Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 3

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot


Three days have passed.

It’s the day of the tournament. In the end, I was the only non-elf to participate.

Fifteen Elves gathered, including powerful aristocrats, sons of ministers, as well as army generals. With that, the total of competitors in the event is sixteen, including myself.

There would be an uproar should Tina’s return be made known to the public, so it was decided that only the nobles and royalty will be eligible to enter the venue. Even with that limit, approximately 100 people attended.

Once the winner of the tournament—in other words, Tina’s fiancé—has been decided, Tina’s survival and return will be announced along with the victor’s news to the citizens of the kingdom.

The Elf King stood on the arena.

“All of you, it is already known among us that the other day, our Heroine Tina Harivell finally returned to our Kingdom. It was indeed a joyous occasion. Today, I wish to announce that the tournament that will determine the fortunate brave, who will have Tina’s hand, will now be held!”

Deafening cheers resounded in the entire venue.

A single leaf was delivered to the Elf King.

It was the leaf of Yggdrasil. Every year, a single leaf from Yggdrasil falls down to Alheim. This leaf is a magical item that is considered a priceless treasure. An elixir that can raise people from the dead can be extracted from this leaf, and it can also be used as a material to create a very powerful staff.

“O Wind Spirit King Sylph, we beseech that you may grant us protection. From this day forth in this arena, may the grand tournament that will determine the One who has Fate with the Heroine Tina commence.”

The Elf King raised the leaf high in the air.

“With the Leaf of Yggdrasil as our offering, bestow protection upon the Heroine Tina Harivell and the victorious brave!”

A gentle breeze blew throughout the venue. Without notice, the Leaf of Yggdrasil vanished. 

“Wind Spirit King Sylph is a witness of this tournament. Go forth and fight with all your might!”

The tournament finally began.


About that Yggdrasil Leaf that disappeared…

I’m holding it right now.

Sylph brought it to me. 

We formed a contract yesterday. Undine and Ifrit introduced me; then, we formed a contract – no sweat. Well, not quite. Sylph apparently heard about me from Mai and Mei’s Dad, and she already had the intention to form a contract with me even before we met.

The voice I heard when we were on the hill overlooking Alheim was hers.

“The Leaves I give out every year are just returned to me. Do you want one, Halt?”

Sylph talked to me in a voice that only I can hear. She also appears only to me. 

Her appearance is that of a spirit girl clad in the wind.

“I do! I need it badly!”

“Oh, is that so? Then should I get lots of them for you?”

“Ah no, that’s too much… Anyway, I’ll use it in time of need.”

“Okie, got it!”

She’s such a good, honest child.

“By the way, Halt, you wanted to marry Tina?”


I know it’s too early for marriage, honestly, but I don’t want Tina to be taken away from me by some other guy.

“Ah, what if I declare to the Elves that Halt will be the one to marry Tina? Wouldn’t they listen?”

“Hmmm…I don’t think it’ll be that easy; ah, rather than that, I have a task for you, Sylph.”

“Eh, what is it?? Seems fun! I’ll do it, I’ll do it!!”

“Thanks. Then it’ll be up to you when I make the signal.”

“Okie! Leave it to me!”

Sylph then vanished.


Round 1 began.

My opponent was the Supreme Commander of the National Armed Forces, considered as the strongest elf in this country. I had a feeling this was a premeditated match, but that doesn’t change anything.

All I have to do is win this match.

“How revolting, a human dared to join this great tournament. Lady Tina should only be wed to one belonging to the Elf Race. Alright, hurry up and lose.”

The general wrapped his body with the wind and charged towards me in a flash. I stretched my magic around me, so I’ll have the ability to avoid his attacks.

I can avoid his attacks.

—But I can’t hit him, either.

I understand why he’s called the strongest. His movements were unbelievably fast.

Just imagine Leaffa’s ultra-speed arrow, turn that into a human that’s attacking from different directions, and you got it.

I can barely evade him, much less attack. There’s no way I’ll win like this, so I decided to use magic.

Fire Lance!”

I conjured 10 [Flaming Knights].

“Wh, what on earth is that spell!?”

“You’re too fast, so let’s make this a match of multiple strikes, shall we?”

The flaming knights dashed towards the general, and he tried to counterattack, but—

“Ah, if you bombard that with wind magic, it’ll blow up, so you have to be caref—“


Too late.

Supreme Commander enveloped his fist with wind magic then punched the flaming knight, which erupted into a fierce blaze before exploding violently.

I equipped flaming knights with explosive self-destruction magic as a last resort in case they encounter a high-level opponent they can’t defeat even with multiple numbers.

When a flaming knight is struck by wind magic, it’s like their self-destruct switch is turned on.

The general who experienced the explosion point-blank was charred, and he was blasted off. 

Did he die?

Ah, well, Ryuka, the Dragon Priestess, is here, so it’ll still be fine if worst comes to worst.

Fortunately, he lived, and my first round of battle ended with my victory.


I won the same way during the second and third round. Well, what do you expect? I already fought with the strongest of them all during the first match, after all.

“…Do Elves know any other magic aside from wind?”

“Ah no, it’s not like that, but we are most familiar with wind magic, so it is the one we use on the spur of the moment.”

Leaffa explained.

Attack on your own and then get involved in an explosion.

Bystanders watching will only say it is pure stupidity.

Leaffa suddenly remembered how she did the same thing back at the Steel Forest, so she looked down with a beat-red face.

Anyway, we finally reached the finals.

By winning this match, I’ll be able to prevent Tina’s marriage with an elf of this country.

I headed back to the arena.


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  1. The bellicose and pugnacious nobles with aggrandized family titles should be more sagacious and furtive when dealing with him since they lost so badly lol. I surmise that their only rewards from the tournament include broken bones, ensanguined garments, pilloried reputations, and a somber and dismal feeling of having fallen into a slough of despondency due to their defeats. Halt is basically already ensconced as the victor from this, since this injudicious throng of nobles really didn’t have a chance lol. Due to the embarrassment and to not cause any trouble or vexation for Halt (and they probably will), maybe they should give up their nobility and go live in a shanty or a hovel somewhere lol.

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