The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Chapter 7

Translator/Editor: TastefulSardine

A Wiley Discussion

We were forcibly led to this inn town’s Department of Justice right after.

Knowing that guy’s twisted personality, I thought for sure we’d be led to an interrogation room or something, but we ended up in a simple, yet well-furnished parlor.

“We’ve managed to capture the Feces Family’s boss and ten of the upper brass, but over 80% of the soldiers are unaccounted for. You really went wild this time, huh, Grey?” he said with a hint of anger, fed up with the situation.

“I guess I did. In any case, were you always an officer, Baron Hakurou?”

“No, I’m part of the investigation team. Being dispatched to that fight earlier was sort of like a demotion for me, honestly.”

The investigation team. As I recalled, it was an intelligence agency open to the public. No wonder he was having so much trouble.

“So? I think it’s about time you told me why you’re here,” he said.

“Sure, I’m busy too, so clean out your ears and listen well,” I replied and launched into a full explanation about the events that had transpired.

Through my thorough explanation, Baron Hakurou was able to roughly grasp the inns and the outs of the situation.

Here was Lunette, the inn town that served as a checkpoint and where the Feces family operated a mid-scale organization in the shadows. More precisely, they belonged to the largest underground organization, Laguna.

Laguna itself spread its roots throughout the entire world, employed many powerful magicians, and uniquely powerful enough to content with an entire country. In addition, they also had their roots spread into various noble families, the Commerce Guild, and the Adventurer’s Guild, so you couldn’t carelessly make a move on them. As such, the empire’s administration and military primarily kept silent.

So in order to round up everyone at once at Laguna’s annual meeting between the upper brass, they dispatched spies known as Grass to each organization. The large, wounded man behind Baron Hakurou was one of them.

Baron Hakurou had coincidentally come to visit Lunette, where he had heard that I was already in the city. He received further reports that a young teenage child marched into that shit family and so had hastily gone himself.

That’s about what happened, but—

“Wow. So the moment I decided to stay in this city, you also decided to swing by,” I said. “And what’s more, you even received a report that I had marched into that shit family. How awfully convenient for you.”

I wasn’t so foolish as to believe something that was way too good to be true. And with that fact that Kurama had already known who I was beforehand, it was like a bargain sale of impossibilities.

“Hmph! It being a coincidence is really half the truth,” he spat. “But to think that you would really destroy the Feces Family; you’re proving to be a huge pain in the ass to our plans.”

I think he had been intending to secretly contact me in the city, but once he heard that I had charged into the Feces Family, he frantically rushed to gain control of the estate under the pretense of exposing the family.

“So, what do you want from me?” I asked.

“I want you to protect the daughter of Lunette’s chivalrous family, the Revise Family.”

So Aria, huh. That had been my original intention, but there were too many things I didn’t understand.

“Why is a public servant like you so interested in the eldest daughter of a mere chivalrous family?” I asked.

“Because Miss Aria’s father is the head of the Magic Knight Academy,” Kurama explained in his place.

“I see, he’s the head.”

I think I mostly understand now.

Aria had charged into the Feces Family estate, which meant the Revise Family had established themselves a clear enemy to Laguna. Now, they would, without a doubt, target Aria, the orphaned child of the previous Revise Family head. It’s going exactly as that guy planned I guess.

“So, Kurama. Is the reason you were so fixated on having Aria accompany us because you wanted me to protect her afterwards?”

“My sincerest apologies.”

“Well, if that was all, then there wasn’t any particular need to bring her to that place. Just what are you thinking?”

“I just made a promise with the previous head. That’s all I’ll say on that matter.”

Shit! It’s all enshrouded in smoke.

Well, whatever. I’ll have to protect the Revise Family, who have now become Laguna’s enemy, regardless. I reap what I sow, I guess.


“Alright. I’ll take fault in the fact that I destroyed them—I’ll take on the responsibility,” I admitted.

“You have my utmost gratitude for your magnanimous decision.”

In any case, I can think of it as a real-life experiment on maintaining an organization.

And besides, they’ve already done so much for me. I haven’t the slightest intention of letting filth like the Laguna organization move around as they please.

Soon, we’ll start operating out of the capital instead, where I’ll put everything into hunting Laguna. They’ve really grated on my nerves.

Pf, hahahha!! I’ll skin them to their bones.

“Grey, do you realize what kind of a face you’re putting on right now?” pointed out Baron Hakurou, who seemed completely exhausted. I touched my lips and, as expected, found them unbelievably curled up. Seriously, I really need to fix this bad habit of mine. Even I think it’s a little horrifying.

“Anyways, I understand the particulars,” I said.

“Then let’s dive into the specifics.”

Baron Hakurou leaned forward, and we began discussing how we would bully aka destroy Laguna.


After our discussion, we decided that the Revise Family would be under my care until Laguna’s destruction.

And as a result, I would take Aria Revise under my care.

The only problem left was—

“Promise me you’ll execute that gorilla boss,” I demanded.

The execution of the Feces Family’s gorilla boss. I can’t forgive the ringleader who spawned all these problems. If they release him behind the scenes, then so be it. Preparations would automatically be made upon his release, and he would see true hell. In short, his destruction was already set in stone.

Would he experience a comfortable death amidst people throwing stones and jeering, or would he experience a nightmarish death so painful and despairing that he would regret he was even born? That’s the decision I’d have him make.

Well, I think the decisions already been made for him.

“……We will deal with him,” Baron Hakurou shamefully squeezed out.

“Hm, I see.”

It looks like I’ll get what I want. Isn’t that good. I needed a messenger to declare war on the masterminds, so I’ll have him dance on the palm of my hand.

“Grey, are you scheming something again?”

“Who knows. Now then, we’ll take our leave now. Let’s go, Kurama.”


I motioned towards Kurama to stand up and began to head towards the door.

“Grey!” Baron Hakurou called out to stop me.

“Hm? What is it?”

“You’re just a 12-year-old kid.”


“Don’t push yourself. Rely on us adults sometimes.”

As I thought, he’s a strange man.

“I’ll try my best to,” I said before turning on my heel and exiting the building.

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