Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 23

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Lucy Hugged Solon and Philia Was Livid

After Lucy-sensei and I talked for a while, Philia, having changed her clothes, came back.

“What do you think? Is this outfit cute?”

A radiant blue dress that was delicately decorated added towards Philia an elegant atmosphere. It was a formal dress suitable for attending a formal event.

I smiled, “I think it’s very cute.”

When I said that, Lucy who was beside me stepped on my foot. I wondered why she did that. Lucy looked up at me, sulking.

I wasn’t aware of this when Lucy entered the room, but she was also in a dress for some reason. She was wearing a bright crimson-colored dress that complemented her red hair and eyes. They were clothes that suited her, who was called “Crimson Lucy”. Her chest was slightly exposed, but they weren’t clothes that violated the imperial dress code. 

“Eh, is Lucy-sensei also attending the imperial ceremony?”

“Yeah. That was why I came here. But that’s not what you should say, right?”

Lucy stared at me with a dissatisfied expression. Finally, I noticed her intention and said in a hurry, “Well, the dress really suits you, you look beautiful.”

“I feel like you said it insincerely.”

Lucy stared at me, took a step and grabbed my nape. I wondered what got her so angry, and I stepped back hurriedly. However, I bumped into the wall of the room. At the same time, Lucy, who was still grabbing my neck, dragged me along with her. 

With a puzzled face, Lucy let out a sound “ow, ow” when she lost her balance and fell on my shoulder. I had no other choice than to hug her. 

“Are you okay, Sensei?”

“Eh, eh…” Lucy, whose face was becoming redder, glanced while still hugging me. The problem was that Lucy and I were so close to each other, that her chest touched mine. If I looked down, I could see her cleavage in her dress. Lucy looked down with a troubled expression. 

“So-Solon. Whe-where are you looking?”

“I’m not looking at anything.””

“Liar. You honestly thought about something strange just now, right?”

“No, I was thinking that Lucy-sensei looks beautiful. But although those clothes look good on you, they are too bold.”

“Solon no baka!” (TN: Solon is an idiot!) 

Lucy, who was still looking down, said with an embarrassed expression. She seemed to think about something but after that muttered, “It’s fine.” Lucy leaned her body as it was and pushed me to the wall. She smiled mischievously, while I was surprised. 

“Well, uh, Lucy-sensei?”

“Do you have something to say?” Lucy brought her lips close to me and said in a whisper. Because of her action, the distance between the two of us was becoming closer and I strongly felt her chest’s softness and warmth. It was different from Philia’s and made my head dizzy. 

“My chest is pretty big, isn’t it?” Lucy asked me.

“Please don’t ask me that.”

“As I thought, you were looking at my chest, right?”

I couldn’t say anything. Lucy stroked my cheek gently with her fingertips.

“You know, Solon? Your face is bright red, it’s so cute.”

“Whose fault do you think this is?”

“Would you like to touch here for a moment?”

Lucy pointed at her chest with her finger. I probably held a startled expression and my face was getting redder by the minute. Lucy giggled, and finally, she pulled away from me.

“It was a joke, were you surprised?”

“I was surprised. That aside, isn’t Lucy-sensei the one who told her disciple not to do such a brazen thing?” I said, as ironically as possible, while still being embarrassed. She said that Philia and I had to keep our distance, but she didn’t even do that. 

Lucy said with a satisfied laugh, “Ah, this isn’t a weird thing. I was just making fun of Solon.”

“Your argument is absolutely strange.”

“What’s more, you’re an adult, you have also graduated from school. You and I are still in an instructor-student relationship, but we are on equal footing as magicians.”


“The relationship between Solon and I is different from the relationship between Solon and Philia,” Lucy said confidently with a smile. I looked back and saw Philia puffed up her cheeks, staring at us. Lucy shouldn’t do this, especially in front of Philia. My head hurt. 

Philia, sulking, complained to Lucy, “Lucy is not mature.”

“What are you talking about?” Lucy smiled calmly, while Philia stared at her. Then Philia clapped her hands, she seemed to have a good idea and said cheerfully while extending her hand, “I don’t think Lucy knows about this, but this is my and Solon’s room.”

“What do you mean?”

“Solon and I sleep in the same room.”

Lucy looked stunned, staring at Philia and I. I held my head with both hands. Lucy would get angry again. Furthermore, if she said “unmarried men and women should not sleep together in the same room”, I would definitely be in trouble. 

“Lucy-sensei and Philia-sama will be late for the ceremony if you don’t hurry up. Me aside, you both have plans.”

“But Solon also has a plan?” Philia said strangely. 

Was that so? I absolutely had no idea. However, Lucy was also nodding at Philia’s words. I had a bad feeling about this. 

“Solon and Lucy will attend this ceremony as my servants,” Philia said matter-of-factly.


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