I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 91

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Fortuity and Inevitability

I picked up the candy and appraised it――

Dragon Blast UR

Disintegrates any and all substances and allows the user to shoot off waves of light.

It was a skill that perfectly incorporated the characteristics of Hydra. That is why up until now I assumed that these candies were the monster’s magic cores.

However now that I thought more about it, these candies were exactly the same as the ones I used to get from the gacha.

The strange phenomenon was still continuing… Up until now I had assumed that the gacha had disappeared completely, however looking at this candy in my hand, that didn’t seem to be the case.

These things that I had assumed were Magic Cores were being placed right here in front of me by someone. Just like the gacha had been… Thinking back to it, encountering the gacha might not have been a coincidence at all.

‘If someone really is behind all of this then…’ 

Just thinking about that gave me the chills. Were they perhaps trying to get me to do something?

The more I thought about it the more confused I got. I opened my space region and put the Dragon Blast candy inside. Somehow I didn’t feel like eating it at all.

Afterwards I gazed up at the sky.

‘Is someone really watching me I wonder…?’


“Did he do it…”

A number of rays of light suddenly flashed, and afterwards Hydra’s body was nowhere to be seen. 

‘Did Gojo use the sword and defeat it?’

“Master Leo… Hydra’s presence vanished completely. He did it!!”

Hearing that all of us hurriedly started running towards Gojo. Wan in particular was moving with a speed that no one else could catch up to.

When we finally got to the place where Gojo was, we saw that Wan was already there talking with him. 

‘Is it just my imagination I wonder? Even though he just defeated that thing he somehow looks down.’

“Gojo you actually beat Hydra, right!?”

“Of course, you don’t have to worry about it any more.”

“Gojo there won’t be any other stronger Dragons coming out right!?”

Freya was asking Gojo with a worried expression.

“No way. Even I wouldn’t be able to handle it any more. There aren’t any other strong Dragons left in the area, and I think that from now on the Dragons as a whole will start dwindling as well.”

Hearing that everyone here including me, let out sighs of relief. 

‘So it’s finally over…’


‘Well either way I guess I’ll think about the other stuff later, for now I defeated Hydra and everyone is safe so all is good. Still this sword really saved me.’

Looking at the sword I held in my right hand, shock suddenly covered my face…


“Gojo what’s wrong!?” Asked Leo immediately after hearing me scream.

“It’s ruined…”


Everyone’s gazes began to gather on the sword. Cracks could be seen running down the whole sword, and the blade was chipped in numerous places as well.

‘I guess it’s because I used it in that manner…’

The worst part of it all was that I had just straight up stolen the thing… Saruman would definitely be pissed at me.

“It’s fine, I’ll talk to Saruman about it.”

Said Leo with a smile on his face. 

‘He really is a true Hero in every sense of the word.’

After saying “Thank you.” I handed the ruined sword Leo. Unfortunately with the current rank of my Blacksmithing Class Skill I probably wouldn’t be able to repair a rare item such as that.

‘I just hope that they won’t make me pay a huge sum for it…’

“Either way, let’s go back for now.”

After saying that I opened a crack in the air that led to the space region. Which of course led to Brest.

“Can you use this thing to go to other places as well?”

Wan asked with a curious expression, however Ryu and everyone from The Sanctuary Knights looked at the space region with a tinge of fear in their eyes.

Gress was the first of them to step within the crack.

“I’ve already passed through this thing numerous times, I’m used to it already.”

He said with a somewhat resigned tone. After he stepped inside and was teleported to the other side Wan followed after him without any hesitation. However there were still some Sanctuary Knights members who were a bit hesitant…

“I cannot keep maintaining this for a long time, so please go inside.”

After urging them, it seems like they had finally made up their minds and so everyone passed through.


[NATO General Staff Headquarters・Army General Hansen]

“The Sanctuary Knights are back, you say!? Are you serious!”

‘If we were to follow the original plan, they were supposed to go to Ireland after defeating the BOSS, and help the refugees there. Even if they weren’t able to defeat the BOSS, they were to still go to Ireland either way. After all the battleships and the submarine were dispatched there as well… There shouldn’t have been a way for them to return without first going to Ireland. How in the world did they come back?’

“Gather all of the Commanders and General Managers. We’re having an emergency meeting!  Also convey to Leo to come to the meeting room as soon as he can.”

‘After hearing about the wiping out of the NATO Marine Forces I had assumed they were in dire straits as well but I guess that’s ability users for you.’

A bit after that the emergency meeting was held.


“I’m coming in.”

After opening the door in front of me I saw three desks lined up in a コ position, with executives from the NATO Army sitting all around them.

“Leo, it’s great that you’re safe. We were worried.”

“I’m sorry to have troubled you.”

“I’ll get straight to the point. Did you defeat the BOSS?”

“Yes, after discovering the BOSS we proceeded to subjugate it.”

Hearing my words everyone inside the room let out voices of praise.

“What kind of Dragon was it!?”

“Yes, give us the details.”

Were the questions the other executives began asking me. 

‘I guess it’s only natural that they want to know everything…’

“The BOSS that we encountered was an enormous red Dragon. It was a really tough battle, however with our combined strength we somehow managed to take it down.”

“Were you the one who dealt the final blow Leo?”

It appeared that they really wanted to know who had defeated the Dragon in the end. After taking in a deep breath I answered.



――Several hours earlier

After arriving at Brest, we immediately went to the nearby military facility to wait there. Currently all of us were gathered in one of the waiting rooms.

“Well then Gojo, it’s time you tell us more about yourself. I promise not to reveal anything we hear here today.”

Leo said with a serious expression. 

‘I guess I did promise them I’d talk…’ 

Afterwards I proceeded to tell them about everything that had happened to me.

About how the gacha had appeared, about The Immortal King in Japan, the things that happened in America and so on.

Listening closely at my story, I could see that they all had a hard time believing all of it.

“Ugh, still that’s a hard to believe story. Can you prove it to us somehow?” said Carlo with a complicated look on his face. 

‘Proof huh…’

“How about this then.”

After saying that, in the next instant I placed the ring and bracelet that Carlo was just wearing on top of the table right next to us. After pointing at the things I had just left on the table all of them were completely dumbfounded.

“Those! Those are the ones I was just wearing!? How in the!?”

“I just stopped time.”


Everyone was suddenly lost for words.

“You can even do something like that!?”

Even Gress was completely shocked. From what I heard before he had seen my status so I figured he’d have seen the Space and Time Manipulation ability already, but I guess he couldn’t quite comprehend it perhaps.

“Is that one of the skills you got from that gacha thingy? What else can you do!?” Wan asked with a curious face, her eyes shining. 

‘I guess she really must be interested…’

“There’s another one that’s called Immortality that stops my aging.”

“You even have something like that!! So nice… I wish I could have that as well!”

Wan looked like she was having a lot of fun, however Leo and the others had a blank stare in their eyes. 

‘Oh well I guess that’s how a normal person would react…’

I proceeded to take out one of the so called Magic Cores from the space region.

“This is the candy that I got after defeating Hydra. I think it’s the same as the ones I got from the gacha before.”

Looking at the ball in my hand, a hint of interest could be seen appearing on the faces of Leo and the others.

“Leo how about it? Want to try it?”

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