I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 100

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


“Prometheus huh… They sure came up with something interesting again.” said Carlo while looking at the TV with a surprised expression. 

Me and Carlo were currently attending a committee meeting of the United Nations. Even though the monsters numbers had dwindled we still couldn’t let our guards down.

“All of the countries throughout the world are currently trying to strengthen their militaries, however if you look at it objectively, the cases in which the help of ability users wasn’t necessary are really scarce.”

“You’re right… The thing that happened in Georgia is a miracle by itself.” I said agreeing with Carlo’s opinion.

“Still considering the European Parliament has now taken a negative position towards ability users, their decision will definitely also affect the United Nations as well as other countries.”

“Europe is currently taking the lead of the whole world after all.”

“I don’t mind them creating a new squad, the problem however is whether that squad will affect our activities or not.”

Carlo was right, now wasn’t the time for us humans to fight amongst one another.


“Hey! We’re going out.” said Mr. Gojo while suddenly entering the classroom. 

Considering the new restrictions to going out I couldn’t seem to understand what he was trying to say.

“Noah, go and get Emily.”

“What!? B-but…”

I tried to refuse but in the end I went to Emily’s room. Emily obstinately tried to refuse, however…

“Hey Emily! How long do you plan on staying here? We’re going!”

Mr. Gojo had suddenly appeared behind me, looking kind of angry. Seeing him Emily immediately tried to shut her door, however when we realized it we were back at the classroom.



All of the students including us were completely shocked.

“What in the world happened!?”

Just as we were trying to organize our thoughts Emily suddenly dashed off towards the door. Just as I thought that she had gotten out she once again suddenly appeared in front of me.


“I see Emily, so you finally feel like coming to class. That’s great.” said Mr. Gojo with a smile on his face, however Emily looked completely dumbfounded. 

She once again dashed off towards the door, however in the next instant she was once again in front of me.

Emily’s face was covered with shock. I guessed that Mr. Gojo must have used some kind of skill.

“Okay, it seems like everyone’s here. We’ll be going out then.”

After Mr. Gojo said that in front of our eyes a crack in the air suddenly appeared and on the other side of that crack we could see a completely different view.

“Everyone go inside.”

All of us were completely lost for words.


“Gojo! We’ve been waiting for you.”

“It’s nice to see you again Sakamoto.”

“Mr. Gojo where is this?”

“We’re in Japan.”

I thought that most of them would get pretty depressed just staying in the monastery all of the time, so I had decided to take them out to Japan. After all, the EU’s rules wouldn’t apply here.

And I had also gotten the government’s, the Self-Defense Force’s as well as the monastery’s approval. I took a bit of time to get everything ready, however now I could take them to different places.

“This is the Self-Defense Force’s Gifu Airbase. We’ll call off today’s lesson, so spend your time looking around and buying stuff.”

The kids seemed kind of reluctant at first, however Sakuragi showed up afterwards and took all of them on a tour throughout the airbase.

“You seem to have it hard Gojo. If there’s anything we can help with, be sure to let us know.”

“I appreciate it.”

I was glad that Sakamoto was worried about me, but the one who had it hard wasn’t me but rather the kids. From now on they’ll have to continue living by obeying strict rules.

I wanted to do something, however it wasn’t proper for me to put my nose into another country’s business…

We stayed in the airbase until we had lunch, and afterwards I took the kids around sightseeing spots and shops around Gifu. All of them looked quite happy so I think it was able to get their minds off of things for a bit.

But even after all of that, Emily still looked a bit down. When night came I took all of them back to the monastery, and after telling them that we’d be going out tomorrow again they all left for their rooms.

“Emily can I talk to you for a bit?”

Hearing me speak, Emily nodded and stayed. Noah looked at her kind of worried but after I urged him, he went back to his room quietly.

“Emily I think that you’re probably aware of this, but within the monastery your ability is the most dangerous one. That is why it’s necessary for you, more than anyone, to learn how to control it.”

The small girl standing in front of me kept quiet, just listening to what I had to say.

“There are a number of reasons why I came to this monastery, but I believe that the most important one was to help you Emily. There are things that I can teach you that other teachers can’t.”

For the first time since the start of our discussion Emily lifted up her head and looked at me.

“Let’s both do our best. Let’s make it so that no one thinks you’re dangerous any more.”

Hearing my words Emily started crying. Seeing her cry only strengthened my ambition to help her.


United Nations Geneva Executive Office――

Numerous media from throughout the world have currently gathered to hear the announcement of the United Nations. As soon as the Vice-Director of Public Relations showed up on stage all eyes suddenly turned towards him, after which he began speaking.

“After hearing the European Parliament’s decision and having a meeting amongst the United Nations, we have decided to act in cooperation with Europe. I formally announce that the United Nations’ Army will cooperate with the newly established Prometheus in order to take on the subjugation of the BOSS in Libya.”

Those news immediately spread throughout the whole world. Up until now the subjugation of monsters was thought to be impossible without the help of ability users.

However if Prometheus managed to succeed in this subjugation it would shake the world that a new era where ability users wouldn’t be needed would come upon us.

That is why the whole world was eagerly awaiting the results of the subjugation.



“Go back! I’ll take care of it.” said Arthur while pulling out his sword thrusting it towards the Undead that was currently chasing Victor.

“Thank you, you saved me there.”

“Don’t let your guard down.”

I had brought the kids to Tokyo, to the dungeon where The Immortal King had been. Even though the BOSS have been defeated, the appearance of Undead still continued throughout the country.

And currently this was the place with the highest spawn rate so I brought the kids here, thinking it would be a good way to earn exp.

“Mr. Gojo should we go deeper?”

“No, we’ll be stopping for today. Emily, can you take care of the last ones?”

Emily was standing next to Noah looking kind of timid, but even so she took a step forward and looked towards the two remaining Undead that were crawling out in the back of the cave.

Even though Emily still couldn’t properly use her Unique Skill the Black Sun, the Undeads being spawned now were weaker compared to the ones at the beginning, so if she just used her normal skills everything would be fine…


Just as Emily shouted her skill, a shadow suddenly appeared beneath the feet of the two Undead. The Undead began sinking down, as if they had just stepped into some kind of swamp, after which they completely disappeared.

“Good job! Time to go back.”

With all the kids in hand we went back to the monastery. After checking whether or not any of the kids had been wounded I appraised their levels once again.

Defeating that many Undeads had definitely had an effect. Most of the kids’ levels had gone up by 2 or 3. Even though I had tried to keep Emily from using her powers all that much, she had still gained 1 level as well.

This went to prove that there really was no better way to improve than real battle experience. After all, the fastest way they can learn to control their abilities is by increasing their levels and fighting, that went especially for Emily.

After examining all of them only Noah was left, looking at him his Magic Library’s rank had gone up to B.

The word “Amazing.” suddenly slipped out of my mouth, after which I went to Noah and asked him to manifest his library to see if anything had appeared in it.

Something that I hadn’t even expected was written inside.

“This is…”

That same night, shocking news spread throughout the world. It was news about the combination unit of the United Nations’ Army and the Prometheus squad.

On the news broadcasted on TV the soldiers that had just come back from Libya could be seen.“Just now the squad safely came back.The subjugation in Libya was a success!”

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  1. In the end, the easiest way to avoid EU laws is to go somewhere else. I think the EU might find themselves lacking a lot of useful human resources in the future here.

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    1. In Libya the boss monster was only rank D, in other words a bottom-feeder among the bosses. You can check it back at chapter 53.

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