Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 5

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Editor: Pierrot

Celebratory Banquet

Tina and I got married.

We did not hold a ceremony. Apparently, however, marriage is already considered official in this world as long as the Spirits acknowledge it. In our case, it was the Wind Spirit King herself who gave her approval, and this in itself is already considered as a big deal.

The Elf King also told us he’d grant his blessing on our marriage.

I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

Can’t help it, a gorgeous Elf stood next to me, and she’ll be my wife! I glanced at Tina, only to find her blushing furiously.

Halt, everything went according to plan!

Sylph came flying towards us, and she spoke in a voice that only Tina and I could hear.

“S, Sylph-sama, what do you mean by ‘plan’?”

Tina didn’t know I have a contract with Sylph. She was surprised when Sylph talked to me comfortably. 

Halt already predicted that even if he wins the tournament, those nobles won’t concede to him. It was our strategy for me to appear in the arena and ‘acknowledge’ him, just to stop the animosity towards him from escalating further. Ah, it was an adlib when I released that murderous aura earlier.’

“You were pretty serious about killing them, weren’t you?”

Of course! They were trying to break a promise made with this great me—the Wind Spirit King and personification of Yggdrasil; there’s no way I’ll let that pass!


“Excuse me, did Halt- sama and Sylph-sama form a contract, perhaps?”

Yes, we did.’

“Sorry for keeping this from you. Truth is… we formed a summoning contract yesterday.”

I took out the Leaf of Yggdrasil from my breast pocket and showed it to Tina.

“Tha, that’s!!”

Tina realized everything.

“I see, so it was like that. There was absolutely no chance for me to win against Sir Halt, then,” Butler Guy said to us.

‘Eh? You can hear me?’

“Yes. Though not at par with Her Highness Leaffa, I am also favored by the wind’s mana… I can sense Sylph-sama’s existence stronger than other Elves.”

Apparently, Butler Guy can hear what Sylph says, albeit vaguely.

‘Is that so…Can you keep my connection to Halt a secret from the other nobles and ministers?’

If this comes to light, those nobles and ministers would probably come up with a variety of allegations.

“I am someone who sincerely wishes for Lady Tina’s happiness, so I would never do that.”

“Thank you, Sarion.”

Tina expressed her gratitude. So Butler Guy was called Sarion, huh.

The names of the participants were written in the tournament chart, but since they were written in Elvish, I didn’t know the name of any of my opponents.

“I wish to congratulate you on your marriage, Lady Tina. I entrust Lady Tina in your care, Sir Halt.”

“Yes, I’ll make her happy.”

Later, I heard from Tina that Sarion once served in an aristocratic household, and Tina was the noble daughter born in that family.

Sarion became Tina’s educator, and he took care of Tina. Afterward, a lot of things happened, and it was decided that Tina will embark on a journey along with the Heroes. Sarion’s ability was bought, and he was sent to serve the Elf King.

Tina’s parents already passed away. That’s why I was glad to obtain the congratulatory blessing from a person who raised her just like a parent.

“I will take my leave now. The marriage celebration will be held at the Royal Palace, so I will be going to see the preparations.”

Wait, it was decided just like that?

“His Majesty sponsored the feast. His Majesty knew that Sir Halt would emerge victorious in this competition, so he was already organizing various matters beforehand.”

You mean to say this guy here was fighting me with that knowledge? Wasn’t that too unfair on him?

Elf King already presumed this guy would lose, so he had made some arrangements ahead of time. Did this guy even fight with me with all his might?

I wanted to fight with him in a full-fledged battle and make him recognize our marriage fair and square.

“By the way, I fought seriously.”

He read my expression and perceived my thoughts.

Sarion bowed and left.


I took Tina’s hand, and we went down the stage. Luke and the rest of the class welcomed us.

“Halt, congrats on winning the tournament and marrying Teacher Tina!”

 Luke congratulated us.

“Both of them are formally married already since it was recognized by the Wind Spirit King. Is that right?”

“Yes, at least here in Alheim.”

Leaffa answered Luna’s question.

When I heard her response, I finally felt everything sink in.

By the way, a man and a woman can get married at any age. It was a unique rule in a world so close to death. If you find a partner you want to be married to, then you can do it anytime.

“Never expected my classmate to get married to a teacher…”

“Ryuushin, don’t make fun of them! Halt, Teacher Tina, congratulations!”

“Thanks, Ryuka.”

“Thank you very much, Ryuka.”

“I also offer my heartfelt congratulations!” (Youko)

“Congratulations, Master!” (Mai and Mei)

“Thanks guys!”

“Thank you very much.”

Tina and I bowed towards everyone.

After that, a Palace Maid guided us, and we headed towards the Royal Palace.


“Excuse me, but since when did you prepare this?”

I was clad in a tuxedo that perfectly fits me. 

“This is but a small matter to a Butler.”

Sarion, the Butler Elf, readied the tuxedo for me. Supposedly, it was crafted in advance by the King’s Order.

Hey, I didn’t get measured, though!?

Oh, so Sarion has the ability to gauge the physique just by looking at the clothes worn, and he can ready a garment that’s fit to a T. By the way, it doesn’t seem to be a skill.

Isn’t this guy too talented!?

‘‘It suits you, Halt.’’

 Sylph praised me. After the tournament, for some reason, Sylph kept her appearance visible.

‘‘There’ll be a feast, right? Of course, I need to be there to celebrate with Halt and Tina!’’

—that’s what she said.

Can a Spirit even eat human food???

Well, since this is the first time in history that a Spirit King came to celebrate, I’ll just let her attend.

By the way, there was only me, Sarion, and Sylph inside this changing room, so Sylph talked to us normally. Sarion set my hair, and preps were finally finished.

“You’re so handsome, Halt!!”

“But of course, by my hand, it’s perfection.”

When I looked at the mirror, I saw this strikingly handsome guy.

Wait, is this me!!???

The make-up and hair setting techniques of the Elves are truly scary.

“It is time. Let us go.”


Led by Sarion, we strode towards the banquet hall.


Right now, I’m alone waiting in the front room. Because there will be no marriage ceremony, I will meet Tina here, and Sylph will bestow her blessing on us again before we enter the venue.

A different door from the one leading to the venue opened.

Tina stood in a pure white gown.

I was dumbstruck. She was exquisite.

“Come in, come in!”

Sylph pulled Tina’s hand and brought her in front of me.



We stared at each other silently.

I wanted to say something, but no words came out.

“Halt, Tina, do you swear you will love Tina until you die?”

Sylph was imitating a priest. She looks like she’s having fun.

But I’m still glad.

“I swear!”

“What about you, Tina?”

“I, I do!”

“Alrighty – now hurry and kiss!”

I thought she’d persist, but it looks like she already lost interest. No matter, I’m already grateful for the things she did up to this point.

“I love you, Tina.”


I kissed Tina.

I also did it in the arena, but kissing Tina in her white wedding dress was totally different.

I really did marry Tina.

I gazed at Tina’s eyes as these thoughts consumed me.

“Done? Okay, time for the feast! Let’s go!!”

“Wait, don’t pull me!!”


Sylph pulled our hands and flew towards the wedding banquet hall.


T/N: Didn’t expect Tina and Halt will get married so early in the game lol…

Sairon the elf… Well, the name really reminds me of Sauron from LOTR, but with the dashing appearance of Legolas, perhaps…:D

ctto, grabbed from google images


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  1. “Can a Spirit even eat human food???”

    Well, yeah, that’s what libations and oblations are for lol.
    That’s one way to placate and propitiate deities or to supplicate them for favors. Offer them food and
    drinks lol.

    Also, in addition to Sauron, the sound of Sarion’s name also kind of reminds me of Severian, who’s the protagonist from “The Book of the New Sun” series by Gene Wolfe. A pretty good novel series and a good read if one likes fantasy and science fiction stories set in an imaginary future on Earth with a near moribund Sun, resurgent magic, a tincture or tinge of philosophy and theology, and an unreliable narrator who claims to have perfect memory, who is also caparisoned and cinctured with a fuligin cloak and clothing and used to work as a Torturer lol.

      1. If you would like some more good reads, check out:

        “The Chronicles of Amber”, “The Lord of Light” and “Creatures of Light and Darkness” by Roger Zelazny

        “Weaveworld” and “Imajica” by Clive Barker. These two are fantasy novels, his earlier works were mostly horror works but he shifted away to write more fantasy.

        Anything by Guy Gavriel Kay (most of his novels are standalone with a few exceptions here and there such as “Sailing to Sarantium” and “Lord of Emperors”, which are a duology. So, basically, you could just pick one up and you’ll be fine. Most of his novels are set in fantasy analogues of real life historical places such as fantasy renditions of the Byzantine Empire, medieval Spain, Renaissance Italy, Tang Dynasty, etc.)

        “Memory, Sorrow and Thorn” series by Tad Williams (it does start a bit slow though)

        “Mythago Wood” by Robert Holdstock

        Anything by Thomas Ligotti (if you like short horror stories that are existential and metaphoric, his writing is almost like as if H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe met Franz Kafka and Jorge Luis Borges)

        The short stories of Arthur Machen, especially “The Great God Pan”, which was actually an influence on writers such as H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith and even movie directors such as Guillermo del Toro

        “The Warlord Chronicles” by Bernard Cornwell. Bernard Cornwell wrote a manifold and multitudinous amount of stuff, but these three are his best. It’s pretty much a more historically realistic retelling of the Arthurian legends.

        “Welsh Princes” series by Sharon Kay Penman

        Also, “The Sandman” by Neil Gaiman and “Lucifer” by Mike Carey. These two are graphic novels, but they’re so adroitly well-written that they’re as good as literature.

        “The Sandman” by Neil Gaiman is a story about stories and the power of storytelling. The protagonist is Dream (also called Morpheus), who’s the anthropomorphized personification of dreams and since he’s immortal, you see stories that take place in ancient times, in medieval times and in the 1990s. It starts slow, but it gets much better as it goes along and the story is non-linear, but it all gets interwoven in the end. There are many references to mythological, historical and literary figures also. People such as Augustus (the First Emperor of Rome) and literary figures such as Shakespeare and G.K. Chesterton (Gilbert) make appearances. Mythological figures from Norse, Greek and Japanese mythologies (to name a few) also make appearances.

        “Lucifer” by Mike Carey is a story about Lucifer Morningstar, who’s the anti-hero / Byronic hero of the story and he has some of the most quotable and profoundly thought-provoking lines around. The main themes are free will vs. predestination, about a son who doesn’t want to listen to his father, and about family. Lucifer sees things such as destiny and fate to be totalitarian, tyrannical and unjust and his main goal is freedom…emancipation from his father’s plan.

        Even though Lucifer Morningstar is one of the most powerful characters in the story, he prefers using cunning, deception, guile and his intelligence to get what he wants and this is due to his principles. His principles are entirely for the sake of his own pride and self-satisfaction without any sense of morality. But here’s the funny thing, he always says the truth and refuses to lie (also due to his principles). But just because he says the truth doesn’t mean that he’s a nice guy. His brother Michael did say “Yes. It is a point of pride for him. But please don’t mistake it for a virtue.”

        I liked Mike Carey’s “Lucifer” better than “The Sandman” actually, but they’re both good reads.

        But, anyways, sorry for the wall of text lol.

      2. cool! 😀 I’ll check them out 😀 I’m not into horror, but the fantasies you listed are interesting 🙂 Thanks for the recos! 🙂

      3. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. Check out the “Earthsea” series by Ursula K. Le Guin.

        And also in addition to his fantasy graphic novel “The Sandman”, Neil Gaiman has also written some regular fantasy novels such as “Neverwhere”, “American Gods”, “Anansi Boys” and “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”. They’re all pretty good, but “Neverwhere” and “The Sandman” are my favorites from him.

  2. And somehow, the way Legolas looks in that picture (probably due to the lighting) reminds me a bit of Elric of Melniboné, the anti-heroic protagonist from the “Elric” stories by Michael Moorcock. Many illustrations make Elric look like an elf, even though he isn’t one. They’re good stories if you like fantasy stories with an anti-hero with red eyes and argent hair, and has a sentient demonic soul-sucking sword that supplies him with energy and health (the sword is a metaphor for addiction btw). He needs it since he has a frail and somewhat gaunt and haggard constitution and looks cadaverous and pallid at times, but he’s always fearful that the sword will kill him one day. He’s also a very powerful sorcerer and summoner and is the last Emperor of a dying, collapsing and decadent Empire lol.

    Thanks for the chapter by the way. And Sarion seems to be a decent fellow.

    1. Thanks for the chapter…
      I’m glad to see an excelent butler character that have a name other than Sebas or Sebastian…

  3. It’s all okay woth early romance and marriage thingy.
    It’s more acceptable than a loser suddenly embrace all woman just like that.
    What i concern about is….
    Isn’t Halt 98% up until now only using fire lance ?
    With all that spirit. I thought there ia no need to concern about mana anymore. And do spirit magic instead.
    Oh, well.
    Thanks for your hardwork~♪

    1. Hahaha, at this point, yeah I agree with you 🙂 it’s like the situation with the Elves, where they prefer to use wind magic though they can do other elemental magic.. hopefully we get to see more spells and abilities in the future 😀

  4. Can a Spirit get married to a mortal? Like if they are the ones to bless marriages, can they like bless themselves into a marriage?

    1. Hmm, it might be possible..maybe other Spirits will just bless the wedding between a mortal and a spirit, I guess? (not spoiler, I really don’t know)..Though as of this chap I don’t see any spirits falling for Halt per se; they seem to like the purity of his power more than the person himself..

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