When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 21

Translator: Azo

Editor: Diya

Being a teacher

That’s quite the heavy proposition.

Regardless, Jiang Chen promises, “Okay, if you are able to refine it, the six million gold coins will belong to you. If you can’t… you will owe me six million gold coins.” This poor little alchemist clearly can’t afford that.

With money to earn, Kong Wuying is immediately elated. He turns to Boss He and says, “We can start.”

With this bet on, Boss He is helpless to say anything else. It’s not his problem, really. “Everything is upstairs.”

There’s no merchandise on the second floor. Boss He has a lot of money so he directly set the second floor as his private alchemy room.

Boss He carefully takes out a slightly worn-out pill, hands it to Kong Wuying and says, “This is the third level pill, Light Wind and Snow pill. You can spend an hour studying it. Be careful not to damage the pill.”

Kong Wuying takes a glance at the pill and then immediately returns the scroll with the ingredients to him. “No need, let’s start.”

He still has to go shopping later, he can’t waste too much time.

Boss He sees the prescription get stuffed into his arms, and his beard trembles slightly.

This young man is here to make trouble. Third level pills have an ingredient list that is different from the ordinary prescription of lower levels, and there are dozens of kinds of medicinal materials that are put into only one pill. 

It takes a great effort to find out the weight and adding order of each herb, not to mention the melting time and properties of medicinal materials.

What about this man? He took a glance. This kid is just messing with everyone. Boss He hates that he, for a moment, thought that maybe the boy had some skill. 

Boss He grits his teeth and orders his staff to send three sets of the medicinal materials on the list. This is a common practice for alchemy, because not every time will the alchemy go smoothly. 

The success rate of most pill masters is about 30%. However, although his Light Wind and Snow pill is only a third level pill, it is more difficult than a fourth level, which makes many famous pill masters flinch.

Kong Wuying looks over the medicinal materials delivered from downstairs and his eyebrows furrow. “No Hundred Flowers honey?”

“What honey?” Boss He can’t believe his ears. “This pill is a very high level, adding a trace of the wrong herb will lead to frying, not to mention…” He pauses for a moment. “Hundred Flowers honey is usually added as seasoning, which is not related to the attribute of this pill formula.”

This is exactly what happens when a rookie tries to act smart, this kind of lack of common sense.

Seeing that the boss strongly disagrees, Kong Wuying has to sigh. “That’s okay.”

Don’t waste time. The sooner he starts, the sooner it finishes.

Kong Wuying begins to boil the water and drop in herbs, his actions flowing into each other gracefully like water, not a moment of hesitation between the steps.

Seeing his confident movements, Boss He’s face is slightly less disdainful. It seems that the kid has at least some knowledge of what he’s doing… 

Boss He can’t even finish the idea when Kong Wuying puts out the fire. 

“Done,” Kong Wuying says to the boss.


Done your sister! Boss He is so angry that he wants to go up and grab Kong Wuying’s collar. “This young master, you came to my shop to make a fool of yourself. Are you satisfied yet?”

Kong Wuying frowns. “Ah?” 

What the hell? Why are people in Mingguang so strange? Aren’t they talking about alchemy? How am I bullying you?

“Young master, please level!” Boss He says, unable to maintain his politeness. “Please don’t enter Duobao Pavilion again in the future, otherwise don’t blame me for my impoliteness!” He turns to a waiting staff member. “Come and see off the guests!”

Kong Wuying is immediately surrounded and Kongbao frowns, stepping in front of Kong Wuying body.

However, compared with the healthy servants who are tall, strong and full-bodied, Kongbao’s slender figure is really not a threat, and he is as beautiful as a flower. He’s just like an innocent girl being bullied.

Before several ‘bullies’ get hurt by Kongbao, Kong Wuying finally figures out the situation. He quickly opens the furnace cover and says to Boss He, “Do you want your pills?”

With the furnace cover open, golden light overflows, filling the room for a long time before it slowly dims.

Boss He looks at the pill furnace, in shock. This is… this is… His legs begin to tremble with excitement, and he feels like he’s in a dream. 

What awakens him is a few shrill squeals, like pigs in an abattoir. Boss He comes back to his senses and finds that there are many people on the ground, curled up and groaning. 

He can’t help but be startled. “You, who are you?”

Because Boss He is shocked, he didn’t stop the servants in time, and they were beaten by Kongbao.


Kong Wuying coughs lightly and says, “I’m sorry, boss. The people under me don’t know how to stay their hand. The medical expenses, I… it was a misunderstanding.”

His baby’s natural duty is to protect Kong Wuying. Although these people have been misunderstood, they did intend to hurt Kong Wuying, so they were beaten like this. It’s none of his business, really.

“Oh, no. No need.” Boss He is embarrassed for a while, and then quickly turns his attention to the furnace. He’s obsessed with it and feels that he can’t see enough of it. “This is really the Light Wind and Snow pill? ” He looks at the row of pills in the furnace, obviously he has living pills inside.

“If your prescription is right.” Kong Wuying suggests, “You can try it.”

Anyway, Kong Wuying won’t eat it, it doesn’t have any honey.

Boss He twitches. It’s not food, you can’t just try a taste. However, after refining the pill, Boss He can only praise Kong Wuying and must not upset him. “Your pill technique is excellent, this old man was rude before, please excuse my manners.”

“Where is my shadow flower?” Kong Wuying reminds him.

“Oh, oh.” Boss He seems to wake up from a dream. He carefully puts away the pills and takes Kong Wuying to walk downstairs.

Many people have heard about it, either from being in ear shot or being told, so there’s quite a crowd downstairs, waiting to know the result.

Including Jiang Chen, who knows that the little alchemist can’t succeed, but somehow Jiang Chen is a little uneasy. Maybe the bet was too big this time So he worries.

When he sees Kong Wuying and Boss He coming downstairs, the other shoe finally drops. 

They weren’t even up there for ten minutes. Did the furnace explode as soon as they started boiling water?

Boss He turns to Jiang Chen and smiles. “Xiao Chen, the Hidden Shadow flower will be going to Mr. Ning.”

His words cause a great stir in the crowd. Is the pill refined? So fast? 

Kong Wuying rolls his eyes in the background. So this is going to keep happening everywhere he goes then. He misses being famous, when no one questioned his skill.

The most shocked, the most incredulous, and the most unaccepting is Jiang Chen. He glares. “Boss He, has the pill been refined?”

“Naturally.” Boss He’s eyes are especially full of reverence as he looks towards Kong Wuying. “Young master Ning’s alchemy is supernatural, I can’t help but admire it.”

“Thanks.” Kong Wuying takes the packaged Hidden Shadow flower and nods towards Jiang Chen. “Well?”

“What?” Jiang Chen doesn’t respond for a moment.

“Give me the money,” says the loyal miser.

Jiang Chen had no intention of giving it over, but in full view of the public, he can’t just walk away. His hands are shaking when he hands over a cheque. This is his pocket money for a whole year, what a waste.

Kongbao takes the gold ticket, scans it to make sure it’s not counterfeit, and nods to Kong Wuying.

Kong Wuying doesn’t forget to tease him, “Wasn’t this fun? Call me out to play again sometime.”

“Wait a minute!” At this time, a tall young man suddenly pushes through the small crowd. It seems that he’s about 30 years old. His eyes are serious as he asks Boss He, “The Light Wind and Snow pill, he really refined it?”

“Old Wei?” Boss He is startled but nods and takes out a small jade box and opens it to reveal a golden light.

Looking at the pills in the jade box, the young man is shocked and rushes up to the Kong Wuying. “Tell me the technique to make this pill and I’ll exchange it with a fourth level breakthrough pill!”

The room cries out as one.

“A fourth level breakthrough pill!”

“My gods, what kind of alchemy technique is so valuable?”

“Oh, I just want to know it!”

Fourth level breakthrough pill? What the hell? Kong Wuying shakes his head.

When he refuses, the crowd feels sorry for him at the lost opportunity, but they understand. Alchemy techniques are what feed a master, it can’t be sold easily.

The young man refuses to give up. “How about adding another fourth grade Animal Vessel pill- the Snake Walking pill?”

Kong Wuying still shakes his head.

The breakthrough and the animal vessel pills are the two most precious pills in the fourth level. If this payment doesn’t work, would he exchange it with a fifth level pill?

Kong Wuying purses his lips and says, “Ten million gold coins.”

All of them start to murmur. Well, this man is a fool. Either of those two pills is worth more than 10 million gold coins on the market, but who sells that kind of thing? The pills are by far more valuable.

Wei didn’t expect that he would get a request for money and so the young man pauses slightly. “But I have no money.”

Poor man, there’s nothing to say then. Kong Wuying starts to leave. 

“Wait a minute!” Wei grits his teeth. “Teach me alchemy and I’ll let you become a teacher in Tianhong Academy, how about it?”

Kong Wuying footsteps stop but he’s sceptical. “Is that a serious offer?”

Xiao Yue once mentioned that he wanted to use his family resources to give Kong Wuying a chance to enter the university. If the young man here is serious, Kong Wuying doesn’t have to owe others.

“Of course,” Wei says. As if he’s afraid of Kong Wuying retracting his interest, Wei quickly puts a badge into Kong Wuying’s hand. “This is a teacher’s badge for Tianhong Academy. You can take this badge to the university tomorrow and report my name; Wei Zetian.”

Kong Wuying is weighing the delicate badge in his hand, still somewhat suspicious.

The people watching and eating popcorn are starting to whisper again.

“The number of teachers in Tianhong Alchemy Academy, my gods, how valuable that badge must be!”

“Is this young man mentally ill? If he gives the badge, won’t the other one sell all the pills he gets his hands on for money, judging by that ten million nonsense?”

“This young man must be lying, pulling out a badge like that. Every teacher of Tianhong has been hand picked, the best of the best! How can a badge be so easily given out? Does the young man think he’s the illegitimate son of the principal?”

“On the contrary, although he looks young, he is actually more than 150 years old. He is the principal’s father, and the principal is his illegitimate child!”


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