I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 98

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Elections to the European Parliament

The day out was stopped half way and we came back to the monastery with the children.

“I heard that there were casualties! Are you all okay?” asked the Sister with rushed breathing due to just running over to see us.

“Yes, everyone is safe.”

I had thankfully managed to heal Emily’s wound with Healing Magic, however that didn’t change the fact that a huge ruckus had been made, which in turn led to the police and even the military to come to the scene.

The Sister informed us that the police would later come to us to inquire, so for the time being we went with her to the Abbot’s office.

[The Abbot’s Office]

“What exactly happened? We only have pieces of information as well, so I’m not sure what exactly we should do about this whole thing.” said the Abbot with a serious expression, to which Mr. Phillip answered.

“An unknown to us guy endangered Emily, which I think led to her power going out of control.” after Mr. Phillip said that the Abbot turned towards me as well, seemingly waiting for an answer…

“I apologize I couldn’t prevent the commotion even though I was there.”

“Don’t say that Mr. Gojo! It was precisely because you were there that we were able to limit it to that. If you weren’t there who knows what might have happened.” said Mr. Phillip trying to follow up on my apology, however that still didn’t change the fact that I had failed. Hearing both of our replies the Abbot and the Sister looked at each other.

“I guess it can’t be helped… We should be happy that at least you were there Mr. Gojo.” said the Sister, to which the Abbot nodded as well, after which he continued speaking.

“It’s definitely a blessing that nothing happened to the children, however I think this will turn out to be a really huge problem.”

“A huge problem?”

“There are a lot of citizens that do not approve of this facility. Truth be told, when it was first announced that this monastery would be welcoming children with abilities, we received a huge backlash from the people.”

‘So I guess there really are a lot of people that are against ability users. I suppose it’s nothing to be surprised about…’

In the end the news about this case would probably make its way throughout the whole world. Which in turn would lead to even more people beginning to view ability users in a negative light and show caution towards them.

I guess it was a smart choice that I decided to take care of that black ball by myself instead of deciding to summon Hydra.  It would have only led to more trouble.

Later the monastery received a notice from the police, which forced us to forbid the children from going out. Just thinking about how I would have to tell these news to the kids hurt my heart.

“…and that’s how it is. I’m sorry but for now you won’t be able to go out. We’ll do everything we can so that you can go out as soon as possible so please just be patient.”

I said cheerfully, however looking at the kids all of them looked really down. On top of that…

“How’s Emily? She’s in the dormitory right?”

“She’s been feeling down this whole time… I don’t think she’ll come out any time soon.”

“I see…”

Afterwards Noah filled me in on the situation, but apparently she wasn’t concerned about herself, but rather the fact that now the other kids wouldn’t be able to go out because of her.

‘I really want to do something for her…’


After hearing Mr. Gojo’s speak, we went back to the dorms. Apparently we wouldn’t be having any classes for the time being, so everyone just went back to their rooms looking tired.

‘It’s my fault… It was obvious Emily didn’t want to go. She must have probably had a bad feeling about it.

But I went ahead and forced her… And in the end I couldn’t even protect her, let alone stop her from going out of control.’

I was completely infuriated by myself!

I didn’t have a clue how Mr. Gojo had been able to stop Emily’s outbreak, however I knew that I wanted to be as strong as him, however… The problem was how to get stronger with this Sage class.

“Noah, don’t think about it that much.” said Arthur, who I was currently sharing a room with. 

I guess it really must have shown on my face for him to say that…

“Yea I know.”

Even if I still didn’t know how to do it now, I would continue striving to make the world a place where Emily, or rather all of the kids with abilities, won’t be discriminated against.


I was sitting in the monastery’s dining hall with Mr. Phillip watching TV. As usual the news about the shopping mall incident were still being broadcasted regularly.

“They’re just broadcasting it in a way that makes the monastery and the government look like the bad guys.”

Most of the comments were directed towards the government for allowing children with abilities to attend a normal facility, however they were still some comments that were attacking the monastery directly as well.

“Looking at the things broadcasted on TV now makes it seems that everyone is against the monastery, however that is definitely not the case. There is a huge number of people that do support our cause.”

‘So I guess it’s split right down the middle huh…’

“However I think that this time’s incident happened at a really bad time.”

“Why’s that?”

“Mr. Gojo do you know about the Elections for the European Parliament?”

“I’m not that familiar with it.”

‘The EU’s election huh… News about it doesn’t reach Japan that much after all.’

“It’s going to be held next month, and there is a huge split of powers on a particular issue.”

“You can’t mean…”

“Yes, it’s the issue on how to treat ability users.”

It seems like it has become a problem over there as well… 

‘I wonder how big of an influence the Parliament has. Will it perhaps affect the monastery as well?’

“The election is usually held every five years, and in this election there are lots of people that are casting their votes for eliminating or distancing the ability users from the rest of society. Most of France’s current parliament members are on the neutral side, however in this time’s election, I have a feeling that the parliament members supporting the left wing will increase…”

“You mean to say that France will take a discriminating position against ability users as well?”

“It’s not certain. However I cannot deny the fact that the President of the European Parliament has a huge say in it. And that is currently Hans Berend, who is known for having a strong opinion against ability users. I don’t think France will be able to avoid this time’s influence.”

‘Seems like it will be really bothersome.’


[Germany・Berlin ―Hans Berend―]

“How is the voting going?”

“Everything is going according to plan. Within Germany it’s almost certain that our party will have a monopoly over the parliament seats. Within the other countries, the number of parliament members supporting the discrimination against ability users are growing as well.”

“How’s the situation in France?”

“There was an opposition from the neutral groups, however due to a case involving an ability user that happened recently, the number of votes coming their way is bound to decrease.”

“Perfect timing. I guess I’ll have to thank those mutants this time.”

The danger from the mutants that I had been preaching for a really long time was finally starting to be recognized. As long as my opinion gained a large number of votes during the parliament, a legislation against the mutants wouldn’t be a dream any more.

“However we need to take into account that The Sanctuary Knights are still really popular among Europe. There are a number of members that support them and oppose our ideal.”

“The Sanctuary Knights… what an eyesore.”

However I couldn’t deny the fact that they had a lot of achievements. In order for my plan to succeed I would have to show to the people that The Sanctuary Knights isn’t needed anymore.“It doesn’t matter, I have a plan on how to eliminate them from society.Things that don’t classify as humans don’t need stuff like honor either way.”

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  1. alright Gojo just take all the children somewhere else and that it.

    Thank you for the chapter! and don’t forget to join Suzaku-chan religion while at it!

  2. ..well,,, that is natural flow…dis happens on gojo as well in japan during zombie out break…
    discriminate the strong,
    w8 until big thats gonna happen, or
    w8 dungeon outbreak,
    beg help from mutants,
    gojo destroy dungeon,
    france saved,
    realize murants are needed for society,
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    lose the elections,
    get criticized by public,
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  3. Wierd that the choose to discriminate against the only people they have that can fight the monster threat… especially so soon.

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    1. France for some reason doesn’t have monsters despite being listed as A rank dangerous. They don’t know the dangers that are the monsters, the politician hate that which they can not control, and the citizens fear the Users despite the fact they would all very well die without them and most likely don’t care since it’s not them being discriminated against. So yeah let the normies die to learn their mistakes.

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