I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 99

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The New Sword

Day of Elections for the European Parliament――

Elections were held in a number of countries, with the majority of the spots in the European Parliament ending up in the hands of the anti-mutant groups. At first due to The Sanctuary Knights’ popularity amongst the civilians, the parliament members supporting mutans had the upper hand.

However various incidents caused by mutants in different countries tipped the scales towards the opposing party, which led to their win in the end. As most had suspected, Hans Berend became the President of the European Parliament.

[Europe’s Reform Political Group・ Hans’ Election Office]

“Well then I will be handing over the word to our new European Parliament Mr. Hans.”

Hans stepped up the podium dressed in a spectacular high class suit complimented by his brown hair which was showing signs of turning white due to his age, the whole venue applauded.

“Thank you. I sincerely would like to once again express my gratitude to everyone who supported me in this time’s election. As you are all probably aware this was the first Elections for the European Parliament that was held after the world met with these unprecedented circumstances. There are numerous problems that we now have to take care of, so I hope that you will all cooperate with me in that regard.”

A loud round of applause could once again be heard throughout the whole venue, after which Hans began walking through the venue looking seemingly pleased.

“There is one more thing that I would like to address. With the help of The Sanctuary Knights, following The Calamity and the numerous battles after it, the end to the fighting could be said is drawing near. Which is precisely why, we humans must think about an important topic concerning us all. Do you all believe that it’s the right thing to force only a handful of people with abilities to fight against the monsters?”

The words Hans had just spoken, were part of a carefully thought out speech, which plan was to drag in not only the anti-mutant members, but the mutant supporters as well.

“We have already gathered a large sum of the monster’s data, and it has been proven that we can defeat them using science. Everyone please try to remember. The first BOSS fell under the hands of none other than Georgia’s military, not the mutants’.”

A number of people throughout the venue started seeing what Hans was getting at.

“Making people fight just because they have some kind of ability is a violation to their human rights. I want to improve those conditions.”

Listening to Hans it seemed like he was speaking with the ability users in mind, however all of the people that actually knew him personally, knew that that wasn’t the case.

“With the help of the countries from the EU I want to form the establishment of a military facility, different from NATO, which will deal with the subjugation of monsters. I have already received the approval of a number of parliament members so I believe that it won’t take long for it to be completed.”

The news about Hans’ speech suddenly spread like wildfire, shocking the whole world. Using those news as an opportunity, many countries began changing the way they treated ability users.


“Fire Dragon!”

The flame took the form of a giant snake and shot towards me. However as soon as it got close to me it bounced off of my Barrier.

“You’ve got the form down, but you still have a long way to go…”

I had instructed Victor to practice his control over Fire Magic as well as try to increase its intensity, however due to his level being low, there was nothing much he could do for the time being.

Most of the other kids were also in a different area of the monastery fighting against a Giant. It was one of my summoned Giants so they weren’t in any danger, however they also didn’t get a lot of exp from it. But even so, looking over all of them with appraisal I could see that they had been leveling up.

It didn’t compare to actually fighting against monsters, however it was still a huge discovery.

However whenever I tried fighting against my summoned monsters, I wouldn’t get any exp at all. I guess that was only natural.

Nearly a month had passed since I had come to this monastery… Emily was still locked in her room as always, and apparently she would only talk to Leo and a handful of other people.

She would also sometimes leave her room, however upon doing so, she would quietly disappear immediately afterwards. To be honest I really wanted to do something for her.

In the time that I had been here, the one who grew the most was Noah. With the help of his friends they were able to defeat the monster that I had summoned allowing him to slowly raise his level. His Magic Library’s rank had also increased to Rank C.

It was quite a decent pace. I guess he hadn’t gained the Sage class for nothing. With the way he was going, it wouldn’t be long before he would raise his Class Skill up to Rank A.

Looking at the kids practising diligently I felt that there was actually a point of me having come here, however there was still…

“Get out!”


After the election, people who didn’t accept ability users formed into groups and they are currently hosting protests outside of the monastery. The worst part was that they were doing it every weekend.

“They’re here again…”

It was amazing they could continue doing this every week. While being amazed at their persistence, I could hear the bell signalling the end of the class ringing.

Going back to the staff room I could see all of the teachers looking at the TV. The curiosity got the better of me so I looked as well. Currently the latest news in regards to the European Parliament is being broadcasted.

“Did something happen?” I asked Mr. Phillip who was currently sitting down.

“Yes… A new law affecting ability users has apparently just been accepted. I believe that it will affect you as well as the children…”

After that, Mr. Phillip didn’t say anything else. I could feel that things weren’t going well, and feared that it might reach Japan as well.


Including us, all of the students were currently gathered in the monastery’s cathedral. Apparently the Sister had something important to tell us, however I could feel that the news wouldn’t be good.

“The things I’m about to tell you today will affect your lives from now on, so be sure to listen closely. France’s government has come up with several rules in regards to ability users.” saying that the Sister began writing several things on the white board next to her.

“The things I just wrote are some of those rules. First you must all register as ability users. Upon your registration, you’ll be given a personal ID which you must always have with you whenever you go out. There will also be more restrictions to going out and the places you can visit.”

It was the worst. The things the Sister had written on the white board doesn’t just affect our life inside the monastery. Our futures, work possibilities, living spaces, education, all of them had certain restrictions attached to them.

Up until now I had thought that the discrimination was pretty bad, but compared to now it was bearable.

All of the others currently in the cathedral all had gloomy expressions on their faces as well. All of us suddenly realized that our futures had just been cut off.



Due to a notice that an emergency committee meeting of the European Parliament would be held, numerous media from throughout Europe had sent their representatives to Brussels. The person currently receiving all of the attention was no other than Hans.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting. I’m here to inform you about a certain thing that just now became official.”

After hearing him speak, everyone inside the venue turned their gazes towards the enormous screen behind him. On that screen a never before seen logo of a flame and a sword was currently being projected.

“This is the new sword that will protect the world, without relying on the help of the ability users. The new sword that will cut down the monsters and bring forth new hope for humanity…”

Just as everyone was looking at the screen, the picture on it suddenly changed to reveal the official name of the new force.

“I declare the beginning of the Monster Opposition Squad <Prometheus>!”

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  1. So how long until this ‘New Sword’ bends and breaks into pieces?
    Seeing how our MC has taking care of the bosses in order of rising difficulty (The dragon god not being a boss for some reason).
    I’m guessing this Prometheus group with do okay with the normal level enemies, will probably end up causing some collateral damage as they will be using ‘science’ instead of abilities and from what we have seen thus far, science means bombs and guns, neither of which can be stopped once fired (can’t stop a bomb mid explosion)
    The government will probably keep making excuses and blaming ability users some one reason or another but when the populace are given physical proof, they will turn against the government causing the laws to be revoked. Our MC will probably save the day and defeat a boss as per usual.

    Well its a theory, what do you all think?

    1. Likely rather close, I’m going to expect casualties though instead of damage alone. As you said, it’s near impossible to stop science after released. If a nuke is launched, science dictates that it needs an equal or greater force to slow it or stop it. That’s movement alone. The explosion? Impossible without a miracle (ability users – Gojo). Gojo is the only other force able to stop the explosion, contain it, or survive it directly.
      Individuals seek power, will they not try to eliminate those ability users at the cost of helpless civilians? Likely. Japan and China will likely be the most friendly.

  2. This is the worst decision ever made, i even question their (parliament, especially that Hans) decision. Do they think all ability users is a docile lamb? They are more like a bomb that can explode whenever, you either destroy them before they destroy you, or you keep it so they don’t destroy you, and these half assed law (which basically just another form of discrimination) would only serve as a reason for the bomb to explode

  3. This is more like sword of Damocles than anything else. One wrong move and it falls on top of their heads.

  4. I wanna see the Boss Monster in France emerge and wipe out that ‘sword’ and screw the politicians and when they ask the Sanctuary Knights and Gojo for help they go “I would like to but I’m legally not allowed to do so, so good luck.”

  5. Since the MC is super chill he won’t do it so i can only imagine: he summoning Hydra near the parliament, and waiting on the distance until they Change their Minds. Hahahahaha

  6. Curious that this is coming from France, because they just paved the road to hell with good intentions. More precisely, this is a highway to the second French Revolution, this time centered on the ability users. Powerless people not living under oppression may have forgotten a very important fact, that rule is about nothing but power. A law that is not properly enforced, or worse can’t be enforced, has no right to exist. The peasants brought down the nobility who abused them because they were more powerful in their numbers. However, with abilities thrown into the calculation, quantity is no longer decisive for power. MC could do whatever he wants, someone try tell him to stop it, he replies “make me”. In such a situation, what could anyone possibly do to enforce a certain behaviour? Just like sufficiently trained power users, he can be neither overwhelmed nor detained. Unless the government actually cooperates with ability users to enforce its rules, it’s all just a show.

  7. this Hans guy is dumb. the boss in Georgia was only Rank D, even weaker than the one in Japan. Meanwhile America and England are rank S, and China and Russia are rank A

    1. He doesn’t know the difference in any tangible way only in a vague way from second hand reports that are inaccurate to begin with.

      That’s problem with politicians many times the don’t know enough to make the right decision but just enough to be dangerously wrong.

      The have the equivalent knowledge of at best a jack of all trades while being a master of none but think the know everything and have the power to make decisions about subjects they know little about.

      Its like giving the toddler the ability to make decisions about the future of quantum physics research…

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