Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 9

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Into the World Tree

It’s been two days since I married Tina.

Tina and I spent yesterday and the day before lounging around with just the two of us. During that time, my classmates were out shopping and sightseeing around the city.

Since we’re already in the Elf Kingdom today, we decided to try something that can only be experienced in this country. 

If something represents the Elf Kingdom – yes, that’s right, it’s Yggdrasil, the World Tree that majestically stands right in the middle of this country.

We decided to climb that Tree.

Is it possible to climb that?

Yes, apparently.

By the way, Alheim prohibits touching Yggdrasil, much less climbing it.

In that case, why did we decide to do that?

It’s because Sylph thought it would be a waste if we did not try to go up the Tree since we’re already here.

We also obtained permission from the Elf King but looks like as long as it’s okay with Sylph, then it is fine.


We entered Yggdrasil through the enormous hollow at the base of the tree trunk. The interior of Yggdrasil was formed into a dungeon. There were demons, but even though they saw us, they never attacked. 

“To think that there is a demon filled-dungeon inside the Yggdrasil…”

Leaffa had a befuddled expression as she murmured.

Well, that’s right. Who would have thought that the Tree they had been protecting contains a demon dungeon inside of it? 

According to Sylph, this dungeon served as a bonus stage for the heroes in the olden days. They were able to gather rare items that were collected by Fairies from all over the world; they can have as much as they want without being attacked by monsters.

The purpose of the demons was to care for Yggdrasil. By the way, you can get a lot of experience value if you slay those demons, but it leaves a bad taste in defeating gentle demons that never attacked, so we didn’t do that.

“Climb to the top. You can bring back the items you find along the way. So do your best and hunt!”

We can also take advantage of the former Heroes bonus stage, apparently.

“Halt, can we also go search for items?”

“Isn’t it fine?”

Everyone became hyped up when they heard my perfunctory answer to Ryuushin. 

“I’ll go look for a national treasure!”

“Youko, we can feel strong magical power from over there!”

Mai and Mei went on exploring with Youko. Looks like they got along without me noticing it. I’m quite happy seeing my contractual demon and spirits being chummy with each other.

“I’ll go over there to search!”

“I’ll also join you.”

“Alright, me too!”

Luna and Luke joined Merdie. They seem to rely on the beastkin’s keen senses.

“Ryuushin, what are you doing! Let’s go!”

“Y, yeah!”

Ryuka pulled Ryushin and ran. It’s quite surprising to see Ryuka being energetic when she’s quite shy most of the time. Does she have an interest in treasures?

Everyone scattered in different directions and disappeared.

Tina and I were the only ones who remained in this spot—along with Leaffa.

“Both of you don’t have any intention to join the treasure hunt?”

“Well… We Elves feel like we’re full just being near Yggdrasil. Not to mention touching it, I can’t believe we even entered inside.”

Tina was clutching herself as she shook.

“Me too, I feel so full, it is really weird.”

Leaffa seems to be in the same condition as Tina.

“Can you move?”

“There is no problem with that. I feel slightly better with every step.”

Isn’t that a problem in itself?

—As expected, there really was a problem.

Leaffa can no longer move.

“I, I’m sorry, but I will stay here. Please, you two can go ahead.”

Her cheeks were flushed, and her breathing was labored.

There’s no way I can leave her alone like this, even if she’s the country’s princess. Even if the demons here do not attack, this is still a dungeon. We don’t know what might be lurking here.

“I’ll stay with Leaffa, so you can go explore, Tina.”

“No, as my student, I cannot leave Leaffa in this condition. Not only that, but walking is also painful, so I’ll take a rest until I get used to it.”

“Alright, then let’s take a break for a bit. We can still explore again next time.”

I already made a teleportation marking, so we can go to Alheim anytime.

“Halt-sama can explore on your own, yes? I’ll stay here.”

“There’s no way I’ll leave my wife alone in bad shape and go hunt on my own.”

Tina looked quite happy when I said that. Since I’m in the presence of two Elves, I asked them a lot of things.

I heard about the country’s state in the olden days.

I heard about the modern situation of the country from Leaffa.

They both had a common ground: Sylph’s existence was absolute, and all of the country’s people worship Sylph.

“Hmm, so there was a statue of Sylph in every home.”

I can only think of Sylph as an obedient child, so it’s interesting to know that she was deified in this country.

“Hehehe, aren’t I amazing?”


“S, Sylph- sama!?”

Sylph suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Oh, so you were here.”

“What do you mean by ‘you were here’, I told you to climb up, but you never showed up!”

Sylph usually stays at the top of the World Tree. She seems to be a type that perpetually manifests, and this is rare for a spirit.

“Hey, didn’t you say to go treasure hunting? Everyone did that. I planned to take my time, leisurely climbing while exploring, but…”

“But you’re free right now! Even though I was really looking forward when Halt said you’re going to play…”

Hey, are you a kid?

—Oh wait, you are a kid.

Sylph is a very young Spirit King.

“Well, wouldn’t it be better if you join us as we navigate through this dungeon?”

Sylph’s face brightened instantly.

“That’s great! I’ll be having an adventure with everyone!”

Adventure, you say, but isn’t this your house? Well, Sylph looks really cheerful, so I’ll just let it be.

“All right, we’re in your care. However, Leaffa and Tina do not feel well, so wait for a little longer before we go.”

“Okay! Tina, Leaffa, are you alright?”

Sylph became worried about those two, so she floated towards them.

“Thank you for your concern, Sylph- sama. It’s not like we feel sick, but we can’t walk.”

“Hmmm, seems like the mana is clinging to you two. The mana of this Tree loves Elves, so when Elves come closer, they swarm around them.”

“So they’re being surrounded by mana, is that it?”

“It’s the so-called Magical Intoxication, I guess?”

Magical sickness is a symptom that occurs when you take in a magical power that is not your own. Symptoms differ depending on the person; some feel better, while others feel sick or dizzy.

Sylph enveloped them in a golden aura.

“How is it? Is it better now?”

“Wow, my body feels lighter!”

“I feel refreshed, somehow.”

Tina and Leaffa’s condition’s better, it seems.

“What did you do?”

“I cast a protective blessing that is like a barrier around Tina and Leaffa. With this, excessive interference of mana will be eliminated, but you can still summon mana for your magic.”

A lot of Elves summon mana and gather magic from the air when they cast magic. Even if Sylph’s barrier is in place, they can still use magic without a hitch.

“Thank you very much, Sylph-sama.

“Thank you very much!”

“No worries, so let’s go on an adventure!”


We also started our treasure hunt.


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