The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Interlude

Translator/Editor: TastefulSardine

The Awaited Meeting – May

The Head Maid of the McGwire family, May.

Today, the madam barely touched her food as usual.

There wasn’t even a shadow left of her innocent personality pre-Grey-sama’s birth. 

Still, while the ill rumors about Grey-sama in the Millard family floated around, she had optimistically went to the church to every week without fail. Now, those vexing rumors had turned her into holing up in bed and refusing to take a single step out of her room.

“It’s a nice, warm day outside, ma’am. Won’t you go take a breath of fresh air?” May asked.

“I’m fine……”

Her answer was as lifeless as usual.

Why did they have to adopt Grey-sama? No matter if they were a commoner or a noble, a mother always had her right to live with her child. In the first place, the madam had never even begun to think about having Grey-sama succeed the McGwire family. She just wanted to live with him until he grew up. That’s all she wanted. May couldn’t wrap her head around why he had to be sent to that inhuman family all because of some stupid dispute over succession.

The madam would be happy as long as Grey-sama were here, so they could just put the two in a separate house to live together. At the very least, there wouldn’t be any succession problems as long as the two didn’t return to the McGwire estate, and if the Millards hated Grey-sama so much they constantly bullied him, they shouldn’t have hesitated to expel him from the family.

And yet these so-called nobles are incapable of choosing the option that made everyone happy.

May picked up the tray full on uneaten food and exited the room.

The madam’s body wouldn’t hold much longer at this rate, but there weren’t many people she could turn to.

The most trustworthy person she could talk to about Grey-sama’s adoption was the previous head who had pleaded with the Millards over and over, but he was currently dispatched to Sutherland and currently wasn’t present.

That said, the undead assault safely ended with the empire’s victory, and May had heard from the neighboring city’s relay magicians that the previous head was not on the list of deceased. He would probably return soon.

No matter the state she was in, the madam needed Grey-sama. May had no choice but to entreat the previous head about this matter again.

It was getting noisy outside now. It seems the previous head had returned.

May hastily descended the stairs to find the current head and his wife curiously fixated on the front door.

In contrast, the children to their side blushed furiously as they sent zealous stares near the exit.

At the end of everyone’s gaze, the previous head stood alongside a mysterious boy wearing foreign clothes who looked like a girl at first glance.


May knew who the boy was. No, everyone knew who the boy was. After all, he had been living in this estate up until a few years ago.

“Are you Grey?”

It was only natural that the current head would ask that, because the boy before him stood with the upmost confidence in himself, in stark contrast to the timid boy from before.

The boy righted his posture and said, “Yes. I’m Grey Ines Navarro. It’s been a while, Uncle.”

He gave a quick bow.

“Ines Navarro? Weren’t you a Millard?”

“Yes. It was never my intention, but his Majesty forcefully bestowed me a peerage so my name’s been changed to that,” he offhandedly muttered with a shrug.

“His Majesty bestowed you a peerage? Father, I can’t even begin to understand……” said the current head who hadn’t been able to keep up with the conversation.

“Grey has already obtained a peerage and territory. Thus, he will not be involved in the McGwire family’s succession rights.”  

An awkward silence befell the family. Nobody even tried to speak, as his state was just that ridiculous.

And of course it was. No matter how talented or how prestigious one was, there was no way a 12-year old child could obtain both a peerage and his own land. They could only take it as a poorly timed joke.

“I guarantee Grey-kun’s status,” said a new voice from the front door. Everyone stiffened and their jaws dropped at his statement.


Having finally been freed from the deadlock, the current head bowed his head and the rest of the McGwire’s hastily followed.

Margrave McBurn—While a local clan leader, he was also one of the top ten most powerful nobles in the empire. He also had direct relation to the emperor through a relative, and he had a master-servant relationship with the McGwires—he was far and above them.

“His Majesty’s overbearing nature is as troublesome as ever,” he said.

Grey laughed dryly. “I couldn’t agree more.”

“May, call Anna over,” said the previous head.

May, who had been standing there in a daze, finally woke up when the attention drew towards her.


She nodded once and bounded up the stairs to the madam’s room before slamming the door open.

“M-ma’am!! It’s Grey-sama. It’s Grey-sama!!”

She frantically tired to explain the situation but couldn’t put it into words.

“Guu-chan…..what about him?” she asked with a faint voice.

May tapped her chest a couple of times to forcefully calm herself down before responding, “Grey-sama is downstairs right now.”

“Guu-chan is?”

Had she just woken up? She was just parroting back words.


Light illuminated the madam’s lifeless eyes.

“He’s in this estate, right now?” she confirmed.

“Yes! He’s waiting for you!”


She tried to leap from her bed but only ended up pitching forward as her legs had atrophied. A thin trail of blood formed on her head, but the madam paid it no heed and staggered out of the room.

“Guu-chan! Guu-chan!”

As the madam looked down from the second floor, her eyes widened in surprise and she began to tremble all over.

“I’m home, Mother,” he replied, shyly scratching at his face with a finger.

Tears streamed out of the madam’s eyes, and she bounded down the stairs to bring Grey-sama into a tight embrace.

“Guu-chan, I’m sorry. I’m sorry!”

While the madam apologized and wailed like a child, May finally realized that the nightmare from these past few years had finally ended.


With this, the first volume of the novel, The Millard Arc, has concluded. Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me while I’m learning and practicing my translation skills.


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  1. Why is it both sides of Greys family SUCK!? His fathers family tormented him, his mothers family sent him away. As the maid said he could have been together with his mother safe and happy and it would not have caused any inconvenience to either side.

    I hope he takes his mother, the maid can come too, tells them to shove their succession dispute, reveals his ridiculous assets and inform them they threw away the strongest mage on the continent.

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