I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 94

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Noah Smith

I went with the Sister and in a bit we found ourselves in front of the troublemaker class. From what I was told, there were 7 kids each of different ages varying from 10 to 16 year olds.

“It’s here.” said the Sister standing in front of the door to the classroom. However she gave me the feeling that she had no intention of going inside. After telling me to take care and do my best she left.

“Well then I wonder what kind of kids they are…”

I opened the door and went inside. Within the spacious classroom there were 7 desks in total, each separated by the others by a bit and on each desk there was a single child all sitting there quietly.

“Hello.” I said after walking up to the teacher’s desk. 

The Sister told me earlier that all of the children here could speak English so I decided to just go with that…

“Good morning teacher.” said politely a boy with a full head of gray hair sitting on a desk in the front. 

Looking at the attendance record that was laid out on top of my desk I could see the name of the boy that had just replied. His name was Noah Smith.

“You’re Noah correct?”

“Yes. I’m just really glad that we finally got a new teacher.” after Noah said that all of the other kids suddenly smiled while looking at me.

 ‘And here I thought that they’d be way worse, guess I was wrong.’

“I’m Gojo, starting today I’ll be teaching you how to properly use your abilities. I’ll be looking forward to working with you all. Oh yea by the way, I come from a country called Japan. Have you heard of it?”

“Of course, I’ve watched a bit of anime so I know it.” responded a boy with a sturdy physique sitting in the back. 

‘So that’s Arthur.’ 

Before coming to the classroom I had taken the effort to remember the names and faces of everyone so that I wouldn’t have to look at the name register every single time…

“Mr. Gojo what exactly will you be teaching us?”

“That’s a good question… Before I teach you anything I first need to get a hand of your abilities so do you mind showing them to me?”

“Okay. We can do that instead of doing the self-introduction.” said Noah with a smile on his face.



[I know.]

After Arthur and I exchanged looks, Arthur nodded at me confirming the plan.

“Mr. Gojo! Let’s have an arm wrestling match. I want to show you my strength.” said Arthur.

“Arm wrestling huh, sounds nice! Let’s do it.” replied the teacher who had called himself Gojo and proceeded to lock hands with Arthur. 

What he didn’t know was that Arthur has the Unique Skill called Stout Arm. It was a rarely seen skill even amongst adult ability users. With the help of his skill before when he played arm wrestling with one of the other teachers he even broke his bones. 

‘I wonder how Mr. Gojo will do.’

“Ready, Go!”


“Oh wow, you’re really strong!”

Arthur’s face turned bright red while he was trying to pull out all of the power he had, however even so Gojo’s hand didn’t move at all… Let alone that, he even had a completely relaxed expression.

“That’s it!”

He easily beat Arthur. This was my first time actually seeing Arthur lose to anyone. 

‘Does he have a Knight type class I wonder… He seems physically strong. Well in that case.’

“Victor!” after I said that Victor looked towards me nodding.

“Mr. Gojo, can you look at mine now. I can use magic however I’m not sure how well I’m able to wield it so I want you to take a look at it.”

“Magic is it! Sure, go ahead and show me.” After Mr. Gojo said that, Victor produced flames around himself, after which the flames that rose high up in the air began coming together on the top of Victor’s hand forming into a fireball. Victor’s Unique Skill was called Fire’s Blessing. Considering his skill, there was no person who could use fire magic better than Victor.

“Mr. Gojo here it comes.” After saying that Victor launched the fireball he had formed straight at Mr. Gojo. 

Victor’s fireball is a really terrifying fire magic which upon touching a person explodes, covering their whole body with fierce flames. With the help of Sara’s Water Magic, we can later extinguish the flames, however it was still a good way to scare the new teacher.

In the next moment the fire ball reached Mr. Gojo and exploded, letting the flames inside of it burst out.  However…

“What the!?” said Sara looking with wide eyes. The flame suddenly dispersed in front of Gojo, and behind it something resembling an illusionary shield could be seen surrounding his whole body.

“Amazing! If you’re able to control magic to this degree then I don’t think there’s gonna be a lot of things that I can teach you…” after saying that Gojo gathered the flames that were still dispersing on top of his hand and suddenly turned them into an even more frightening enormous flame.

“However if you get even better, then you’ll be able to do things like this.”

Suddenly flames flew up from his hand turning into a whirlwind of flames, from the inside of which a Dragon appeared.

“Fire Dragon!”

The dragon suddenly headed towards us, enveloping us all in its flames. 

‘We’re gonna get burned…!’ was what I thought, however when the flames passed by us they didn’t feel hot at all. 

‘What is going on…?’

“Pretty cool right. When you become able to control flames freely, you’ll even be able to choose which things get burned and which don’t.” after saying that Mr. Gojo dispersed the flames. 

‘He’s able to use magic as well!? Considering he has that amount of physical strength and can wield magic as well, there’s no mistaking it that his class is a Magic Knight. It’s the first we’ve gotten a teacher with a high ranked class…’

However he still wasn’t the one that we were waiting for!

“Noah what should we do?” asked Arthur with a worried expression. Considering what had just happened I couldn’t blame him that he felt like that.

“Mr Gojo, can you take a look at Chloe’s ability as well. She can use a really interesting kind of Summoning Magic. Chloe, show it to him.”

I urged her, after which she responded with “S-sure.”

“It’s only natural that I take a look at everyone’s abilities. Go ahead and don’t hold back.” said Mr. Gojo with a smile on his face.

‘Look at him acting all smug and all. Too bad he doesn’t know that neither physical strength nor magic is gonna work on Chloe. Show him Chloe, make him run away crying!’

“Here I go! Summon!!” After the words left Chloe’s mouth, a magic circle formed of light appeared on the ground, and from within it a monster began crawling out.


What came out was a two meter tall Ogre. Normal Summoning Magic usually allows you to summon monsters at random, however Chloe can freely summon this Ogre whenever she pleases.

Anyone who has faced it hasn’t come out unharmed.

“Whoa you can call forth something like that with Summoning Magic. Pretty cool considering you’re so young.”

‘What? Why is he so calm? Isn’t he scared of it?’

“I can also use a bit of Summoning Magic, do you want to see it?”


“Summon!! Come forth Spriggan!!!”

Another magic circle appeared on the floor and alongside with it a huge amount of magic power filled the classroom. From within the light a single monster came out. The Ogre that Chloe had just summoned looked like a small child compared to it.

The classroom’s ceiling was originally pretty high, however this monster was so tall that its head was just inches away from touching the ceiling.


The monster roared and with its roar cracks started appearing on the walls of the building and the windows of the classroom were immediately shattered. All of us were forced to plug our ears in front of that terrifying roar.

The Ogre that was standing right in front of it unfortunately took the full blast from the roar and in the next instant disintegrated into dots of light.

“Ugh I did it this time…” saying that Gojo immediately unsummoned his monster and stretched out his hand towards the broken windows. The broken windows suddenly started shining and the broken glass pieces, as if going back in time, returned to their original shape.


‘What the…!?’ 

I was shocked because I had seen this ability before. It was the Blacksmith’s Class Skill Generate. [TL/N: Up until now I translated the Blacksmith’s Class Skill as Forging but in this chapter the english equivalent of the skill was given so I will continue using Generate instead of Forging from now on.] After all of the broken pieces returned to their places, the windows once again looked as good as new.

‘This person… Just how many abilities does he have?’

“Well then, now that everything’s fixed let’s continue with the remaining abilities.”

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