I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 97

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Day Out

Today was apparently the only day in the month the kids were allowed to go out. I thought that it wasn’t proper to just let them go out once a month even though they hadn’t done anything bad, however that’s what the French government had decided on.

Still, all of the kids seemed like they were really looking forward to today, so I decided not to mind it all that much.

“Are they going with the kids from the other classes?” I asked the Sister who was currently explaining the day’s schedule to me in the staff room.

“No, they would stand out if they all went out together, so we usually split them into groups. Mr. Gojo today you and your class will be accompanied by Mr. Phillip.” said the Sister. 

Everything was apparently already decided, so I went to say hi to Mr. Phillip and ask him about today’s plan.

Apparently we would first go to a nearby shopping mall and eat lunch there… Considering it was a shopping mall I figured that the kids would probably have fun there.

After that we were apparently going to visit an art gallery… 

‘Will the kids really like it?’ Is what I thought at first, however later when the kids saw the schedule, they looked really enthusiastic to go.

I guess they were just really happy about finally being able to go out.

“Well then everyone let’s go! Try not to get separated.” I said, after which everyone replied with an [[[Okay!]]]

“Still why do we all have to wear these monastery clothes?”

Before getting on the bus, I was asked to wear the same black clothes as everyone else, which kind of made me wonder so I decided to ask Mr. Phillip sitting right next me about it.

“It’s apparently a rule. When going to a civilian establishment, in order for the other people to know that we’re from the monastery, we’re forced to wear them.”

So that’s how it was… Thinking about it I was even forced to take my teacher ID with me as well. I guess they’re doing this so that they can blame it on the monastery if something does happen.

After that the bus that we were on continued towards the northern part of town where the shopping mall was.


The bus that we were on finally stopped and I could now clearly see the shopping mall. Since entering the monastery, this was my second time here…

“Noah. Let’s go.”


After saying that, Arthur jumped out of the bus energetically. Just as I was getting off of my seat and was preparing to go out as well, I saw Emily on the seat behind me looking out the window. She looked like she was hesitant to go outside.

“Emily, want to go together?”

“…I-I’m…” without letting her finish I grabbed her hand.

“We’re gonna have a blast so just come!” saying that, I left the bus with Emily. Thinking back about it now, that probably wasn’t a good decision…


As the person in charge of the kids, I went into a variety of stores with them. The girls would mostly focus on clothing stores or book stores, while the boys went into toy stores or arcades.

I had received a certain sum from the monastery, so I used it to buy them some stuff.

“Mr. Gojo! Have you been to Marseille’s Art Gallery?” asked Noah while we were eating at one of the food corners in the shopping mall.

“No I haven’t. Is it famous?”

“The gallery itself isn’t that famous, however the paintings and statues inside are all really amazing. I really like it.”

‘Oh, so it seems Noah likes art. In that case it’s no wonder he’s so happy about going to the gallery.’

While we were talking I saw that the table, where some of the other kids and Mr. Phillip were sitting at, was suddenly surrounded by a number of guys.

“You’re from St. Victor Monastery aren’t you! Which means that these kids are probably Mutants right. Who gave you the right to bring them here huh?”

“I-it’s true that we did come from the monastery, however it’s not like we came without permission to do s…”

“SHUT UP!!” said one of the guys with a loud voice gathering the attention of the surrounding people.

I could also see fear starting to show in the children’s eyes. 

‘Just what is their reason for starting trouble?’ 

I immediately went over to Mr. Phillip’s table.

“You went ahead and built that thing even though the people were opposed to it!” was saying one of the men while trying to pick up Mr. Phillip by his collar.

“Stop it!”

I said while grabbing the man’s arm.

“A-auch! What do you think you’re doing!?”

“That’s not how an adult should act in front of the children.”

“You’re one of the teachers at that damn monastery as well aren’t you!”

I could see that two guys standing behind me suddenly started coming towards me. I thought they were annoying so I just…



As if having lost the strength in their legs both of the men fell to the ground. It wouldn’t have the right to use violence against normal people so instead I had opted for the Coercion skill.

It was my first time using it, however I was surprised by its effectiveness. After all, this way I could take care of them without hurting them. At most they would probably receive some kind of mental damage.

I was moved by the skill’s usefulness.


I suddenly heard a scream from behind me. Hurriedly looking back I could see that Emily was covering her face with her hands.

“What happened!?”

“Someone threw something at Emily!” after Noah said that I noticed an empty can lying on the floor.

 I immediately started looking through the surroundings! 

‘Who was it! Who had the guts to show hostility towards this little girl!’

I deployed Telepathy to its maximum range looking around the surroundings… It was then that I found a man who was brimming with hostile intentions.

Just as the man was about to leave I suddenly appeared in front of him. With my speed even without stopping time it would be impossible for normal people to react.

“So it was you! You’re the one that threw the can at her!!”

“W-what are you saying!? I don’t know what you’re talking about. It wasn’t me.” said the guy, however it was obvious he was shaking. Checking again with Telepathy I was certain that it was him!


I forced him to the ground with Coercion. I was planning on handing him over to the police later. Afterwards I immediately went to Emily’s side.

“Emily are you okay! Don’t worry I’ll heal you.”

I said, after which I tried to touch Emily’s hand when something happened.

The tables and chairs around us started shaking vigorously. The food that was just on top of the tables suddenly started flying towards the air as if it was being sucked in by something.

When I looked above I saw it…

“W-what is that…”

There was a black ball floating in mid-air. The black ball was sucking in everything in its surroundings and even the chair and tables were starting to spin heading towards it.


“What is that!!”

Suddenly people began being sucked towards it as well. I could feel an enormous amount of energy coming from the black ball that was trying to suck in everything. 

‘Can that be Emily’s Unique Skill Black Sun?’

Looking closely at it it really did resemble a black sun…

I hurriedly stopped time. For now I decided to take out all of the students alongside the other people outside of the building so that no casualties could occur.

I tried to take Emily out as well, however I couldn’t move her at all. 

‘Is it because of the black ball’s energy? In that case I must do something fast.’

I resumed time and tried shooting the ball with Light Magic, however upon doing so the Light Magic was instantly sucked in as well. Emily was sitting there crying, while the energy of the black ball was steadily growing stronger and stronger.

‘This is bad! It’s just like a block hole that keeps on expanding.’ 

All of the things in the surroundings were gone, and the walls of the shopping mall even began peeling off!

‘Do you mean to tell me I cannot erase it with even my magic!? …Wait erase?’ 

I once again hurriedly stopped time.

There were only two ways for me to get rid of this black ball. And within those two only one could be used within the city… I decided to once again resume time.

I opened the space region that I was using as an inventory and just as I did that I once again stopped time, after which I took out a small candy from the inside.

‘So in the end I’m still forced to rely on it…’  

Looking at the candy I felt like some powerful force was playing with my fate on top of its hand, however looking at the crying Emily in front of me I had no choice.

I put the candy in my mouth and after swallowing it I resumed time once again.

The black hold floating in mid-air had already become enormous and was now trying to even suck me inside.

I put forth both of my hands and concentrated. I felt a huge amount of magic power was surging up from my whole body and gathering in my hands, and just as the magic power reached its maximum I shouted out.

“Dragon Blast!!!”

The flash of light completely extinguished the enormous black sun as well as the walls that were behind it.

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  1. of course you are forced to eat it, of course… who know maybe Gojo will become a real demon king? maybe there a god, that play with him? Black Sun look cheated if you ask me too, what the heck? like creating a black hole that don’t care about anything…. and there dragon breath that even more cheated… what now? since he beat the crap out of that black hole, a Black Sun candy will also pop out to reward him for eating that candy? like “ahahah, you can’t avoid my scheme and continue eating those powerful candy!!! Now grow fat so that you can taste better!” or something?

    Thank you for the chapter! don’t forget to join the Suzaku-chan religion will you pass thank you!

  2. tch humans…they feared what they dont know. ignorance sometines can be a bliss, but it can be fatal all the time…you dont know who u r messing with…they dont even know that mutants saved them from the dragons and the incoming danger(?).

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