When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 25

Translator: Azo

Editor: Diya

Kongbao has problems

The clock in the college rings out, the morning class is finally over.

After reading books all morning, the students are dizzy and sour eyed as they stumble out of class.

Feng Linlin is packing things back into her bag and asks, “Yi Ren, do you think you have an idea for how to deal with him?”

The girl with an oval face looks around to confirm that Yuan Ruo has left. Then she slowly smiles. “Already done. Isn’t he coming to teach us how to refine in the afternoon? Ask him for help but pretend you can’t understand, have him show you.”

Yi Ren leans in. “Under your furnace, we’ll smear a layer of Red Fairy. After he lights the fire, he’ll be covered in it. He won’t get a scare but he won’t dare to show his face either.”

Red Fairy is a kind of low-grade dye that is colorless and tasteless. It is famous for its strong adhesion and its victims will have lowered inhibitions as if they’d gotten drunk. Once someone is covered, they won’t be able to wash it off for a week. This lazy teacher will be too embarrassed to ever go out again!

Feng Linlin’s eyes light up. “Let’s do it!” 

The two girls quickly get everything ready and wait eagerly for the lazy teacher to arrive that afternoon.

In the afternoon.

Feng Linlin says, “Where is the teacher?”

Yi Ren shrugs. “He is so lazy that he’s probably late. Let’s wait a moment.”

In an hour.

Feng Linlin huffs. “Why hasn’t he shown up yet?”

Yi Ren says, “Just wait a little longer.”

Two hours later.

Feng Linlin says, “School is over.”

Yi Ren frowns. “Yeah, everybody’s gone. Let’s go too.”

Feng Linlin scowls. “Does he know that we’re going to trick him?”

Yi Ren shakes her head. “No way. Only the two of us know the plan. I think he might have forgotten entirely.”

Feng Linlin wouldn’t be surprised, but seriously, the teacher forgot to teach the students. Isn’t that a bit too much? Then again, she thinks about being ordered to read by herself in the morning. Yeah, the teacher forgetting is entirely probable. 

Feng Linlin grimaces. “Well, what shall we do?”

“We’ll try again tomorrow. I don’t believe he can just never come back, he’s a teacher!” Yi Ren grits her teeth in anger. 

Three days later.

Feng Linlin is amazed. “He really didn’t come.”

Yi Ren: “…”

As a matter of fact, it’s not that Kong Wuying forgot, it’s just that he can’t leave.

After cruelly rejecting Xiao Wei that day, Kong Wuying bought a lot of medicinal materials at a high price. He spent 7788 yuan of the six million yuan he won by gambling with Jiang Chen. Together with the Hidden Shadow flower of that day, he made a medicine ‘soup’.

If a demonic cultivator wants to practice, he must first change his body’s constitution. With this medicine soup, he can soak himself in it to easily wash away impurities, so that his body can be more in line with nature, even blending into nature.

Make the medicine soup, soak for a few minutes, it’ll be very fast.

It… did not quite go according to plan.

He had no idea that there were so many impurities in this body and he ended up soaking for three days and it’s still not done. He has only stopped now because the medicine has been used up.

And judging by the leftover impurities in his body, he’ll at least need to do this twice more to be completely clean.

Thinking of the high price of the main ingredient, Hidden Shadow flower, he was going to be forced into poverty.

But there’s no other way.

Kong Wuying stands up from the bath, washes himself off with water, dries himself and then dresses. When he leaves the bathroom, he finds Kongbao who had been waiting for three days.

Standing under a cherry blossom tree, Kongbao’s lavender robe flutters slightly in the wind. His delicate and picturesque eyebrows and bright eyes are even more brilliant and gorgeous than this cherry blossom tree.

“Baby, what’s been happening while I was gone?” Kong Wuying asks. 

No reply.

“Baby?” Kong Wuying moves closer. “Baby? Are you sleeping with your eyes open?”

Kongbao blinks. “No, Master,” he says quietly, a bit of a red flush to his ears. “You look good.”

“It’s probably the skin, I did soak in the medicine for a while,” Kong Wuying muses. He didn’t look into the mirror before he came out here.

Since his rebirth, he has always avoided looking in the mirror, because he rather thinks that his new body is really ugly.

Of course, in the eyes of ordinary people, he has an elegant appearance, fair skin and mild temperament. Although he is not a rare beauty, his appearance is not vulgar.

But it’s obvious that Kong Wuying’s aesthetic baseline is far beyond the general public.

He was born again, and not only lost the unprecedented strength and resources, but also lost such a good body.

Such a sad thing, why would he want to remind himself by looking into a mirror?

Although Kong Wuying doesn’t care about this new body, Kongbao cares. Kongbao cares a lot.

In Kongbao’s opinion, although the master’s facial features are still the same, the skin is really different. Ning Zhao’s own skin is very good, but after soaking in the medicine, the skin lost the little blemishes that still remained. In the sun, it now glows with the luster of delicate and pale stained glass, with a faint aura of cold and evil.

The brain-dead baby is now very shy.

Although Kongbao is still internally gaping at his good-looking master, he doesn’t show it externally. “Master, Xiao Yue came to see you two days ago and I sent him back.”

“Xiao Yue? I wonder if it’s actually important.” Kong Wuying thinks for a moment. “I’ll go to him first. You’re tired from protecting me for so many days. Go back to have a rest first, darling.”

Kongbao is not willing to leave, staring at Kong Wuying with big, pitch-black eyes. “Master, do you like Xiao Yue very much?”

Kongbao’s voice is as polite as ever, but Kong Wuying laughs and pats him on the head. “What? Is baby jealous? Don’t worry, you’re my favorite.” As always, he coaxes with a soft tone. 

Kongbao begins to say something, but then switches tracks and instead he bows his head. “Master… What am I to the master?”

Kong Wuying doesn’t expect such an obvious question. “You are my most precious and beloved soul puppet. You are my child who I am very proud of.”


Kongbao’s eyes appear to grow darker, the light around him being absorbed. Kong Wuying doesn’t know if it’s a trick of the cloud cover overhead but he actually sees a flash of purple light in those eyes.

Kongbao pauses and then, not to be denied, leans forward to wrap his arms around Kong Wuying. 


Kongbao’s movements are strong and overbearing, but his expression and voice are fragile and helpless. “Master, hold me.”

So lacking in love.

Kong Wuying sighs. He doesn’t want to but the soul puppet is so sad that he can’t refuse such a request.

So Kong Wuying hugs him back gently. 

Kongbao is really a little different from other soul puppets. How can other soul puppets run away? Only Kongbao, who stayed for only a few days and then disappeared completely.

Kong Wuying used his link as a master to track the soul puppet, and the result was that Kongbao had died. 

Divine level soul puppets shouldn’t be able to die. The whole situation was strange. 

Master and puppet stand together for a long time. Kongbao can even feel his master’s warm skin, smell his master’s faint scent. Kongbao wants to sink into this and never wake up.

And he did.

Until Kong Wuying’s upset voice shakes him out of it. 

“Are you asleep? Are you drooling on me?”

Kongbao: “…”

Well, he can’t help it. Who made the master so delicious?

After firmly sending away Kongbao, Kong Wuying goes to look for Xiao Yue. 

Xiao Yue sees Kong Wuying and his reaction is even worse than Kongbao. It takes a very long time before he refocuses back on the subject. “This is the material you asked me to look for last time, Ning-ge.”

After thanking him, Kong Wuying accepts the item, thinking himself tragic for having to wait so long for materials. Kong Wuying shakes it off and asks about the Hidden Shadow flower.

“Hidden Shadow flower?” Xiao Yue’s face appears distressed. “This kind of herbal medicine is very rare, you won’t be able to find it unless it’s in a private collection or held at an auction, but I haven’t heard of any auction recently.”

After taking a look at Kong Wuying, Xiao Yue does say, “There is a place, where there might be Hidden Shadow flowers.”


“The palace,” Xiao Yue sighs. He says with a bitter smile, “The royal family is rich in everything there is to be rich about. Naturally, there is no lack of Hidden Shadow flowers. But my political strength is weak, I have nothing to do with it in the palace. I can’t negotiate it, and I couldn’t possibly steal it either… Ning-ge, why is your expression so terrible? You don’t really want to steal it, do you?”

Kong Wuying says, with a perfectly blank face, “How can I do such a thing? No, not me.”

“Oh, that’s good,” Xiao Yue says in relief. “The palace is heavily guarded. It’s said that there are fifth division martial arts masters guarding the palace. Ning-ge, you must not be suspected,” Xiao Yue warns.

Feng Linlin and Yi Ran waited for a long time. Just as they lost hope, the lazy teacher entered.

“Teacher! Where have you been these days?” Feng Linlin explodes, slapping the table and yelling out.”

“Not important,” Kong Wuying dismisses. 

Feng Linlin takes a deep breath and lets it out. “Teacher, you came at the right time. I can never refine the Lotus pill well. Can you teach me?”

“Lotus pill? You can’t even manage that?” The disdain on Kong Wuying’s face is obvious.

Feng Linlin chokes. Who wouldn’t know such a simple first level pill? If it weren’t for you being a first division alchemist, I wouldn’t have had to search for an easy pill to consult you on!

But she controls herself and reluctantly says, “Yes, the Lotus pill. I don’t quite understand it. Please demonstrate it for me, teacher.”

“A waste of my time,” Kong Wuying scoffs. “Jiang Chen, you come to demonstrate for her!”

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