When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 19

Translator: Azo

Editor: Diya

Insidious and cunning Kongbao

Bai Heng, a first division pill master, becomes famous throughout the whole Yunyue city in only a short day. Even outside the city, there are people who resent him.

Even young master Jiang Chen, who ran back to Shengdu, also issued a warrant for his arrest.

Because, as everyone now knows, Bai Heng played all the people who entered through the barrier and monopolized the coveted treasure of the Pill Emperor Chu.

According to the law, the secret collection is only given to those who are destined. Bai Heng could of course take everything if he can carry it, but obviously the majority of people don’t think that’s how it should be. 

It was hidden by the Pill Emperor Chu for all up and coming alchemists. There’s no reason for an entire hoard to be monopolized by one person, especially since the man in question is a low leveled alchemist who has no money or power.

Hand it in! You have to hand it all in!

Kong Wuying hears the angry whispers and feels no sense of guilt by piling the blame at Bai Heng’s feet. If Bau Heng hadn’t pushed the issue, maybe Kong Wuying would have been more merciful. Maybe not. Who knows.

But currently there’s a more important issue at hand.

Kong Wuying is looking at a bowl of bean curd in front of him and swallowing. How long has it been since he ate Yeying’s sweet bean curd? 

He didn’t know Kongbao could make it. What a wise and useful decision he made, to make this soul puppet!

In the past, Kong Wuying never thought that he would almost cry over a bowl of bean curd one day.

Kong Wuying picks up the spoon, scoops up a heaping, and raises it to his mouth-

“Master?” Yue Bin calls out from the front door.

Kongbao immediately snatches away the spoon, throws it back into the bowl and dumps the whole thing into an airtight container.

Kong Wuying stares after the bowl. 

Do you need to be that fast? Let me have a bite! Although it is taboo to eat sweet bean curd in Mingguang, it is in my own home. Is it necessary to be so careful?

Therefore, when Yue Bin enters, he sees only an empty table and his saddened master.

Seeing the source of his troubles, Kong Wuying has nothing good to say. “What did you come here for?”

Aware that his master seems to be a little impatient, Yue Bin pauses slightly, and then offers up a bright smile. “This is my new tea, would you like to try it?”

Kong Wuying impatiently waves it over. “Put it down!”

With his permission, Yue Bin goes to put down the tea set. In the process, he seems to wiggle his hips

“Have a taste?” Yue Bin flutters his eyelashes as he simpers.

Kong Wuying takes a sip under an expectant gaze. He feels like something is wrong with the scene but can’t quite put his finger on it.

Kong Wuying studies Yue Bin. The pale lilac and black robe is very beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with his face either. It seems that he’s picked up a light smell of incense.

Why does it feel strange?

Kong Wuying thinks with a frown. “Xiao Bin.”

(^ xiao – little/young/familiar term of endearment)

“What?” Seeing that he’s having some effect, Yue Bin’s smile grows more prosperous.

“You’re acting like an idiot.”

Yue Bin: “…”

The man deflates and hangs his head. “Never mind, I’ll head off first.”

As soon as Yue Bin has left, Kong Wuying quickly turns around and opens the box, ready to enjoy it.

But he’s stopped by Kongbao.

Kongbao’s face is solemn. “Master, this bean curd is not perfect, I’ll make you a bowl again.”

“No, it can be eaten.”

“How can an imperfect thing be presented to my noble master? This is my sin. Let me make another bowl.”

So Kong Wuying can only watch as the food is taken away from him.

At this time, Yue Bin is kicking the wall in the yard, full of chagrin. It took him several days to make up his mind to do such a thing. What did he get in return? No blushing and certainly no flirting back, what rubbish.

Yue Bin feels like his misery is giving off an astringent odour, it makes him want to cry.

Why is it like this? Although he’s not as charming as Kongbao, he’s always been popular –  from childhood to adulthood. How can Kongbao do it and Yue Bin can’t? Is he despised?

All the blame goes to that damned Kongbao, the master’s eyes have always been on him.

Bah! Whatever, he only did it because of his father’s advice. He doesn’t have any odd ideas about Ning Zhao. Absolutely not!

Aware of the danger of his thoughts, Yue Bin wipes off the sweat on his forehead. At this time, he hears a voice call out to him. 

A voice that sounds very pleasant but made his hair stand on end.

“Did you see what happened that night?”

Later, much later, Yue Bin only feels as if he’s in a dream when he turns to the voice.

“It’s better if you forget about that night. And… ” There’s a pause. “Aren’t you angry? Don’t you get angry when he calls you an idiot?”

There’s a huff of humourless laughter.

“You get up earlier than the chicken, sleep later than the dog, and work so diligently for him, but in exchange you get nothing… so, are you not angry?”


Kong Wuying sits in the living room, drinking Yue Bin’s tea, waiting impatiently for the beautiful bean curd dish to emerge again.

In fact, Yue Bin’s tea is also rather good, and he’s a good man. Although Kong Wuying is a bit out of touch with the times, Yue Bin has been chatting enough that Kong Wuying has picked up a lot.

Just when Kong Wuying thinks this- 


The door to the living room is suddenly kicked open and Yue Bin storms in. “Ning Zaho! I get up earlier than the chicken, and sleep later than the dog every day. I work hard for you, but I get nothing in return! Do you even have a conscience? I won’t take this anymore, this young master is quitting!”

Kong Wuying is dumbfounded.

Is Yue Bin crazy? He gets up earlier than a chicken and goes to bed later than a dog? Who taught him such rhetoric- Yue Bin sleeps every day until noon, and he goes to sleep as soon as it gets dark. There’s no hard work, there never has been.

And Yue Bin has the gall to say Kong Wuying doesn’t have a conscience.

Yue Bin can just go. He was only staying because of the father anyway, it’s not like Kong Wuying picked him specifically. Yue Bin can’t even cook well, and it’s all salty Mingguang food. If Yue Bin left, Kong Wuying could enjoy the world of cuisine with his puppet baby!

So Kong Wuying raises an eyebrow. “If you don’t want to stay, you can leave.”

“Don’t regret it!” Yue Bin snorts and storms off. He doesn’t even tidy up his clothes, rumpled from the mad dash into the room, and walks out of the house.

“Master, don’t be angry.” Kongbao has just entered and puts the new bean curd in front of Kong Wuying. “This kind of white eyed wolf is not worth your anger. Eat bean curd, delicious food makes everyone happy.”

(^ white eyed wolf = ungrateful, mainly in relation to a child)

Kong Wuying looks at the bean curd in front of him, and the faint trace of displeasure instantly dissipates.

Kongbao watches his master enjoy the food, and his eyes narrow slightly in satisfaction.

A few days after, the wonderful isolated world of Kongbao and his master is interrupted by an unexpected visitor coming to the door.

“Ning-ge, I troubled you to enter the secret collection,” Xiao Yue says with a guilty expression. At the same time, he’s even more upset at that Bai Heng fellow. Not only did he take all the treasures, he also kidnapped Ning-ge.

“No harm done.” Kong Wuying waves off.

“Ning-ge, the White Star iron you asked me to look for has found.” Xiao Yue goes back to business.

“Oh?” Kong Wuying raises his eyebrows.

His home is empty, he needs a lot of resources to even make one human realm soul puppet. Although there are many treasures in the secret collection, there isn’t enough White Star iron, so a few days ago Kong Wuying asked Xiao Yue to help him look.

“The iron is very precious and rare. I’ve mobilized people in my clan to buy it, but I haven’t heard back for a while until today.” Xiao Yue stops and asks, “Are you using the iron to make a furnace?”

Kong Wuying tilts his head.

Xiao Yue continues to explain, “The annual pill master competition will be held in Shengdu. The reward for first place is the famous tool handed down by Master Wu Feizi. The main material of the furnace is White Star iron. I think it would be better if Ning-ge took this famous pill furnace to use instead of finding a lesser one.”

Kong Wuying nods.

The furnace is fine. After all, if you melt the furnace, you can get about half the mass as White Star iron which should be more than enough.


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