When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 22

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Editor: Diya

Face slapping

Listening to people’s comments, Kong Wuying nods. Since Wei Zetian has power in Tianhong, his words still have some credibility.

Kong Wuying takes the badge and says, “Come to me tomorrow. If what you say is true, I will teach you to refine this pill.” Then he leaves with Kongbao.

Everyone sees that the matter is over and they all disperse as well to do their own business.

Only Jiang Chen is left, staring stupidly. A teacher of Tianhong Academy? Jiang Chen is a student of Tianhong Academy! Is the little alchemist going to be his teacher!?

Jiang Chen almost spits out a mouthful of blood. It’s okay, it’s okay. The little alchemist won’t teach his class, it’s fine. 

Jiang Chen comforts himself and feels relieved. The little alchemist doesn’t have any power unlike Jiang Chen, so it doesn’t matter.

Jiang Chen stumbles out of the shop.

After everyone has left, Boss He turns to Wei Zetian, half distressed and half worried. “Mr. Wei, you are giving out teacher positions too easily. I’m afraid it will be hard for the principal to explain.”

“He won’t dare to complain!” Wei Zetian glares. “Laozi is helping him solve the problem of finding a good teacher. If he dares to complain, I won’t be helping again!”

(^ laozi = arrogant way of saying I’m your grandfather/master/boss, etc)

Kong Wuying got a thousand year old Hidden Shadow flower, a whole lot of cash and a job teaching. He takes Kongbao around for a while and heads back to Xiao’s house with great enthusiasm.

His room is close to Xiao Yue’s and the wall that Kongbao slapped down in the morning has not been repaired, so they can hear the quarrel happening in Xiao Yue’s house.

At this time, pretending not to know is proper behaviour for a guest, but Kong Wuying hears his name,and walks towards Xiao Yue’s residence.

As soon as he enters through the door, he hears a voice saying, “Xiao Yue, do you know that our Xiao family is no more valuable compared to before? Admission to Tianhong is so precious to us and we only have one position left. You just gave it to an outsider, are you crazy? Your cousin Feng’er is only 19 years old this year. He is already a second division alchemy teacher. He deserves the quota.”

(^ ‘er = boy)

Then Xiao Yue replies with some helplessness, “Second uncle, although Ning-ge‘s alchemy level is not high, his strength is beyond doubt. He is going to participate in the Shengdu talent competition on behalf of our Xiao family. Only Tianhong Academy can better help him improve his strength. Maple is still young and can wait for next year.”

(^ second uncle = easy naming system in a big family)

“Young?” The middle-aged man’s saliva almost sprayed over Xiao Yue’s face from how vigorously he spit out the word. “For alchemy, every year is extremely precious. Also, on behalf of our Xiao family to participate in the Shengdu competition? Who agreed to that? Xiao Yue, don’t you think the whole family has the final say?”

Seeing that the uncle’s tone is aggressive, Xiao Yue also replies with a bit of fire. “Feng’er on stage? In the competition between third division masters, a second division alchemist is practically a part of the crowd. The Xiao family can’t afford to lose the person I’ve chosen if we want to grow.”

“That little pill master of yours is a disgrace! I don’t want to be ridiculed. The Xiao family won’t offer up rubbish and pretend it’s a treasure unless we want to be laughed out of this city! “

“Second uncle, you…”

“Alright!” A deep voice interrupted their quarrel, and a slightly calm middle-aged man spoke up. “That’s enough now. Yue’er, what your second uncle said is reasonable. Our Xiao family’s resources are precious and your friend doesn’t know whether he is interested in our family for the long-term. It’s unreasonable to give resources to outsiders instead of our own.”

The man shakes his head and continues, “But if you insist, regardless, alchemy focuses on strength. Feng’er and your friend will compete and whoever has a greater refining technique will get the position in Tianhong and be able to compete in the Shendu competition as well.”

“Father!” Xiao Yue says, impatient despite the reasonable, calming tone. “This Tianhong position was mine, a private gift from Mr. Jiang, and has nothing to do with the family. Naturally, it should be allocated by me. And you have no say in who can enter the Shengdu alchemy competition either!”

“Boy, you should watch yourself!” Xiao Yue’s second uncle glares. “Why did Mr. Jiang give you the quota in the first place? It’s to allow our Xiao family some dignity, the teacher position was originally the property of our Xiao family. It is for your dignity as well that a match between Feng’er and your guest was suggested. Don’t be so self righteous!”

“You!” Xiao Yue is angry.

“Well, it’s settled,” Xiao Yue’s father cuts in. “The match will be tomorrow. I’ll let people prepare for it. Tomorrow at noon will be the start time.”

“Don’t bother with the match,” Kong Wuying says, stepping fully into sight.

“Ning-ge!” Xiao Yue is taken aback at first, and then hesitates. When did Ning-ge arrive, how much did he hear?

“Are you the first division alchemist?” Xiao Yue’s second uncle looks at the Kong Wuying impolitely. “You don’t look like anything special. If you want to give up the match, that’s good. You should know yourself. Giving up in time is the great kindness.”

“Ning-ge!” Xiao Yue feels very guilty and says in a hurry, “Don’t worry, there is no such thing as a match. The position is yours, and no one can take it away.”

“Xiao Yue!” Xiao Yue’s father sternly shouted.

“No harm.” Kong Wuying looks at Xiao Yue, a trace of warmth overflowing from his eyes. 

Looking at such a sight, Xiao Yue’s heart is stagnant. He seems to have a close relationship with Ning-ge, but he really feels that the man isn’t easy to get close to. 

Although Ning-ge seems to be gentle and good-natured, Xiao Yue has always been a little bit reluctant to speak up about intimate subjects, but just now, he really feels Ning-ge‘s acceptance of him. That look was so gentle and earnest, could it be that Xiao Yue has finally gotten past Ning-ge’s outer shell?

Xiao Yue is excited and blinks in shock when Kong Wuying reachs out and rubs his head. 

Kong Wuying says in a warm voice, “It’s only a small thing. You can give it to them if they’re bothering you.”

Xiao Yue: “…” He rubbed my head? I always think something is wrong in these moments.

Kong Wuying says, “Oh, I forgot to tell you. I just passed the recruitment of Tianhong Academy and became an official teacher. I will report in tomorrow. Therefore, this position should be reserved for the children who need to go through the back door.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Teacher? It’s impossible! It’s impossible!”

“You’re talking nonsense!”

Xiao Yue doesn’t respond to it, but he sees his father and his second uncle standing up and exclaiming.

What is the level of teachers in Tianhong Alchemy Academy? There are no more than ten teachers in Tianhong. They are all dragons among men, highly respected everywhere they go.

But this boy has no qualification or ability to be a teacher of Tianhong. They don’t know what to say!

Seeing them so shocked and puzzled, Kong Wuying takes out the badge and pins it onto his chest. “What’s so surprising? Didn’t you just discuss how incredible the teachers are? It’s just that I depend on strength, not relationships.”

After seeing the unique badge that symbolizes the identity of a teacher in Tianhong, they listen to Kong Wuying’s words and the room falls into an abnormal silence.

Xiao Yue takes a deep breath and explains, “The position I mentioned is to become a student of Tianhong, not a teacher.”

Kong Wuying opens his mouth and then closes it. Now that he thinks about it, Xiao Yue didn’t say that the position was to be a teacher, but can anyone blame him for his misunderstanding?

Ning Zhao was originally a teacher of a University, why would he ever be a student?

Xiao Yue’s father and second uncle stare at Kong Wuying’s chest. When they confirm (and re-confirm) that the identity badge is real, they start sweating.

“Master Ning, I have offended you with my disrespect,” the second uncle says with a light chuckle. “It’s all due to Xiao Yue, who can’t even say a word clearly, that caused me to misunderstand you, Master Ning. Please don’t remember us old people as villains. Don’t worry about it.”

This is relatively unscrupulous.

The father joins in. “Oh, I said that recently, how can we have so many good things come to the Xiao family recently? It seems that there is a golden light hanging over us. It turns out that it is Master Ning who is here. Please, have a seat, as soon as you came in, I felt a light in front of me. I thought that you were so elegant and precious. Xiao Yue, come, bring me the Qingtan wine that I have kept for 30 years. Let me give a toast to Master Ning.”

This is even more unethical.

Xiao Yue’s father and uncle’s manner changes so quickly that most people who would witness it would be astonished.

But Xiao Yue doesn’t care about it. In fact, when Kong Wying took out the badge, Xiao Yue couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss.

Ning-ge is so powerful that he can become a respected teacher of Tianhong when he goes shopping. The gap between them is getting farther and farther away.

While feeling inferior, he suddenly feels eyes resting on him and turns to find the beautiful bodyguard of Ning-ge.

Kongbao is quiet, watching Xiao Yue calmly. 

What is he looking for?


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