Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 20

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Philia’s Secret

Clarice looked at Philia, who was sleeping soundly, with a smile. Then Clarice clasped her hands, looking like she just remembered something. 

“Oh, yes, did you know that Philia spent most of her money hiring Solon-sama?”

“Huh? Is that so?”

“Yes, about 80% of the yearly budget allocated to Philia by the imperial family. That is Solon’s annual salary.”

I was taken aback. Lucy said this was a job with a good salary, so she recommended me to work as Philia’s instructor. I felt that the salary was high as an instructor, but I thought it wasn’t strange to earn that much money when it came to serving the princess.  

However, if I thought about it, until now Philia only had one private maid, Clarice. Philia was just one of the many princesses and she only had one servant. She was treated as a laughing stock. The emperor wouldn’t hire a highly-paid instructor for her. So Philia, by her own means, probably used the little money she was given by the imperial family to hire me. 

“I should’ve known. It’s bad, isn’t it? I will have to ask Philia-sama to lower my salary later.”

“Ah, um, I didn’t mean for you to do that. What I wanted to say was that Philia-sama wants to treasure Solon-sama. So… if Solon-sama does that, Philia will be sad.”


“What’s more, if it’s Solon-sama, there should be many jobs using your power that could earn more money than this. So if you look at it, doesn’t this job actually have a lower salary? You’re not only acting as an instructor, but also an escort.”

“Um, well, that’s true.”

“So please don’t ask for a lower salary just because you have a lot of money. Philia will be angry,” Clarice said in a low voice. Well, it bothered me in some ways, but I couldn’t do anything for now so I’d think about it later. 

More importantly, why did Philia want to hire me that much? At first, she said she wanted to have an instructor like “the Vice-Captain of The Knights of Saint Sophia, Solon”. But when Lucy asked, she couldn’t find anyone the princess liked. That was when I, Solon, came into the scene. And Lucy introduced me to Philia. 

I asked Clarice the reason why Philia seemed to be making a fuss over a magic swordsman like me. Clarice then had a confused look. 

“Did you not hear from Philia-sama?”

“I only heard that she wanted Solon, the magic swordsman hero from the famous knight order…?”

“And you’re not convinced with that reason?”

“Well, it didn’t look like she wanted just any famous person. If it were, then it would be better if she asked for Cleon, Sophia, or Arte.” 

“Well, I want Solon-sama more than Saint-sama or Cleon-sama.” 

“That’s because I have the same status as you, a commoner.”

“There’s that, but it was also because of Philia-sama’s influence that I became Solon-sama’s fan.”


This was not what I had in mind. I thought Clarice had told Philia various rumors, the stories of heroism that were widely circulating in the society about The Knights of Saint Sophia, like how they conquered the ruins nobody could conquer in the past 200 years and how they defeated the legendary black dragon.

Although it was exaggerated, The Knights of Saint Sophia reached great popularity because of those stories. However, it was strange that Philia would make a fuss over me just by hearing such stories second-handedly. 

“I wonder how she could trust me that much without having met me in person.”

“What if she’s already met you in person?” Clarice said, answering my thoughts.


“Solon-sama and Philia-sama have met each other long ago,” Clarice said with a smile. 

I thought about the meaning of those words. Have I ever met Philia? I wondered if I had met her when I was a student at the magic school, or after I founded the knight order. I didn’t think that was the case, but Clarice looked like she knew something.

When I tried to open my mouth to ask, Clarice put her index finger on my lips. The soft feeling of her finger made me blush. 

“Uhm, Clarice-san.”

“If you want to know more, please ask Philia-sama directly. I have to get back to work now!” Clarice instantly disappeared from the room. 


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