I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 95

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


Just as I was about to continue with the remaining students, the class suddenly came to an end so I had to leave. After leaving the room I headed to the staff room and just as I entered…

“Are you okay?” the Sister that I had met before suddenly ran to me asking with a worried expression.

“Hm? Y-yea I’m fine… Did something happen?”

Looking around I could see that the other teachers were all gathered around the Sister as well. 

‘I wonder what this is about.’

“It’s just that every time a teacher comes back from their first class with those kids, they’re always wounded in some kind of way so I was just worried.” 

“Really? From what I saw, they looked like good kids though.”

“Are you sure? Didn’t they do anything to you?”

“Nothing in particular that I can think of…”

Alongside the Sister all of the other teachers were looking at me, however I really didn’t feel like anything in particular had happened.

“How did the children act?” the Sister asked.

“They were all speaking with me really cheerfully. I think I might actually have a knack for this teaching job.”

I said while laughing, which in turn led to the other teachers looking at me with expressions of disbelief on their faces.


“Noah what are we gonna do! That guy is way different than the previous teachers.”

“It’s going to be impossible to drive him off with our strength alone!”

“Keep quiet.” I said which in turn forced everyone to stop their talking.

“That teacher is certainly weird. Knight, Magician, Beast Master, Blacksmith from what I saw he can use the class skills of all those classes.”

“That means he’s as strong as Freya or Cruz from The Sanctuary Knights. Doesn’t that make him famous!?”

“I don’t know… I’ve never heard of the name Gojo Masakado before… And there isn’t any specific information regarding Japan as well.”

“But if he really is as strong as that Freya then how exactly are we supposed to…”

Just before Arthur could finish his sentence, I put up my hand to stop him. It’s certainly true that the new teacher is strong. However if we aren’t able to drive him out then all of our futures will be lost.

I stood up from my seat and headed to one of the corners in the classroom.

“Noah what do you think you’re doing!”

Sitting in the corner of the classroom was a girl, the youngest amongst all of us. She was quietly sitting there surrounded by a gloomy air. I walked up and spoke to her cheerfully.

“Hey Emily. I want to borrow your strength. Will you listen to what I have to say?”

Even though I spoke to her Emily just continued looking down without giving me any sort of response. However, that was her normal attitude so I just continued speaking.

“Didn’t we all make that promise. That guy is gonna be an obstacle to achieving our goals!”

“But… I’m…” said Emily in a soft voice that seemed like it would disappear any moment. 

Hearing her response I continued to persuade her.

“If something happens, we’ll definitely be there to help. You trust us right?”

In the end Emily nodded. 

‘As long as she lends us her power, then it won’t matter how strong that Gojo guy is. He’ll definitely leave after tomorrow.’


The following day ・ Morning

Within the staff room I was taking notes on the kids. Yesterday after seeing their abilities, I had appraised them so I currently had a pretty good understanding about them.

Noah Smith

Sage Lv 5

A 14 year old from Switzerland. The thing that most surprised me about him was that he actually had the high rank class Sage. He once again made me realize that there really was a difference from person to person.

Victor Mays

Magician Lv 7

A 15 year old boy from Belgium.

Louise Bernard

Monk Lv 4

A 11 year old boy from France.

Arthur Leroy

Knight Lv 8

A 14 year old boy from France.

Sara Dubois

Great Magician Lv 9

A 16 year old girl from France.

Chloe Martin

Beast Master Lv 6

A 12 year old girl from France.

‘Hm only 6? I thought I appraised all of them. Guess I was wrong.  The one I’m missing is… I see Emily from Luxembourg huh… Now that I think about it there was one girl that kept a low profile.

Oh well I guess I’ll just appraise her today.’ 

Making up my mind I headed towards the classroom.

“Good morning everyone.”

“Good morning Mr. Gojo.”

Upon entering, I could see that everyone was sitting in their chairs just like yesterday. Yesterday I was able to see the abilities of only 5 of them, so today I had made it my goal to see the remaining two.

But even so from what I had seen up until now I was really surprised. Compared to how I was when I first got my abilities, these kids were shockingly good at handling theirs. Well it wasn’t like I had obtained mine with hard work so I guess it’s understandable… The thing that bothered me was whether I’d really be able to teach these kids.

The other thing that was weighing on my mind was their levels. Normally you would kill monsters and level up that way, however even though these kids shouldn’t have encountered any monsters up until now they have somehow leveled up.

Either there is some other way that I don’t know of, or maybe it’s just a difference between my way of acquiring classes with the Class Slates and their way of acquiring classes.

Either way there was no point in thinking about these stuff for now, so I decided to just do what I currently could.

“Well then, let’s continue from yesterday and start with Sara t…”

“Mr. Gojo!” yelled Noah with a raised hand. 

Just as I was wondering what was going on, he continued speaking.

“Can you start with Emily first? After seeing you yesterday she was really looking forward to being taught by you today.”

“Is that so? Okay then.”

Noah upon hearing my response seemed really happy.  

Looking towards the corner of the classroom there, I could see the youngest amongst all of the kids.

It was a cowering little girl whose presence looked like it might disappear at any moment.

“Emily will you tell me a bit more about yourself?”

“…I-I’m…” tried saying Emily in a small voice. 

However due to not being able to hear her clearly I decided to get closer…

“…D-don’t come close… You’ll be…”

“Hm? What did you say?”

Upon taking another step forward, I noticed something strange.


Looking down I could see that something had dropped right next to my foot. Looking more closely at it, I noticed that the things were actually drops of blood. I immediately rolled up my sleeve.

Underneath which I could see that my arm had holes in it and blood was dripping from them.

I hurriedly looked around, only to see small, darkish balls like things floating around me. The darkish small ball that didn’t even trigger my Detection had suddenly appeared all around me.

“This is…”

It was Dark Magic! I immediately appraised the little girl sitting in the corner.

Emily Simon

Demon King Lv 7

[Class Skill] Darkness’ Protection Rank C

I immediately took a step backwards. 

‘A Demon King? You mean to tell me she just got the highest rarity class just like that… It’s no wonder she cannot control her ability.’

“Mr. Gojo, is something wrong?” asked Noah with a smile. 

Because of Telepathy even since yesterday I could tell that he had an enmity towards me, but now it all made sense. He was planning on using this girl’s powers in order to drive me out.

“Mr. Gojo…p-please…d-don’t make me use it…” said timidly Emily, standing up from her seat. 

However there was no way I could just turn a blind eye to her.

I immediately cast Protection, creating a shield of light, so that no one from the outside could interfere.


“What’s this thing!”

It immediately pushed off all of the other students, leaving just me and Emily inside of the dome of light. Since the dome created with Protection was a light type attribute it would be possible to negate Emily’s Dark Magic, meaning that nothing would leak out to the outside.

“Emily should we start? I want to see what you’re really capable of.”

“…B-but Mr. Gojo y-you’re hurt…”

I once again folded up my sleeve showing Emily my arm.

“There’s nothing though. Are you sure you weren’t just seeing things?”

“Y-you’re lying… j-just now… how did you.”

I once again got closer to Emily. Seeing me approach she timidly took a step backwards.

“Y-you can’t… I-if you get close to me you’ll only bring misfortune upon yourself…”


“…E-everyone is scared… o-of me…”

“Why? There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Suddenly a thick cluster of darkness formed from behind Emily, after which it started spreading. The darkish balls around me suddenly increased in size, and because they weren’t able to leave the perimeter of the Protection skill, the whole dome was filled with them.

“… A m-monster… even amongst ability users… I-I’m still called a monster…”

“I understand you. However there is no need to worry about that.”

“T-there’s no way you understand… I-I haven’t met an ability user that’s stronger than me… t-that’s why there’s…” was struggling to say something, however it seems like she had a hard time getting the words to come out.

“What a coincidence. I also haven’t met anyone that’s stronger than me.” saying that, I once again began walking towards Emily. With each step my body would touch the darkish balls, however I didn’t mind and just continued walking.

“…N-no… Don’t come… M-my ability will kill you.”

“I’ll prove to you that your ability doesn’t work on me. Try attacking me with everything you’ve got.”

“Stop it!! Don’t force her any more than this! You’ll really get yourself killed!!” Noah was frantically screaming outside of the dome. 

It seems like they were trying everything they could in order to break the dome of light, however with their powers that was going to be impossible.

I lifted up my hand and started gathering magic power. Suddenly numerous beads of light started appearing within the dome, illuminating everything inside. Seeing that, Emily’s face suddenly turned to one of fear.

Just as I once again continued walking――

“NO!! DON’T COME!!!”

All of the darkish balls suddenly shot towards me at once.

 “Light Magic…” alongside my words the surroundings were immediately illuminated once again, and the beads of light started shining even more fiercely.

“Shining Meteor!!”

The beads of light collided with the darkish balls completely extinguishing them. Seeing that, as if having lost all of the strength in her legs Emily fell to the floor.“See.I’m stronger after all.”

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  1. Demon king, huh? it doesn’t sound like it a job/class you acquire like that, seeing how the candy skill and all is given to Gojo and gacha stuff I bet she like the boss or something from France that as yet to awaken or something, but I want her in his party!! I mean she a Demon king and all gotta be the template where he fall with the demon king or the demon kind will. anyway there gotta be something suspicious with that school thingy and there gotta be something too with Emily.

    Thank for the chapter! And don’t forget to pray to our lady Suzaku-chan!

    1. I mean he also got the demon king class from the gacha. It’s probably just a really rare class like hero.

  2. Mr. Gojo why are you bullying a little girl…
    oh wait. It was supposed to be the other way around, huh.

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