I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 90

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Dragon Slayer


I hurriedly grabbed Gress’ hand and opened an entrance in the space region. Upon doing so from within the entrance of the room, guards started charging in. Luckily we managed to get inside the space region before they noticed us.

I felt kind of bad because we trespassed as well as stole one of their weapons. I felt apologetic towards Saruman, but that would have to wait till later.

With Gress in hand I teleported us back to the United Kingdom. 

‘Please everyone, be alive!’


Riding next to Freya on her Dragon, we were currently circling around Hydra. Unfortunately unless we managed to get a bit closer I wouldn’t be able to use Atmosphere Manipulation in order to stop it from flying.

“Freya can you somehow get us closer!?”

“I’ll try!!”

While avoiding Hydra’s breaths Freya tried to get closer, however it was evident that it wasn’t going to be easy. On top of that it seemed that Hydra could use Atmosphere Manipulation to the same degree as me.

While we were flying towards it, it suddenly appeared above us and created a huge gale of wind with a flap of its wings.


“Damn it!”

By barely grabbing a hold of the reins that Freya was holding, I somehow managed to regain my balance. 

‘It’s too strong… I guess a straightforward approach really won’t work.’

Just as Hydra was preparing to go in pursuit, suddenly three shadows shot past us, charging towards it. They were Gargoyles that Carlo had summoned.

The Gargoyles reached Hydra and began flying around it, trying to distract it.

While avoiding its breaths the Gargoyles were somehow able to get closer to it, however in the end due to the gales of wind created by the flapping of Hydra’s wings it wasn’t that easy.

On the ground Luke was shooting with his bow while Alexander and Anna were attacking with magic. They clearly knew it wouldn’t work, however they did with the purpose of just attracting Hydra’s attention.

And as if it had worked, Hydra turned one of its heads and shot a breath of light towards the ground.

At that moment Wan wielded her stretched rod and slammed it into the three of them shooting them away. The three of them were blown off, however due to that they somehow managed to avoid the breath of light.

It was a rough tactic, however they didn’t have any other way to avoid Hydra’s breaths.

And it also seemed like Wan had learned how to skilfully control her new rod. She would slam it in the ground and then stretch it, after which she would suddenly shrink it again. Doing this allowed her to travel really fast.

She wasn’t as effective as Gojo however it was a spectacular movement ability that she had attained. Even if Hydra wanted to hit Wan, it wouldn’t be able to do it.

After Wan shot Luke, Alexander and Anna, Ryu and Elias would immediately rush to them and begin casting Healing Magic.

They were able to form a nice synergy, but in the end we were still only trying to buy time. We probably wouldn’t last much longer… After all everyone was already nearing their limits.

After shooting three breaths simultaneously and evaporating the Gargoyles, Hydra flapped its wings and sent me and Freya flying once again. 

‘This time I won’t be able to hold on!’ 

It was just as I thought that――

“Master Leo, are you alright!?”

Gress was suddenly standing in front of me. Looking around I could see that everyone else was also gathered in a place on the ground that was quite a distance away from Hydra.

“Gress you’re back! Where’s Gojo?”

“He’s over there!”

After saying that  Gress pointed towards the dark Dragon in the distance.

“Did you get the sword!?”

“Yes. However we still don’t know if it’ll work or not. The only thing we can do now is trust in Gojo.”



Standing in front of me, the God of Dragons was quietly staring at me. As expected from the God in its name, it was giving off a haughty aura.

I still wasn’t sure whether or not this sword would actually work, however what I did know was that if left alone, just this Dragon alone could probably wipe out the rest of humanity.

Without giving off any warnings, one of the Hydra’s heads shot a beam of light towards me! I immediately moved to dodge, however while dodging I also opened an entrance to the space region right behind me. I was thinking of using the space region to redirect the breath right back at it however…

Just as the breath of light touched the entrance it disintegrated. Still I wasn’t disappointed, after all the further I got from it the more unstable the entrance became either way so I didn’t pay it much attention.

I tightly clenched my new sword and teleported towards Hydra. I instantly appeared on top of one of its heads and stopped time.

Using the momentum that I had built up I slashed down towards Hydra!

Upon colliding with Hydra the sword gave of a high-pitched sound and was repelled.

“It doesn’t work!?”

Just as the depression was starting to crawl up my body, I suddenly remembered that the sword was a magical sword after all, so maybe it just didn’t work because of the frozen time.

I resumed time and once again swung towards Hydra.

This time the shining sword left a small mark on top of Hydra’s scales. 

‘…So tough!’ 

Even though it was small, Hydra still got pissed that it was wounded and started shooting breaths of light in all directions.

Seeing that I temporarily backed off.

It wasn’t big but I had certainly wounded it. Still to completely defeat it I would need an even stronger attack. While still clenching tightly to the sword I began pouring magic power into it.

With the help of the Infinite Magic Power and Dragon King’s Coffin skills, I was able to instantly pour an absurd amount of magic power into the sword.

The blade suddenly started shaking and began giving off deaf noises. Just as I saw the blade suddenly protruded, forming into a huge blade of light spanning high towards the skies. As if its magic power was going out of control, the sword started struggling inside of my hands.

However I tightly gripped onto it, holding it back. Looking back at Hydra I could see a slight fear beginning to form in its eyes. It retreated back in order to create distance between us and began attacking once again.

I immediately used teleportation to close the distance, and suddenly found myself right in front of Hydra. Upon seeing me that close to itself, Hydra suddenly gave off a loud roar. Without giving it any mind I was just about to swing down when Hydra’s body suddenly began emitting light, turning into a white luminous body.

“What the!?”

Its body suddenly lost its shape, beginning to compress into the form of a ball. My body immediately notified me of a huge sense of danger. 

‘This is bad!’ Is what I thought, and immediately used teleportation to get away.

Just as I got away the ball of light split and a destructive light in the form of a sphere enveloped the whole area in an instant.

As the light began to subside, Hydra’s dark body appeared once again in mid air, however the ground beneath it was gone, leaving behind only the outlines of a globe. 

‘To think it could do something like that as well…’

Just thinking about what would happen if I had gotten hit by that gave me chills. Still due to probably using a huge amount of magic power Hydra currently looked tired. It probably wouldn’t be able to do it again any time soon.

I once again used teleportation and appeared in front of Hydra.

I clenched my sword and brought it up. The violent magic power caused the sword to once again go out of control, however I managed to hold it back with my sheer strength and brought it down.

The enormous blade of light formed a dazzling arc in the sky, and with it it easily chopped off Hydra’s left head alongside some of its body!!

The enormous blade of light didn’t only chop Hydra it also continued down, burying itself into London as well. Even though one of its heads had just been chopped off, Hydra still moved its remaining two heads to shoot off breath of light.

Dodging them I used teleportation once again to get behind it.

Balmung still shone as if saying that it still had power left in it, and the blade once again protruded to reach to the ground. Clenching it tight I swung it horizontally once, splitting Hydra’s body in two.


Around Hydra’s split body, a magic circle suddenly appeared. However it seemed a bit different than what I had seen before.

As if shaking, the magic circle looked like it was losing its light and crumbled to pieces. 

‘I guess it must be hard when it comes to a monster as strong as Hydra!?’

Just as I thought that, Hydra’s body turned into black smoke and was sucked into a ball, the size of a soccer ball that suddenly appeared in the middle of the magic circle.

‘Can that be its Magic Core?’

In the next moment, the soccer-like ball and the magic circle disappeared simultaneously. Looking at the Tame Display List I could clearly see God of Dragons Hydra’s name displayed on it.

Next as per usual I went to the place where Hydra had been, and as always, that was there. I finally realized that I had misunderstood it all along.

“This is no Magic Core!”

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