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Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 7

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The Proposal of the Elven King

The next morning, I woke up with the sun shining on my face.

Something soft enveloped my left arm. A Half-Elf beauty slept beside me while hugging my arm.

She’s Tina, my wife.

If it’s a typical day, she’s already up and preparing breakfast for me at this time; but today, she’s still fast asleep. That’s because we’re here in Alheim, the Kingdom of the Elves. We were invited to the Royal Palace as guests. There was no need for Tina to prepare breakfast since the palace maids will be in charge of that, so I’ll let her sleep for a little bit longer.

Yesterday, she was wearing a dress that she’s not used to, so she looked like she was tired out. I recalled how Tina looked in her wedding dress. She was absolutely stunning. I should have praised her more. I was dumbstruck by her beauty, and I regret not saying anything.

Well, she was exceptionally beautiful in her wedding dress, but she’s also cute beyond words as she slept beside me. I tried to stroke her head.


Tina let out a charming voice. She seems quite happy.


I want to stay like this forever.

Unfortunately, time’s up.

Somebody knocked on the door. The palace maids came to wake us up.

“Breakfast has been prepared. Would you like to come?”

“Yes, we’ll be there.”

The maids went out after I replied.

“Wake up, Tina.”


She hid her face into the blanket as if she didn’t want to.

She’s probably awake right now.


“I’m hungry, so I thought of giving Tina a kiss as a reward if you get up now so we can go have to breakfast—“


Tina pushed the blanket vigorously and poked her head out. Her eyes were still closed, and her lips were puckered slightly.

I lightly kissed her lips.

“Morning, Tina.”

“Good morning, Halt-sama.”

“They said breakfast’s ready.”

“I understand. I’ll get changed immediately.”

After changing our clothes, we went out, and the maid who came to wake us stood waiting. She then led us to the room where breakfast was prepared.

“After you are done with your meal, His Majesty wishes to talk to you two.”

What might it be?

We hurriedly ate. It was delicious. I thought Elven dishes are bland, but they were unexpectedly normal. Ah, but maybe I was used to eating bland foods because I had been eating, all this time, the dishes that Tina, a Half-Elf, prepares.

Ah, but let’s just leave it at that. I need to hurry since the Elf King summoned us.


Tina and I arrived at the Elf King’s study.

“Good morning, thanks for coming.”

“Good morning.”

“Good morning, we heard Your Majesty wanted to talk to us.”

“That is correct. Well, have a seat over there.”

We sat at the sofa reserved for the guests. The Elf King sat across us.

“This might be sudden, but would you like to consider becoming a noble in this country?”

“Tina was originally a daughter of the Viscount of this Kingdom. However, when the country finally became aware of the death of Tina’s father, Tina was already a slave, so she did not inherit the Viscount’s peerage, and the House of Harivell was escheated.”

Meaning to say, if Tina did not become a slave, she would be a Viscount by now.

“In this regard, I would like to bestow a rank to the Heroine Tina Harivell as a reward for defeating the Demon King. What do you think?”

“I decline.”

Tina answered immediately.

“…Can you tell me the reason?”

“First, I do not have any interest in political power. Besides, even if I am granted a peerage, I would not be able to govern it well.”

“I can grant you an honorary title without any territory.”

“Nevertheless, wouldn’t there be suitable compensation required by the aristocrats? Like being forced to go to war, for example.”

Power comes with a price. Just to give you an example, in order to obtain and govern a territory, a portion of its profits must be paid to the state as taxes.

Honorary nobles who do not possess territories must contribute manpower to the military forces. We, having no subordinates, will be mandated to join the battlefield personally.

“My husband is Halt-sama. He is the only one who can command me. So, I will not be a nobleman.”

“In that case, how about Halt?”


I am the third son of the Count’s family, so if I get married and leave the house, my title will be taken from me. However, I do believe I’ll still receive support from my family.

I don’t think I’ll have any problems with my livelihood. In the worst-case scenario, I can become an adventurer and make a living out of demon subjugation. In the first place, it’s easy to imagine all the barrage of criticisms the elf aristocrats will throw when I, a human, become a noble of the Elf Kingdom.

“I also do not need any title.”

I also refused the Elf King’s proposal.

“I see. So, is there anything you wish from this Kingdom?”

I don’t really follow the Elf King’s thought process.

“We do not have anything we want in particular, but… Is there something your Majesty wishes to negotiate with us?”

“We want a blessing from you. That is why we promise to provide whatever you wish for to the best of our ability.”

“Blessing? It’s impossible for us to do such a thing.”

“It is not like the blessing that is bestowed by the Spirits. We ask for your pledge that you will not become an enemy of this Kingdom.”

“I don’t think I’ll be an enemy to this Kingdom, since this is Tina’s homeland.”

“That may be so, but Halt is a human. There are people among the human race who wish to possess Yggdrasil, which is being protected by the Elves.”

So the Elf King meant something like this. Throughout the course of history, the human race repeatedly waged wars against the Elves in order to obtain Yggdrasil. The Elves kept on defending and protecting the World Tree each time. However, Tina and I were tied in marriage, and now, there is the possibility that Tina will take the side of the humans.

 The Heroine, who defeated the Demon King and possessed enough power to defeat the great army of demons on her own, may become their foe.

“In addition to Tina, if Halt, who possesses the same—no, even greater power than Tina becomes our opponent, this Kingdom will easily perish.”

The Elf King bowed his head towards us.

“Yggdrasil bestows upon us just a single Leaf each year—I will give that Leaf to you yearly from hereon. With that, please, guarantee the safety of this Kingdom. Please, promise that you will not be an enemy unto us.”

Tina and I glanced at each other.

“I hated this Kingdom.”

Tina started talking to the Elf King.

“The Elves who killed my dear Father and Mother—this country—I hated all of them. I once thought about taking revenge once I obtain power.”

The Elf King’s whole body trembled. The current Tina possesses enough power to take revenge.

“However, I no longer think about it now, not even one bit. Sarion carried out my enmity, and a Hero was able to heal my wounded heart; now, I have Halt-sama.”

“T, then…”

“I promise I will not attack this Kingdom.”

“If Tina says so, then I’ll also do that.”

“Many thanks! With that, as compensation, the Leaf of Yggdrasil…”

“About that…”

The moment I opened my mouth to speak, a gust of wind blew inside the Elf King’s study room.

“Ah! So you were in a place like this, Halt!”

“S, Sylph-sama!!!”

“Hello, Elf King! Thank you so much for the food yesterday. It was delicious!”

“Ah, i, it’s not worth mentioning…”

“Why did you come here?”

“I haven’t given my congratulatory gift to you yet! Here you go! Leaves of Yggdrasil!”

She gave me a few dozen pieces of leaves. All of them were from Yggdrasil, she said.


The Elf King was looking anxiously at the ultimate rare treasure items that were in my hands.

“And so, we do not need the Leaf of Yggdrasil. Ah, but we’ll keep our promise, rest assured.”

The Elf King continued to try forcing several treasures on us, but we refused everything. 

Finally, he even offered Leaffa as a concubine.

I declined politely, of course.


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