Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 12

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Ascent to Yggdrasil’s Summit

We finally reached Yggdrasil’s dungeon’s sixth level.

Up until the fifth level, no monsters attacked us, and with Sylph’s support, getting the rare items was a piece of cake. Everything’s A-okay.

After exploring for a bit, we finally reached the sixth floor’s center. A huge stone monument stood there. 

A slim golem stood protecting the stele. It was an earthen golem, with green ores embedded in various places. 

It was an Arc Golem – a high-ranking golem species. Ordinary adventurers don’t stand a chance against this one.

Even when multiple A-ranked adventurers form a party to conduct a raid and fight, there is no guarantee they will win – that’s how strong this golem is.

Originally, we have to fight against this golem in order to reach Yggdrasil’s topmost place, which is also Sylph’s residence.

That’s right – originally.

“You’ve worked hard! Thank you, as always!”

Sylph greeted the Arc Golem. It opened the stele, and saluted Sylph.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Ahh, as I thought, we didn’t have to fight.

We passed-by the saluting Arc Golem and moved towards the side of the monument; then, as prompted by Sylph, we placed our hands on it.

“Is everyone touching the stele now? Alright, here we go!”

The stone monument started to glow. It was so dazzling, we closed our eyes.

It felt like our bodies were being sucked in.

After a few seconds…

The feeling passed, and we opened our eyes. We were standing on top of a gigantic tree branch. Thick branches were overlapping each other way above the branch we’re standing on. The warm rays of sun shone through the leaves, and it was much brighter up here compared to the dungeon. Apparently, we were transported from the dungeon to this place.

Teleportation is a skill unique to the transmigrated Heroes, but high – level Spirits like Sylph can also move between specific places that are connected to each other within the dungeons that are under their domain.

 I looked around.

It’s hard to believe we are standing on a tree branch because of the incredible stability. I can see the tip of the branch from afar; it was thin, but it looks like I can still walk on top of it for approximately 1 kilometer. I marveled at the sheer size of the World Tree.

“Everyone, it’s this way.”

Sylph called us, and we walk towards the tree trunk. An elevator- like contraption was there. It was a wooden box that can hold around ten people, and it was being held by ivy. The ivy seems to be connected to the top of Yggdrasil.

This is a bit too crude for me, considering I know how elevators look like back in my original world.

 Eh, we’re supposed to ride on this?

“I made it with the thought that when somebody comes here, he can ride on it. This will take us all the way to the top! The view from the top is the best, so look forward to it, okay!”

When somebody comes here?

Meaning to say, nobody rode on this yet?

I’m a little bit nervous.

“Okay, go on, go on!”

“Eh, wa, wait a minute!”

Sylph pushed our backs and we stumbled right into the elevator.

S, seriously, we’ll ride on this all the way to the top?

Isn’t Tina’s flight magic much better than this?

For some reason, Sylph didn’t enter the box. Well, she’s already floating, so I guess she didn’t need an elevator.

“Alright, here we go!”

Sylph formed a magic circle under our box.

W, wait, don’t tell me… The ivy at the top of this box are just decorations?

This is a really, really nasty idea – I feel it.

A blast of wind gushed from Sylph’s magical formation with great force, pushing our box with ultra-high speed. 


The box climbed up with the speed of light.

We can’t bear the acceleration, and we were pressed down against the floor of the box.

Suddenly, the surroundings became brighter.

We slipped through the branches and finally came out to the top of Yggdrasil. 

We stopped accelerating.

The box crumbled upon reaching the cluster of leaves at the very top. All eleven of us were thrown in the air.


Alheim’s cities and the surrounding scenery, viewed from the ginormous Yggdrasil’s top, were so breathtaking; the word just flowed out.

So this is the panorama that Sylph wanted to show to us.

…Then we began to fall.

“Tina! Save everyone!”

Tina was making her way towards me when she heard me yell, so she turned back.

At that moment, I saw it.

Dragonized Ryuushin sprouted wings on his back, and he was carrying Ryuka while flying.

Mai and Mei had turned into their spirit forms and recovered Youko and Leaffa.

Luke used flight magic to fly while carrying Luna.

Eh, everyone can fly?

Tina went to rescue Merdie.

And I… continued falling.

I wonder why. Nobody came to save me. Wait, maybe they’re thinking I can also fly?

Excuse me, but I can’t!!

Tina finally realized it, and she flew towards me in a panic.

— However, before Tina reached me, I was enveloped by the wind, and my descent was halted.

“Sorry, I miscalculated the amount of force. Hehe.”

Sylph flew beside me.

Hehe your face!!

“Well, even with that, seems like everyone can fly.”

“Yeah, it’s my first time to learn about it, too.”

“On the contrary, Halt can’t fly.”

I felt slightly depressed hearing that from Sylph.

Hey, isn’t being unable to fly the norm?

With this, I firmly decided that I’ll also learn how to use flight magic.


T/N: Just a random side note. I’ve been shipping Luke x Luna ever since the Steel Forest incident where Luke protected Luna. I’m hoping (with all my might) this ship will sail. I don’t read beyond the chap I’m tling so I have no idea if they will. XD

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  1. >“Sorry, I miscalculated the amount of force. Hehe.”
    Sylph flew beside me.
    Hehe your face!!

    Did Halt and Sylph just did the ” “ehe” tte nandayo~?!” of Paimon and Venti~?

  2. About that ship, yeah…fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your viewpoint), it’s a harem series, which usually means that the MC will get the main girls. And in some harem series, the MC gets girls by just simply existing, almost like how a black hole accretes matter around it to form those accretion discs or how matter gets aggregated by gravity to create stars and galaxies lol.

    1. Well occasionally, the main male side characters get their own waifus. There’s hope, however slight it may be.

  3. To T/N, prepare you heart to be smashed into million pieces, bro…. Halt won’t let any of his female classmates 😏

    1. Though when her arc will come it will feel like ship Luna only with Halt🙂 I won’t be spoiling the twist😏😉😉

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