Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 11

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Yggdrasil’s Dungeon Conquest

We navigated the dungeon by following Sylph’s instructions.

“Ah, there’s a treasure chest inside that room.”

A high-level restorative medicine was inside that treasure box.

“Turn left here; next, turn right.”

We turned as directed, and there was a passage that continued on.

“There’s a complicated room nearby, and there’s a treasure chest too, but it’s empty so just ignore it.”


What’s this.

If the guide is too excellent, I don’t feel like we’re on a dungeon conquest.

However, from the start, our motive was visiting Sylph, so it’s fine even if we don’t get the rare items.

And Sylph’s over the moon while guiding us, so that in itself is already satisfying.

Sylph wanted to have an adventure, so she’s going the extra mile.

Though the truth is, it’s just a tour of her own home.

Someday, I want to take her on a real adventure; a journey that will make her blood boil in excitement. 

She does not have any flaws as a fighter, either.

“Ah, there are stairs going to the next floor over there.”

Just as Sylph said, we saw a stairway after walking for a bit. There doesn’t seem to be a Floor Boss over there, though.


We finally reached the fourth floor.

Thanks to Sylph’s precise instructions, we were able to gather the rare items up to here, without missing a single one.

There were too many rare items, so I threw away those that I couldn’t carry. Can’t help but wish we had a bag that can hold an infinite amount of items.

Unfortunately, none of us had a bag like that. By the way, this dungeon has six floors, and we’ll be able to reach Sylph’s quarters from the sixth floor.

“I dunno why, but the Spirits never bring any rare items on this floor. So you can just completely disregard all the rooms.”

Sylph floated away after saying that.

But we still have to follow her…


It was a wall that looked the same as the others, but for some reason, I was drawn to a certain part of that wall.

“What is it, Halt?”

“Yeah, wait a bit…”

I tried touching the wall.


The wall engulfed my hand.

“We can enter here.”

I poked my foot, and confirmed that there was solid ground at the other side.

“Eh, I can’t pass through, though?”

“Me, too.”

“As I.”

Luke, Leaffa and Youko tried moving through the wall, but it’s as if it was just an ordinary partition that they can’t enter.

Even Sylph wasn’t able to pass through it.

Why only me?

I can’t explain, but I feel like somebody’s calling me from the recess of the wall.

Beyond the wall, there was a tiny quadrangle room that’s approximately 3 square meters. There was a hollow at the inner wall, with a glowing red ruby inside.


An item inside a room at a floor that was supposed to hold no treasures; on top of that, it was hidden inside a secret compartment. I feel that this might be super rare.

I took the ruby.

Hmm? Why does it seem like I’ve seen it before?

Ah, I had to hurry and leave this room; everybody must be worried by now.

I passed through the wall just as easily as I came in. I had been wary of the possibility that I might be trapped in there, good thing I wasn’t.

However, I didn’t get any malicious vibes; besides, I have my teleportation magic, so I guess I could manage it somehow, just in case.

“Halt-sama, you’re safe? I feel so relieved. Welcome back.”

“I’m here, Tina.”

As soon as I got out, I saw how anxious Tina was.

“Halt, welcome back. Did something happen?”

“Yeah, this was placed there.”

I showed the ruby to Sylph and the others.

“Oh, so it was here all along!”

Sylph seemed to know what this is.

“It was said that this is the eye of the dragon king. It’s a very rare item that repels all kinds of magic. The demon king of the past wore this as an earring. It should have been a pair but… Was it only one piece?”

“I’m not sure, but is this the other piece?”

Tina took out her pendant from her chest.

It was the magical tool that I broke when I accidentally destroyed the training hall back then.

Indeed, the gem encrusted on the pendant looked really similar to the ruby that I found.

“No mistake, it’s the same thing. So Tina has it. A pity it was all spent when it broke.”

A Hero from the other world casted an absolute-protection spell on Tina’s pendant.

When Tina tried to protect the Magical Academy Central from the magic that I released, Tina was in  grave danger, so the absolute-protection spell was activated, and the ruby broke.

“I’ll infuse this ruby with new magic, and I’ll give it to Tina as a present.”

“Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to it.”

I’ll place a magic that will protect Tina at all costs — with that in mind, I carefully wrapped the ruby in a cloth and placed it in my bag.

By the way, why was I the only one who was able to enter that room?

I’m also bothered about why that Hero only had one item if it should have been a pair.

Ah, I just thought about it now, but I have limited knowledge about the Hero that Tina travelled with.

If I have the time, I’ll investigate it– next time.


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  1. I just hate this “next time” trope. MC just go with the flow and no body else question anything and just keep moving, what the heck.

    Thanks for chapter

    1. I’d be the same tho… unless there’s something big that I can get(which there is really) I’m not gonna touch the hero’s history unless I’m near and motivated to do it~

  2. By the way, why was I the only one who was able to enter that room?

    because he’s the hero

    also bet the demon king has the other earing

    1. Nope it was clearly mentioned that the other was incrusted in Tina’s pendant by the hero’s. So after defeating the demon king, he have used one to make it and hide the other, probably because of it’s power, or in a case where the first one broke

      1. Haven’t read further ahead but if I’m going to guess, maybe it’s because he has the mana of the Evil God, just like the Demon King, due to the curse. That’s assuming that the Demon King (or someone similar) is the one that left it there or something.

  3. Kind of amusing how there is a latticework of tunnels and clandestine chambers with furtively hidden stuff for ebullient and buoyant adventurers to just traverse through lol.

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