I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 96

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What They Want to Be

After the shield of light disappeared we all rushed towards Emily.

“Emily are you okay!?”

“Are you hurt anywhere?”

“Noah, what in the world did that guy do?”

Even though I was asked that, I had no clue what had happened. However I was positive that the spell Mr. Gojo used just now was that of Freya from The Sanctuary Knights! But why could he use it!?

And on top of that the shield that had isolated us also appeared to be the Paladin’s Protection skill…

Emily didn’t look like she had been hurt in any way, however this guy was way too abnormal. I was completely clueless as to why a guy like him had come all the way here.

“Emily, there is no need for you to fear your power. As long as you practice you’ll be able to control it.” said Mr. Gojo while patting Emily’s head. 

No matter how I looked at it, he didn’t seem like a person that we could win against.

“So Noah would you mind telling me why you want to drive me out so much?”

“So you noticed…”

“I can figure out that much.” said Mr. Gojo with a smile on his face.


“It’s not like we hate you or anything Mr. Gojo, it’s just that… If we don’t keep driving out the new teachers that come here we’ll never achieve our dream.”

“Your dream?”

“When we grow up, we want to become members of The Sanctuary Knights.”

“The Sanctuary Knights? What do they have to do with you wanting to drive me out?”

“Some of the former members of The Sanctuary Knights, or people related to them apparently take up work as teachers. It was even broadcasted on TV that Freya and Cruz are teaching in a school in the United Kingdom.”

“Freya is?”

‘So that’s how it is… I had no idea…’

“The students that come to this school are kids that were discriminated against and bullied within their previous schools or even homes, so that’s why they all came to this monastery. We’re fed up of being looked at with weird eyes by our family and friends just because we’re ability users.”

Hearing Noah’s story I could imagine how bad that would be… They really had a lot going on despite only being kids.

“It was at that time that we saw The Sanctuary Knights on TV. Even though they were ability users, the same as us, they weren’t discriminated against at all, but on the contrary, they were even praised. Precisely they are the ones who go around the world defeating BOSSes and trying to bring back the peace!” spoke Noah with stars shining in his eyes. 

It appeared like he really looked up to them. Looking around I could see that all of the other kids were also moved by Noah’s speech.

“Mr. Gojo, you probably know about it as well, right? How Leo Garcia of The Sanctuary Knights defeated the Dragon of the United Kingdom! It’s said that no one else but him could have done it.”

“Ugh y-yea I know about it…”

“I still don’t know how to exactly become a member of The Sanctuary Knights, however if a person related to them became our teacher and sees our abilities then we might have a chance. After all, this monastery is the biggest ability user school in France so I think the chance of it happening is pretty high.” After he finished saying all of that, Noah looked down. 

It seems like he really had thought this through.

“We’re sorry Mr. Gojo…” said Noah.

“Don’t worry about it. I might not be that involved with The Sanctuary Knights, however I do have some friends there.”



“You’re not lying right!? Prove it to us!!”

“Huh? Prove it?”

Hearing that I started thinking if I had anything to prove it with. 

After a bit I remembered that Carlo had been pushing me to take a picture together so in the end I had finally given up and had taken one with him. Even though I told him that I didn’t need it he had still sent it to my phone…

So I took out my phone and showed the picture to the kids.

“OHHH! That’s Carlo! It’s Carlo Bandis!! You’re really in the same picture!”

‘So Carlo’s full name was Carlo Bandis. That sounds so cool.’

“Where did you take it?”

“How did you meet him? When did it happen?”

“What kind of person is Carlo? Is he as cool in real life as he is on TV!?”

And the rest of the day ended with me being bombarded with questions.


The following day――

“Starting today we’ll be practising for real. Are you all prepared?”

[[Yes Mr. Gojo!]] said all seven of them with cheerful voices. 

Emily still looked a bit scared, however she appeared to be way better than yesterday.

After hearing their story, I now knew that these kids didn’t just want to learn to use their abilities, but that they wanted to become powerful ability users. I couldn’t promise them that in the future they’d be able to get into The Sanctuary Knights for sure, however I would do as much as I could to make them stronger.

“First we’ll start with Louise and Sara. Even though you have the Monk and Great Magician classes you cannot use Chi Control and Magic Combination correct?”


“That’s right, no matter how many times we try it just doesn’t work…” answered both of them looking a bit depressed. 

I couldn’t blame them, both of those Class Skills were hard to use after all. It would be hard for them to learn how to use them by themselves. Luckily I could use both of the skills so I could teach them.

Continuing Victor and Arthur both had their respective Unique Skills, so I would just have them gain exp.

“And Chloe you have that special summon of yours right? You should try testing out if you can use your Summon skill to summon other particular monsters as well and not have it be random. When you get stronger we’ll go to capture a true monster!”

“Okay Mr. Gojo!” replied Chloe with a huge smile. 

Looking at her made me feel that she was really motivated. And now it was Noah’s turn…

His class was the Sage, however due to it not being a fighting class I wasn’t sure how to exactly proceed in teaching him.

“Noah can you pull out the Magic Library?”

“Yea but…” saying that on top of Noah’s hand a thick book suddenly manifested. 

I looked through it but it was completely blank just as I had thought… he was still at Rank D so it was understandable.

Following which I also decided to manifest a Magic Library of my own.

“Mr. Gojo, you can use the Sage’s Class Skill as well!?”


“You really are strange. I’ll try to not be surprised any more from now on.” said Noah with a dumbfounded expression. 

But even so the Magic Library wasn’t a skill that was that useful by itself. I could clearly see that Noah had amazing qualities as a leader, however I had no idea how to actually help him grow.

For now, since we both had the Sage Class Skill, I figured we’d both just grow together by trial and error…

Finally it was Emily. It was obvious that she would be hard to deal with. It’s true that she had the Demon King Class, however what shocked me even more was her Unique Skill.

After appraising her I found out that she had a Unique Skill called Black Sun. I tried appraising it even further however unfortunately I wasn’t able to do so.

Which led me to think that it was probably a really powerful skill.

It figured it would probably be something along the lines of a magic power attack, or something that increased the user’s magic power as a whole, however I had no way of knowing. Just thinking about how she had the Demon King class alongside that Unique Skill made my head hurt. However it was clear that she was scared by her own skills even more than I was.

In order to make her life easier, I had to find some way to appraise them… It was then that I remembered… 

‘Now that I think about it, there’s Gress. I’ll ask him to appraise her next time.’

Furthermore Emily also had the Stealth (VII) skill. Looking at that it was no wonder her presence was faint, she was probably using it without even realizing it. That skill was another problem that I would have to help her fix.

“Emily you don’t need to rush, just take your time to learn how to properly hold back your strength.”

“…Okay Mr. Gojo.”

From that day onward it was a life filled with endless struggles for me and the kids.


[The abbot’s room――]

“It seems like Mr. Gojo is getting along well with the children.” I said, after which the Sister nodded with a slight smile appearing on her face.

“That’s correct Abbot. He really turned out to be a good teacher. I just hope that the children will continue growing in the right direction…”

“Now that I think about it, tomorrow is the only day of the month that they can go out right?” hearing me say that, the Sister’s face suddenly turned a bit gloomy. 

The children of the monastery had one day in the month in which they were allowed to go outside. However that day was a really worrisome one for us.

“I just hope that nothing bad happens.”

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