When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 24

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Is this a pit?

Feng Linlin is stunned at first, then frowns slightly. “Teacher, are you procrastinating? Yes? Is there no strength to prove yourself?”

Kong Wuying picks up a pointer from the teacher’s desk and tosses it, the stick of wood sinking halfway into Feng Linlin’s desk. 

“You…” Feng Linlin subconsciously jerks out of her chair, stumbling back. Then she regains control, raising her head and saying, “That’s considered corporal punishment! I’ll report it to the president and he’ll deal with you!”

Whatever you want. Kong Wuying doesn’t care about the president. “Go ahead. But until stated otherwise, this is my classroom and I have the final say. My will is everything. If you don’t want to listen, you can drop out of school.”

Feng Linlin grits her teeth and glares. She turns to her classmates behind her and urges, “Say something!” She is eager for the support of her classmates, but they’re doomed to let her down.

Yuan Ruo, needless to say, is exaggeratedly holding her chin, stars in her eyes, mumbling to herself, “So handsome, so handsome…”

Feng Linlin almost vomits blood. The teacher could have killed me! What handsome? Can you stop being crazy for a second?

As for Jiang Chen, he buries his head even lower and pretends there’s no one else in the room with him. 

The egg faced girl blinks her eyes. “I think what the teacher said is right, Linlin. Don’t disturb the teacher’s class.”

Feng Linlin gapes but the other girl winks secretively. She calms down a little, knowing that there’s now a plan and sits back down slowly.

Seeing everyone behave, Kong Wuying is very satisfied. “Now, the class will start. Ruoruo, how did your teacher normally start?”

Yuan Ruo obediently replies, “Teacher usually explains theoretical knowledge for us in the morning and instructs us to refine alchemy in the afternoon.”

“Okay, then we’ll continue with that.” Kong Wuying nods. “Read from the book yourselves, catch up on the theoretical knowledge in the morning, and I’ll come back in the afternoon.”

Read from the book yourselves?






The teaching method is really original, unique and lazy. It’s amazing. All of the students are confused. 

The goose egg faced girl says, “Don’t you tell us about it, teacher?”

“What are you talking about?” Kong Wuying asks. “I don’t know that kind of thing, you might as well learn by yourself.”

Don’t know?

The teacher is too overboard!

They still want to say something, but seeing the new teacher has already left the room, they don’t know how to go on from here.

There is a strange silence in the classroom.

Feng Linlin recovers quickly despite seeing such a wonderful teacher for the first time in her life. She quickly pushes her deskmate. “You winked at me just now, what’s your plan? Why did you let him go like that?”

Goose egg face girl is also helpless. “I have a way, but that was too off script! This teacher is really…” Really hard to describe.

As a matter of fact, Kong Wuying doesn’t feel that there is anything wrong with his method at all. In his opinion, it is a great honor for him to spare a few minutes to instruct these lower people. No, there is still someone who has actually paid for advice.

Kong Wuying steps out of the classroom and soon finds Wei Zetian and Kongbao. “Take me to your alchemy room.”

Wei Zetian’s alchemy room is more than twice as big as Boss He’s, which is very spacious, bright and comfortable.

Wei Zetian presents his carefully selected herbs for refining the Light Wind and Snow pill to Kong Wuying. “Master Ning, do you think these herbs are okay?”

Kong Wuying glances at everything roughly. “Add Hundred Flowers honey.”

“Hundred Flowers honey?” Wei Zetian asks in confusion and says the same as Boss He, “This Hundred Flowers honey doesn’t match these medicinal materials. I’m afraid it will explode if you add it.”

“You can add it.”

Wei Zetian has no choice but to boil water and starts putting all the herbs into the furnace, with even the honey lined up. He is a master of fourth division refining, and puts a lot of effort into this pill. 

When he finally puts in the honey, his hand trembles slightly, but he still believes Ning Zhao’s words and puts the honey in.

Master Ning’s alchemy is so superb that he must have his reason for it. He won’t blow up the furnace. He won’t.

As soon as the idea arises, the furnace begins to shake violently and white fog begins to rise on the furnace cover.

It’s going to explode! Look at the shaking, it’ll be too strong! 

Wei Zetian’s voice trembles, but it’s not clear whether it’s from fear, anger, or both. “M-master Ning, do you want it to explode?!”

“Stop making such a fuss!” Kong Wuying rolls his eyes. What’s the problem, is this not a normal phenomenon? “You stir three turns to the left and two to the right. Cover it with wood spirit. More than that! There’s nothing precious about wood spirit.”

“But I can’t control it!” Wei Zetian looks depressed. As a fourth division alchemist, his amount of wood spirit is huge, but that doesn’t mean he can use every drop. If he loses control, the furnace really will explode and he’ll get backlash hard enough that he might die.

“Huh?” Kong Wuying’s calm voice finally shakes. “Why are you so rubbish?”

After hearing this, Wei Zetian almost spurts out blood. Is this man so unreliable? Do you want this to explode or not?

Fortunately, Kong Wuying still has a conscience and thinks that he can’t let Wei Zetian and his deep pockets die like this. “Fine, okay. Just… you can use up the wood spirit you can control and then form a spiral vortex at your fingertips before dipping your hand into the furnace.”

Wei Zetian does it in a hurry. Fortunately, he has a good understanding and finally regained control before the furnace shook apart in an explosion.

He breathes a long sigh of relief, sweating. Really, refining a pill almost cost him half his life. This Master Ning really wanted to kill him.

Half an hour later, Wei Zetian looks at the freshly baked pills rolling around on his palm.

This is the Light Wind and Snow pill? He’s made it? And it only took half an hour! You know, it takes at least an hour for him to refine a third level pill!

Wei Zetian looks at Kong Wuying and the man’s face doesn’t quite look right.

Kong Wuying is impatient. Seeing that the pill is finally refined, he claps his hands and says, “Okay then? We’re heading off.” 

This little Wei is not qualified.

Wei Zetian looks at the pills in his hand and suddenly falls to his knees. “Please, accept me as a student!”

Until today, he has never seen such incredible alchemy. What’s more, after refining this pill, he feels that when he looks at Kong Wuying, there is a golden, three striped pill in front of him.

Wei Zetian is a person who has no need for dignity or integrity. He does not care about Ning Zhao, whether the man is a high division alchemist, or how old he is. Wei Zetian just wants to learn from him.

Despite Xiao-Wei’s enthusiasm, Kong Wuying refuses. He even takes a step back. “No way!”

(^ reminder: xiao = familiar way to call someone younger/less experienced)

Xiao-Wei Zetian peers up at him. “Teacher, I am very sincere. I will do whatever you ask me to do! You won’t ever have to repeat yourself! Please accept me as a student.”

He says sincerely, but Kong Wuying’s head shakes even more. “Absolutely impossible, your qualifications are too poor.”

Xiao-Wei says, “But I am diligent! I can practice alchemy continuously for three years without sleep!”

This is really very diligent and Kong Wuying hesitates before finally telling the truth. “The thing is… you are so ugly.”

Wei Zetian coughs blood from that attack.

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