The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 3

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Pierrot

Special Magic Training with Leon-sama 

I have come up with an idea to improve my girl power.  I am currently staring at the botanical picture book that I had begged my father to buy for me along with some other books on flowers when something caught my eye.

“This is it!”

“What’s wrong, Rio?”

I was sitting on the sofa looking at a picture book while drinking tea Marie had brewed. Leon was curled up and napping next to me when he was startled awake by my loud voice.

He curled up and rubbed his luscious thighs. I think this particular softness of the cat-like beast is cute. Ehhh? Is it just me?

“Leon, look at this. I think it’s a good idea for training my magic.”

Also, I think it will help improve my girl power.

Presenting the picture book in front of Leon. It is a page of the Rosaceae section.

“Isn’t that a rose? What’s wrong with it?”

“Look at the big picture, not just the roses. Don’t you think it’s a nice rose garden?”

The Rose Garden in the illustrated book is a circular garden with a fountain in the middle and a brick-lined path around the fountain. The path was surrounded by colorful roses.

“I’m thinking of creating this in the forest. What do you think?”

Leon starts thinking, “Hmm”.

“Well, it’s nice. We have roses in the mansion’s garden, wouldn’t a garden like this transform it into an even more stunning garden?” 

Marie smiles and pours tea into my cup while glancing at the picture book.

Leon’s ability to speak the human language has already been revealed to Marie. Was it when he was alone? While he was in the room, he was muttering to himself when Marie came into the room to clean.

Both of them were silent for a while, and then as if nothing had happened, Marie told Leon “It’s a nice day today, would you like to bask in the sun?” And started cleaning.

When I found out about that, I panicked and went to Leon to ask for permission because I trusted Marie. So I told Marie the entire truth. How Leon is the god of the forest, how I became a member of the family, and that I have received special training in magic. Some things I sort of blurred …

Marie smiled with a gentle smile, as usual, convinced saying, “Is that so? No wonder, I thought Leon-sama was a divine figure for a holy beast.” Marie who hasn’t fazed at all is amazing. Or was her natural-chan manifesting itself?

Then there’s Leon who speaks human language normally even in front of Marie. While in front of my family, he was making adorable”Nah~n” sounds. 

“Before determining your magic attribute, training in the garden isn’t a good idea. How about experimenting in the forest by creating rose seedlings and planting them in the garden?”

“That’s a good idea. Let’s make a rose garden in the forest and have a tea party. I’m so excited!”

“Even though I’m afraid, may I be of help to you, Miss Katariona, Leon?”

Marie raises her hand and takes one step further. Is it just my imagination that she looks like she’s having fun? 

“Speaking of which, I remember that you can use water magic very well.”

“If Marie helps, I’m sure it will be a wonderful garden.”

“Thank you.”

Marie curtsies with graceful behavior. Marie’s father, the butler, was originally an aristocrat. He abandoned his title to marry a commoner as his wife. It’s like something that’d come straight out of a romance novel.

Sadly, his wife died after giving birth to Marie. Apparently, he met my father when he was looking for work to raise his daughter with his own hands, preferring a place where he could live and work at the same place. Since he had already learned the aristocratic etiquette, he skipped the butler apprenticeship and immediately became the chief butler.

Marie has been thoroughly trained by the head butler to behave like a lady, so she has the grace of a noblewoman. In this aspect, I seemed to have lost to Marie.

  I have high expectations regarding Marie’s girl power! 

* * * * *

I was struggling to create a rose garden in the woods. First, I try to create a fountain while looking at the picture book. However, that isn’t going well. I attempt to visualize it like how it is in the picture book, but as soon as I thought I had succeeded, it would quickly collapse.

“Fountains are made out of stone, right Leon?”

Leon stares at the crumbling stones. By the way, Leon has returned to his original appearance as a lion. Marie was looking at him with her eyes wide open. You’re surprised right, Marie?? I think …

“‘So this is Leon-sama’s true form. As expected of God, the fluffiness is truly wonderful.”

With her eyes shining, her hands were fluttering excitedly fluffing Leon’s hair. Ah~ After all, it was only natural.

But, Marie, how disrespectful. Well, I thought the same thing, too.

Leon proudly says, “That’s right.” He acts as if he just received a compliment. He looks pleased.

“Maybe the stone isn’t hard enough. Imagine a hard stone.”

“Why don’t you think of the marble in the mansion?”

Marie advises. When Leon holds his hand over the ground, a small white marble appears.

“Touch this to check the hardness.”

I pick up the marble and touch it. It’s glossy and beautiful, but it’s hard. Marble is used for the entrance of the mansion, but I have never paid attention to it before.

“Somehow, I think I understand. I’ll try again.”

Hold the marble in your hand and place your other hand over the ground to check the hardness. The earth rumbled and the fountain was completed as I had envisioned.

“Done! How is it?”

Leon nodded satisfactorily when he touched the fountain.

“Pass. It’s fine.”

“Yeah! Next is the brick road.”

“It’s better to take a break. Rio even if you have a lot of magical power, if you suddenly consume too much, it will put a strain on your body.”

Thinking about it, I started to feel a little tired.

“Let’s make tea. We have sandwiches for a light meal.”

She takes a sandwich and a tea set out of a large basket and sets them up quickly. The tea is like ice tea.

“It’s cold and delicious, but why is it still cold? It’s been a long time since it was made right?”

 Marie smiles suddenly.

“I gave cold air to the teapot since I can’t use fire magic. Would you have preferred hot tea?”

“That’s why. I’m a little hot, so the tea was very delicious.”

“Thank you for that compliment.”

Leon was given a sandwich and tea on a flat plate because it’s hard to drink from a glass.

“This sandwich is excellent. The tea is delicious, too.”

His tail is swaying happily. It was so cute that Marie and I had loose faces. I want to mofumofu!

* * * * *

After a break, I tried to make a brick-lined road, but that didn’t work either. I tried again many times, but it soon collapsed.

“Let’s leave this for today. I’m about to run out of magic.”

When I looked up at the sky, the sun was going down. Let’s stop here today.

“OK, let’s go back to the mansion.”

When I returned to the mansion, I went straight to the library and began fishing for books on bricks.

When I returned to the lord’s house, a carriage was parked. Inhaling a deep breath, I saw the emblem engraved on the carriage.

“That’s a royal carriage. Did an emergency happen?”

The carriage door opens and a boy comes down with gold hair and blue eyes. A familiar figure, I tried to forget. Why!??

“What’s wrong? Rio, you’re trembling.”

“… Leon. That is … that is Prince Richard.”

Leon opens his eyes. Recalling the previous life, my body begins to quiver.

“No. I don’t want to see you …”

My fiancé who betrayed me. There was no such development in my previous life. I wanted nothing to do with him in this life! So why!??



  1. NOOO! Author-San protect her, don’t let this happen once more again. She doesn’t have to suffer once more again, not like this, NOT LIKE THIS. Also thanks for the chapter, it is very much appreciated!

    1. Aiya~thanks so much for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it~!
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