It was just as I had imagined, however that didn’t mean that I could just reply with a “Yea sure.”

“Your group has definitely achieved great things throughout the world. That is why I deemed that it would be good manners to let you know beforehand.”

“I understand. However, we still cannot say that the world is completely safe. Don’t you think that this decision is maybe too rushed?”

“Leo, we have not for a second thought that the world is completely safe as of yet. However, we can say that we now have the necessary preparations to deal with whatever comes our way. There is no more need for you to put yourselves at risk. Don’t you think so?” said Hans with a heart warming smile, however I could clearly see the bad intentions hidden in his look.

“So what do you suggest that we do?”

“First I would like you to announce the suspension of activities for The Sanctuary Knights. That will serve to show the people that the world has finally reached a safe state. After all it’s precisely your group that currently serves as our symbol of peace.”

Hearing Hans say that, Carlo sneered at him. It was understandable considering even a kid could see that Hans hadn’t meant anything of what he had just said.

Seeing Carlo’s sneer Hans frowned.


Looking at us, Hans’ look suddenly changed into one of greed.

“I want you to hand over all of your weapons to us.”


We came back to the monastery. With today’s class having come to an end, I decided that we would start with the real leveling in China tomorrow.

And my primary goal was to get Emily to level up as much as possible. Just as I was sending off the kids at their dorm I could see that Mr. Phillip was frantically running towards me screaming.

“IT’S AWFUL. Come fast, you need to see the news…”

Giving a final look at the kids I turned towards Mr. Phillip following him to the lounge.

“I understand that the decision is not yet final, however are we safe to assume that your objective won’t be changing?”

“That is correct. The United Nations have also consented as well.”

“It is true that none of us can deny that The Sanctuary Knights were the ones that helped the world in its state of ruin, and that they were the ones who brought it back from the ashes. We can view that as the group that started a whole new era.”

“With this we conclude the news about the suspension of activities of The Sanctuary Knights.”

These were the news that at this moment informed us of the disbandment of The Sanctuary Knights, as well as the news that brought an end to the only hope that the kids had.

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