Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 10

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Leaffa’s Engagement

“By the way, I told the King to make Leaffa Halt’s bride.”


Tina, Leaffa, Sylph, and I were exploring Yggdrasil’s internal dungeon when Sylph spouted nonsense out of the blue.

“Sylph-sama, why did you say that now…”

“W, what do you mean?”

Leaffa knows something, so Tina asked her.

Leaffa seems torn on how to answer her.

“Leaffa is someone I favor. I have been watching over her ever since she was little. Leaffa’s marriage had been brought up.” 


Looks like Leaffa had no inkling about this also, hence her surprised reaction.

“Well, I thought it couldn’t be helped since she does have to marry somewhere eventually. However, I heard her partner would be someone from the Apristos’s Royal Family, so I wanted to stop it.”

Apristos is a kingdom of humans that is situated in the land closest to Alhem, the Elf Kingdom.

In recent years, Apristos had been expanding its territory by waging wars on the smaller countries within its vicinity, and there is a possibility that they will point their spears towards Alheim.

Previously, Apristos’s power was supposedly on a level that Alheim could defend itself against.

Recently, however, Apristos suddenly expanded in military strength, and the ministers of Alheim, who feared invasion, proposed that Leaffa marry into the royal family of Apristos.

“I don’t hear anything good about that country, and the mana of the wind also expresses its discomfort about that place. There’s no way I’d let Leaffa go there.”

 “So, you proposed Leaffa to become my bride?”


“Hey, I just got hitched with Tina.”

“Halt seems to be reliable, so it’ll be alright!”

“Reliab… I don’t have income, you know.”

“No need to worry, I’ll give you the Leaves of Yggdrasil, so isn’t it fine if you sell them?”

That doesn’t equate to my reliability!

Ah, no, before that—

“Leaffa’s feelings are the most important. It’s a pity she’s going to be married to a strange place, but that doesn’t mean she would want to be wed to me instead, right?”

“If it’s with Halt, I’m fine with matrimony.”

Wait, is that okay?

That’s too shocking!

Although I did reject the Elf King’s proposal earlier, I just can’t refuse such a gorgeous Elf as Leaffa, who is rushing to become my bride.

However, even if both of us gave our consent, there is still a problem.


Tina spoke to Leaffa.

Yes, just like with Leaffa’s feelings—no, Tina’s feelings are more important, and I want to treasure Tina.

This… will Tina confront and restrain Leaffa?

Tina’s desire to monopolize is quite strong, that’s for sure.

She won’t probably forgive my re-marriage.

However, it will be a pity if Leaffa will enter an unwanted union, so I was willing to play along and act out a sham nuptial, just so she can get out of her predicament. I plan to convince Tina to do that.

“When sleeping, Halt-sama’s left side is mine alone. Halt-sama’s right side will be occupied in rotation by Youko, Mai, Mei, and Leaffa—the four of you, is that clear?”


I don’t get what Tina is saying.

“Y, Yes! I understand!”

Leaffa answered energetically.

What did you understand!?

“Not only that, but you have to do your chores, too.”

“No problem. However, I don’t have many experiences in doing housework since we have maids back at the palace…”

“You can leave that to me. I’ll make sure to train you properly.”

“Lady Tina, thank you very much!’

“Yes, from now on, we will be a family that supports Halt-sama, so I’m in your care.”

“I may be incompetent, so please look after me.”

“Ah, yes, I’m in your care.”

I answered perfunctorily.


So this means I’ll get married to Leaffa?

Ehhhh!!! Is this real???

Afterward, Tina started teaching Leaffa about the types and ways of doing chores in my mansion, as well as my food preferences, and so on.

“Good for you, Halt! You got your second wife!”

Sylph exclaimed cheerfully.

“Ahh, yeah…”

I can only give a half-hearted reply.


After a while, all of my classmates returned.

“Master Sylph, what are you doing?” (Mai and Mei)

“Yahoo, I’m going on an adventure with everyone!”

“Oh, since Sylph-sama, Master of the House, is here, then we won’t be lost again!”

Ryuushin, did you get lost already?

But Sylph said the first floor is relatively easy to navigate…

“Excuse me…”

Leaffa pulled the sleeve of my clothes.

Apparently, Leaffa wanted to share the news of our marriage with everyone.

Do I really have to say this?

I glanced at Leaffa, and she quickly nodded her head up and down.

Can’t be helped then, I’ll just have to prepare for it.

“Ah, well, the truth is, I’ll be getting married to Leaffa soon.”


Mai, Mei, and Youko froze. She will be cohabiting with these three, so I want them to get along.

“Huh!? Wait a minute, Halt. Didn’t you just get hitched with Teacher Tina?”

Luke drew nearer.

“Why does it have to be always you who got to marry the gorgeous lady and now the beautiful Elf-girl! That’s so unfair, man! Why? How did this happen!?”

“We, well, this and that, and… it just happened.”

“Don’t marry Elf gals just because “it happened”! Darn it, and here I was thinking Leaffa is so cute!”

I felt I did something bad when I learned that my best friend was aiming for Leaffa.

“Luke, thank you for thinking about someone like me, but I would be happy if you give your blessing to Halt and I at our wedding.”

“O, of course, I’ll do that!”

Luke fawned over Leaffa when she, with puppy eyes, apologetically requested that.

“Alrighty, I swear on my name as the grandson of the Sage, I will beat up Halt and you guys’ enemies from now on!”

Wow, I’m not sure, but I seemed to have gained a strong backing for my family.

Luke will eventually become a Sage.

For someone like him to protect my family – that’s heartening.

“Thanks a lot, Luke. Well, if it’s Elf girls, I can introduce you to some of them.”

“For real!?”

Luke seemed to be smitten by Leaffa’s proposal. Luke’s really a great guy.

If there’s an opportunity, spring might come soon for him, too.

Afterward, Ryuka and Luna bombarded Leaffa with questions like ‘why she was charmed with me’ and so on.

It seems like she fell for me without me noticing, so I can’t help but be embarrassed as I listened.

Leaffa also blushed furiously as she spoke.

“Hey, let’s get on with our adventure already.”

Sylph started to get bored.

Well, we’re in a dungeon. It’s also weird talking about love stories in this kind of place, so the continuation will be at Sylph’s residence.

“Then let’s go to my house!”

With Sylph on the lead, we resumed our dungeon walk-through.


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