When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 20

Translator: Azo

Editor: Diya

Ning-ge, your hands are slippery

Looking at Kong Wuying’s bright eyes, Xao Yue regrets that his mouth is too fast for his brain to catch up. How could winning the Shengdu alchemy competition be so easy?

Xiao Yue doesn’t know that Kong Wuying is already thinking about melting down the priceless treasure given to first place.

Either way, the words have already been said, so Xiao Yue continues. “However, the age limit for the competition is under 30 years old, so there are some rare third division pill masters that might compete.”

Xiao Yue explains, “Although you’re gifted, you may not be a match for them at present. Those who go to Shengdu are the elite of the elite in the whole Mohe kingdom. It’s hard to get a place in that city. However, there’s still a month to go before the competition. With my Xiao family backing, you can enter the Tianhong Alchemy Academy. I believe it will be of great benefit to your alchemy.”

Tianhong Academy is the most famous alchemy university in the whole of Mohe kingdom. It’s a paradise that countless alchemy teachers yearn for, because there are only ten positions open and it ranks number one in the whole Daqing empire. 

Although the strength of the Xiao family is strong, it will take a lot of favours to get someone into the academy. But if it is for Ning-ge, it doesn’t matter.

Kong Wuying considers the plan and eventually agrees. Shengdu is the epicentre of alchemy, so whether he wants to continue to upgrade his Kongjian or he wants to practice demonic cultivation to grow this body’s abilities, he needs materials.

Many, many materials.

Yunyue city, such a small place, is obviously not able to meet his needs. As the capital of Mohe kingdom, Shengdu is bound to have outstanding people and rich materials.

Seeing Kong Wuying look determined, Xiao Yue can’t help smiling. “Since Pill Emperor Chu’s secret collection was taken away, I should go home. Today I’ll pack up my things. We’ll set out together in the early morning.”

Xiao Yue leaves soon after and Kong Wuying calls for Kongbao.

Kongbao is obviously not happy to see their private time taken away now that they have to move. 

Kong Wuying pats the puppet on the head. “I’ll take you to eat delicious food?”

Kongbao’s eyes flicker down to Kong Wuying’s mouth and the edges of his own curve up. “Okay.”

The next morning, Kong Wuying leaves Yunyue city with his baby and Xiao Yue.

Yunyue city is remote and far away from Shengdu. Xiao Yue leads them all to ride on the third rank spirit beast, called a Swiftwind. After three days, they finally arrive at Shengdu.

Shengdu, as the capital of Mohe Kingdom, is not comparable to Yunyue city. It covers an area of 100 times the size of Yunyue city. The buildings are towering and of great style. Even the people on the road are more proud than others.

They change transport at the gate to take a sedan cart, all the way west.

With great interest, Xiao Yue points out the landmark building of Shengdu to Kong Wuying, “That’s the Alchemy Association, that is Danta, there is Jianzong pavilion over there, and the largest building complex over there is the royal palace. Oh, Ning-ge, your hands are slippery.”

“Whose hand?” Kongbao asks.

When Xiao Yue looks down to see who’s hand he’s holding, he can’t help but feel disappointed and quickly lets go.

It takes half an hour for the sedan cart to get to the Xiao family home.

The Xiao family’s house is extremely large, housing the hundreds of people of the Xiao family. Xiao Yue specially arranged for Kong Wuying to live near the garden beside his own residence.

“These are four maids and six butlers, at the disposal of Ning-ge.”

“Thank you for the kindness, Xiao-ge, but I’m just staying here for a while. It’s enough to have a baby with me. Don’t bother.”

What a joke, with so many people, would Kong Wuying ever get to eat a traditional Yeying meal?

Xiao Yue, seeing him insist, just glances at Kongbao and says nothing.

Kongbao returns a brilliant smile.

After settling down, Kong Wuying asks if Xiao Yue wants to accompany him as he goes on a tour of the capital.

Xiao Yue is embarrassed: “I just came back, I’m anxious to see my grandfather and father, I can’t accompany you around.”

Kong Wuying waves it off. “No harm, it’s fine if I go out alone with Kongbao.”

Xiao Yue thinks for a moment. “Take a few servants to avoid accidents.”

Kong Wuying refuses. “It’s enough to have baby to protect me.”

Xiao Yue almost laughs before he suppresses it. “A man who looks like that can protect people?”

There’s an abrupt and very loud sound of clattering wood.

Xiao Yue is stunned to find that the wall of his yard collapsed, crumpled in like stacks of wood. 

“Pardon me,” Kongbao says. “I wanted to see what kind of material it was made of, so I gently knocked.”

Xiao Yue: “…”

“Hello?” Kongbao says. “Mr. Xiao, what material is your room made of? Let me see!”

“No! Don’t!” Xiao Yue says quickly. “Y-you have so much to see, hurry and explore.”

They are unceremoniously ushered out.

The purpose of this trip is to look for rare materials. Without much window shopping, Kong Wuying goes straight to the nearest shop that sold pill materials. However, he wanders for a long time and doesn’t find anything to use.

Until he walks into a pharmacy.

The medicine shop is exquisitely decorated and imposing. There are masterpieces on the wall, and all the waiting staff are beautiful women.

Kong Wuying walks around the place in a circle, and finally sees a light blue flower.

The flower looks somewhat plain, but the slender veins running through the petals as a faint texture notes it to be extraordinary.

One of the essential materials for him to practice demonic cultivation: the Hidden Shadow fl


Kong Wuying turns to the manager. “Boss, this flower…”

“I’ll take it,” another voice interrupts.

Kong Wuying turns to see a young man in a gorgeous, long tunic swagger over. Next to him stood an old man in a blue robe, smiling.

The man sneers at Kong Wuying. “Oh! If it isn’t the little teacher that Xiao Yue appreciates so very much? Why are you alone, have you been abandoned by your master?”

Kong Wuying squints. “Excuse me, do I know you?”

The young masters pauses.

Kong Wuying tilts his head. “You look familiar. I don’t know where we’ve met before? In fact, I’m very bad at recognizing people, don’t blame me.”

“I spent eight hours with you in a fucking volcano and you say you don’t know me!” Jiang Chen roars.

“Oh, it’s the young master who was trapped in the volcano with me for eight hours and didn’t dare to move. I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Jiang Chen is sick of this man.

He raises his head and says. “I am going to be buying this flower. How about it, boss He, would you like to buy another house very shortly?”

The last sentence is obviously to the old man in blue next to Jiang Chen.

The old man strokes his beard and says with a smile, “Well, I do open my doors to do business…”

“I understand!” Jiang Chen says, “The market price of this Shadow Flower is five million gold coins. I’ll pay six million. How about you, little teacher?”

Jiang Chen’s last rhetorical question is very arrogant and Kong Wuying doesn’t bother to answer.

Six million? It’s better to steal it. Kong Wuying isn’t exactly swimming in cash right now, and even if he was, he’d just rob the store.

Seeing Kong Wuying stay quiet, Jiang Chen smirks with pride and tells the shop keeper, “Wrap up the Hidden Shadow flower for me.”

“Wait a minute, Mr. Jiang. Please listen to me.” The boss says, “The Hidden Shadow flower has attracted many customers because of its high age and good quality. For example, Lan Lao, Wei Lao, Chen Lao and so on. Therefore, this Hidden Shadow flower isn’t sold for gold coins.”

Hearing the names, Jiang Chen became serious. “You don’t sell it for gold coins? What does that mean?”

Boss He says, “I have a third level pill that’s been handed down in my family and so far no one has been able to refine it. Since Mr. Jiang knows how to refine third level pills, why not have a try?”

“This…” the smile on Jiang Chen’s face liquifies. He’s very confident in his alchemy, but if the several people just mentioned by Boss He are the ones he’s thinking of… if even they can’t refine the pill, he doesn’t have much confidence in his ability to do it either.

Kong Wuying waves a hand to call for their attention. “Boss, let me try.”

All of a sudden, everyone’s eyes are focused on the young man in white.

“This…” Boss He frowns. “What division are you in?”

The meaning of his words is; you are so low leveled, I can already tell, please don’t waste my time.

Kong Wuying dismisses it. “Not to mention third level pills, even five or six, I’ll have no problem.”

Jiang Chen scoffs. “What a brag! If you can make the pill, I’ll cut off my head and make it a stool for you to sit on!”

Kong Wuying feels that this sentence is very familiar. Ah, who was the last person to say this? Oh, it’s Yue Bin, who has become his servant for the next hundred years. 

But Kong Wuying doesn’t want to take servants any more, so he says seriously, “Just give me money instead.”


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