When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 23

Translator: Azo

Editor: Diya

I will be gentle

After a happy and beautiful rest of the day with the warm hospitality of the Xiao family, Kong Wuying wakes up early and brings Kongbao with him to Tianhong Alchemy Academy. 

Tianhong is not located in the city, but in the suburbs. It covers a vast area and has a unique architectural style. It’s a self-contained town all on its own.

This is the largest alchemy college in the whole Mohe kingdom. Since its establishment 300 years ago, many outstanding pill masters have been trained, many of them are famous.

Kong Wuying shows his teacher’s badge with the gate guard and reports Wei Zetian’s name. The guard’s look immediately becomes respectful and he takes out a transmission tablet to say a few words. 

After a while, Wei Zetian appears in a hurry.

“Master Ning, you came!” Wei Zetian is smiling. “Come on, I will take you to see the president.”

President’s office.

“Mo Ming, this is the excellent teacher I have chosen for our academy. He has superb refining skills, good character, patience and care. I believe he can inherit the fine style of our academy and cultivate more excellent students.”

The young Wei Zetian is smiling as gives the introduction to a middle-aged man wearing a pure white robe.

Wei Zetian and his son look like ‘father and son’.

The excellent alchemy teacher is silent.

“What?” The president raises his eyebrows. When his eyes fall on the badge on Kong Wuying’s chest, his face suddenly sinks. “Father!”

Although he calls his father, his tone is not polite. “The badge is for you. How can you give it out at will? There is no shortage of teachers in our academy! How can you recruit another without even consulting me?”

“Oh.” Wei Zetian doesn’t care about the president’s words. “Even if there is no shortage, more people are always better. With more teaching resources, our students can be trained better!”

“It’s not a matter of more people!” The president rubs his forehead with some annoyance. “Anyway, no matter what you say, I absolutely don’t agree with it.”

“Mo Ming!” Wei Zetian raises his voice. “I have made a promise.”

“I’m the president of Tianhong. If I say no, it’s a no. This gentleman, please go back!” 

Wei Zetian is worried. “You are the president, but I am still your father, and I am the former president of Tianhong. How can I not even have the power to recruit people?”

The president says faintly, “When you abandoned my mother, why didn’t you think you were my father? When you were on the verge of closing this place down, why didn’t you think you were the president?”

Wei Zetian swallows. He looks towards Kong Wuying, a face of embarrassment, and whispers, “There are others here, what are you talking about?”

The president’s expression is carefree. “What hasn’t already been spread to the whole Shengdu? Former President Wei, please take your new friend out.”

“Mo Ming…” Wei Zetian wants to continue to plead.

Kong Wuying inserts himself with an easy, “In that case, I will leave first.”

It was Kong Wuying who mistakenly believed Wei Zetian without knowing the situation clearly and it is useless to push the issue. It’s just that he didn’t expect that this Mingguang’s father and son relationship was so abnormal. 

Wei Zetian, a no-good father, was called out by his son. Hum! Fortunately, Kong Wuying’s twelve godsons are not like this. They are very obedient and follow his orders well.

Seeing Kong Wuying leave, Wei Zetian quickly chases him. “Master Ning, about the pill refining technique that was agreed to before…”

Kong Wuying squints at him. “Cheat, still dare to ask for a reward?” 

Although it didn’t matter if he entered the academy, yesterday he boasted about the badge to Xiao Yue’s family. Now it’s a little embarrassing.

The president dismisses his unreliable father and the teacher he brought, focusing back on his work with a lingering, contemptuous smile.

“President, something has happened!” shots a man as he runs into the room.

The president frowns. “Why are you so flustered? Director Zhang, come in, but remember to knock on the door next time.”

Director Zhang wipes the sweat from his face. “Sorry.”

The president lowers his head and shuffles some papers into the ‘out’ pile. “Say it, what’s the matter?”

Director Zhang says, “Mr. Hu, of class seven, he exploded the furnace and the doctors have just pronounced him dead.”

“What!” the president’s hand shake and the papers fall, scattering over the ground. Looking at Director Zhang, he says incredulously, “Dead? What kind of joke is that?”

Director Zhang says nothing. Does it sound like a joke?

The president also feels that his reaction was too much, so he quickly changes his expression of grief. “Mr. Hu is really too unfortunate. Please send someone to take care of his affairs. The pension for his family is paid by me, and his courses are…”

The president suddenly thinks of something and yells at Director Zhang, “Go quickly! Bring those two people back!”

Director Zhang’s face is puzzled. “Which two people?”

“My father and the man, go quickly!” the president urges.

Five minutes later, Kong Wuying is again invited back to the president’s room.

The president explains to him, “Well, a teacher in our academy just died of illness. If this gentleman is interested, he can take on the class temporarily until we recruit a teacher.”

The president stops for a moment, fully aware of the importance of directional motivation, and says, “Of course, if you do well, we can also recruit internally according to your results.”

All the teachers in their academy are famous alchemy teachers with high moral integrity and excellent refining skills. Their average age is over 40 years old. How can a young alchemy teacher be employed? 

Kong Wuying slightly frowns. “That’s not needed.” When he finishes the competition and gets the stove, he’ll leave. Who wants to be a teacher of this broken academy?

The president says, “You don’t understand what I mean. What I mean is that if you are good enough in teaching, we can employ you as an exception.”

Kong Wuying says. “I know, I’d rather not.”

The president is unable to talk to Kong Wuying, so he waves. “Director Zhang, you can take this gentleman to class seven and introduce him to the situation.”

Director Zhang nods and says, “Yes. Master Ning, come with me.”

“Then the technique…” Wei Zetian hasn’t given up.

Kong Wuying replies, “You wait for me outside first, I will come in a moment.”

Wei Zetian nods excitedly.

Director Zhang guides Kong Wuying all the way to the room and fills in the important information. 

“Mr. Ning, there are seven students in your class seven. Each of them is a dragon and phoenix among men. They are rebellious. If you are new here, I advise you to be careful.”

Kong Wuying was never actually a teacher so this gave him a bit of a novel feeling. Full of confidence, he says, “Don’t worry, I will be gentle amd not play badly with them.”

Director Zhang doesn’t know what to say to that.

In the beautiful and spacious classroom, there are six students.

The most beautiful and dazzling young girl says, “Mr. Hu is dead. Shouldn’t we have a holiday to appease our injured hearts? Why are we still sitting here? “

The goose egg faced girl next to her says, “Today’s class is still going to be held. I heard that the president has recruited a new teacher and will come soon.”

“What!” the beautiful girl couldn’t believe it. “So fast? It’s not ten minutes since Mr. Hu died. When was the efficiency of the academy so amazing before! Where did you hear that?”

“No matter how fast the wind is, it can’t be faster than the spread of gossip.” The egg faced girl shakes her head and says, “But I heard that this teacher is just a substitute. He’ll leave when the new teacher is recruited. And the teacher’s level is very poor, it is said that he is only a first division alchemist.”

“First division?” The beautiful girl sneers. “What’s wrong with this academy? Saving money should have a bottom line. Any kind of cat and dog can be recruited. I, Feng Linlin, will never admit that this kind of person is my teacher. Ruoruo, do you think so? Ruoruo, what are you doing?”

“I’m drawing my male god. What did you say just now?” Yuan Ruo is intoxicated. “Oh, my God looks more and more handsome and charming. How can there be such a perfect person in the world? I really want to be held by his strong and powerful arms. I really want to see him smile at me alone…”

“Stop it.” Feng Linlin feels like vomiting. She has heard about the story of Yuan Ruo’s god, but she doesn’t think it’s real. Yuan Ruo’s eyes have always been bad, she was still obsessed with Xiao Yue before.

She looks at the people next to her and says, “Jiang Chen, what’s wrong with you? Are you sick? You look so ugly.”

Jiang Chen’s face is as white as paper. He shakes his head gently and says with a voice as quiet as a mosquito, “Nothing. I just feel that I have nothing to love in this life.”

“Ah?” Feng Linlin has just thrown the question out when she sees Director Zhang with a young man come in.

“Hello, students. This is Mr. Ning. During this period, he will take the place of Mr. Hu and be responsible for teaching you. Welcome him warmly.”

The students immediately clap warmly.

Director Zhang nods to express satisfaction and leaves with a sentence with Kong Wuying, “I’ll give it to you.”

As soon as Director Zhang leaves, the warm smiles on everyone’s faces collapse.

But someone cries excitedly, “Zhao-ge! How could it be you? Are you our new teacher? I’m so happy.”

Kong Wuying nods to her. “After class, for now you should concentrate.”

She didn’t dare to not listen. Yuan Ruo backs down pitifully.

“Now let’s start the class.”

Feng Linlin doesn’t care whether it’s the supposed male god or not. With a sneer on her lips, she says, “It’s said that there have been many more people fishing for fame recently. Please prove that you have the strength to teach us, teacher. Otherwise, there’s no point in anyone being here.”

As for her provocative words, Kong Wuying isn’t angry. He looks out over everyone. “It seems that you still don’t understand the situation.”


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