Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 21

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Philia The Spoiled Girl Fawned Over Solon The Father

I thought about it, Philia and I seemed to have met each other in the past. I was really curious, but that issue wasn’t the matter right now.

“How should I wake this girl up?” I muttered, but no one answered. Well, that was expected, Philia was still asleep and Clarice left the room without waking her up, and instead told me to do that. 

Philia and I were staying in the same room, so Clarice had a point. But the one who was sleeping was a younger girl. I would be ashamed to wake her up by force. 

‘Well, she’d wake up sooner or later,’ I thought. 

Then I started reading daily newspapers issued in the Imperial City. Crop failures happening in the western part of the empire have caused starvation for no less than tens of thousands of people; anti-government extremist organization “July Party” assassinated the minister of internal affairs; the Imperial Army suffered historic defeat in the war with the Republic of Armenian Fallen on the southern front. Some time has passed since I started reading the newspaper.

However, Philia didn’t show any sign of waking up. She was still sleeping peacefully. If I didn’t wake her up, we wouldn’t be in time for breakfast. Moreover, Philia seemed to be planning to participate in the ceremonial event held by the imperial family. 

“Um, Philia-sama? Please wake up,” I whispered, but there was no reaction. This was a problem. I tried to call “Philia-sama” with a louder voice close to her ear. Philia rolled over and muttered something, and then went back to sleep. There wasn’t any change at all.  

This was bad. No matter how I thought about it, I couldn’t wake her up gently. What should I do? 

Somehow, I thought a similar situation had occurred in the past. Well, the person at that time was Sophia. When I woke up in an inn at a stop, Sophia was in the same bed for some reason and I was hugging her instead of a pillow unconsciously, I didn’t know she was that close. Perhaps Sophia entered the wrong room, but at that time, she didn’t wake up at all. How did I finally get her to wake up? I remembered about it. That day there was nothing to do, it was an off day. So I waited in the same position until she woke up.

By the time Sophia woke up, she had an apologetic expression and her face was red. I still remembered it like it was yesterday. However, I might never see Sophia again, so I might as well think about Philia, rather than Sophia, right now. 

I took a deep breath and prepared myself. I had to pull off the blanket to get her out of bed. I pulled out Philia’s blanket. But I couldn’t pull it off fully because she stubbornly resisted, she held onto the cloth tightly with both hands. 

‘I’m in trouble,’ I thought. I looked at Philia’s face and noticed something.

“Philia-sama? Aren’t you actually awake?

“…. I haven’t woken up though?”

“You have already.”

Philia reluctantly got out of bed. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and said, “I was looking forward to how you wake me up.”

“Please don’t pretend to be sleeping for that reason.”

“Morning kiss?”

“I can’t do that.”

“Don’t instructors kiss their disciples’ cheeks to wake them up?”

“Isn’t that what lovers or parents do to their children?”

“Then, will Solon be my dad?”

“Um, not your lover, but that?”

“Eh? Does Solon want to be my lover?” Philia laughed happily. This was bad, I didn’t mean it that way. I hurriedly corrected myself. 

“No, um, I didn’t mean it that way.” Philia and I are ten years apart, so I thought it wasn’t strange for me to act as her father.

“Then should I call Solon ‘father’?”

“Are you listening to me?” When I said that, Philia smiled and got up.

“Hey, Dad, kiss me.”

Philia approached me quickly. As I tried to take one step back, she came one step closer. Then she looked up at me.

“Do you hate it?”

When I thought about it, Philia’s father was the emperor. The emperor had dozens of sons and daughters, so I didn’t think he paid any attention to Philia. Philia might be hoping to receive some fatherly affection. If so, then it wouldn’t be that bad to play along a little with her acting.

“Hey So-lo-n otou-san~ am i cute?” (TN: Otou-san means father)

“You are cute.”

“If you were my father, you wouldn’t use polite words to talk to your daughter.”

“Philia is cute,” I said, and Philia’s face became a little red. If it made her embarrassed, then she shouldn’t do this. However, she continued with her act. 

“Dad, I did my best trying to wake up, so can you give me a good morning kiss?”

“Aren’t you already awake? I won’t do such a thing to a mischievous girl pretending to be asleep.” 

“Ah, if Solon otou-san doesn’t kiss me, I won’t wake up.”

“What’s done is done.”

Except for the time when they were babies, I didn’t think there was a father who kissed the cheeks of his fourteen-year-old daughter.

“Come on, change your clothes.”

When I said that, Philia puffed up her cheeks with a dissatisfied expression. Then she smiled brightly, perhaps she had an idea coming up. I had a bad feeling about this.

“If Dad doesn’t listen to me, i won’t change my clothes or eat breakfast.”

I didn’t expect Philia to be that stubborn. I stared at her while she was laughing, looking like she had fun. What should I do with this girl?

“Hah, Philia, you shouldn’t say such a thing.”

“I don’t care!”

“Um, Philia-sama? You will be late for breakfast and ceremonies, you know?”

“Yes, because of Solon otou-san.”

She was completely in a spoiled mode. I hoped she would pardon me for this. She was close enough that she looked like she was glued to me. Then she stared at me with sparkling eyes, was this unavoidable?

“Philia, stay still.”


She panicked suddenly and her face became red, then she closed her eyes. If she were that embarrassed, I would get embarrassed too. I kissed her cheek and pulled away.  

Philia opened her eyes, blushing violently. “Thank you, Solon otou-san.”

Well, if this would help with Philia’s longing for familial love, then it was fine. But I was tired. 

“I don’t want you to be so cheeky with your dad,” I tried saying a fatherly line. Philia laughed mischievously. She said, “Ay..” and hugged me at the front. Philia, still acting like a spoiled girl, put her complete weight on me. I could feel the feeling of her small chest, and blushed because it felt warm and soft. She said, “Got you,” with a beautiful smile. 

Then she said softly, “I love Solon otou-san.”


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