The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Chapter 1

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“Here’s your bento, Guu-chan. Eat it in the carriage once lunchtime arrives.”

“Okay, thanks.”

I received the leather bag from my mother, Anna McGwire, whose eyelids were heavy with grief.

I had stayed in the McGwire estate for about two weeks after I had first arrived.

I had wanted to leave earlier to see the sights of the capital, but my mother hadn’t allowed that.

Only when I promised her I would definitely return did I finally succeed in convincing her. Now, my departure to capital for the Imperial Magic Knight Academy’s[1] entrance exam was set in stone.

“Guu-chan, you’re still a child so don’t go off to anywhere dangerous. Come back immediately once you’re done.”


How many times had this exchange occurred.

With Margrave McBurn present, my grandfather, Dimer McGwire, explained the details of the events to the current head, Bart McGwire. He had been incredulous at first but was finally convinced by the end.

My mother was even younger than I had been in my previous life. I was now in a situation where I called a woman younger than I, mother, but it didn’t feel that off for some reason. In fact, I felt a sense of duty that said I should be acting like a child in front of her.

“Anna-sama, leave Grey-sama to me!”

Satella, one of the two travelling with me, elatedly placed her hand over her chest and bowed.

“Sure, Satella-chan. I’m counting on you.”

While my mother gently caressed my head, Satella narrowed her eyes, and the head maid behind us nodded in deep thought.

During these two weeks, Satella had been learning maid etiquette from the head maid, May. Apparently, Satella’s final goal was to become a legendary maid. You could say that her generation was quick to prefix words with “Legendary” or “Godly”. If she kept that up for several years, she’d turn into a very cringy person.

“I’m here too, so don’t worry,” declared Sylphid as she stroked her long blue hair, the alcohol having still not subsided from her face.

“Sylphy-san, please take care of this child,” my mother said.

The rest of the McGwire servants all bowed their head at the same time.

“Sure thing.”

Saying that with a face that screams, ‘I’m still drinking’ gave it absolutely no persuasiveness, but my mother and May-san were awfully trusting of this dragon.

She’s definitely been doing unnecessary things behind my back.

“Be careful, Guu-chan.”

She pulled me into a tight embrace. As a middle-aged man inside, I’d normally feel disgraced at being embraced by a young woman in public, but strangely I felt no aversion to it—probably because she was my mother. I had no experience after all, but I couldn’t prove it.

“Well then, I’m off.”

While conscious of my face that had set on fire, I gave them a simple farewell and escaped into the carriage.

“Wow, so even you’ll have such a human-like reaction.”

“Shut it.”

While Sylphy made fun of me, I gave her a frown and laid down on the hard, wooden floor with a thump.

Changed empire’s Magic Knight Academy to Imperial Magic Knight Academy because it’s all a proper noun.


Sorry for the late upload, but hope you enjoyed the start to the new volume!


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  1. At this point I figured he would’ve drawn a conclusion that he is a child but he thinks like a middle-aged scientist

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