I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 89

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Research Facility

We quickly reached Berlin. The atmosphere here was completely different and people looked like they were still living normal lives. Liveliness could be felt throughout the whole city.

Even though it had suffered some damages due to The Calamity, because monsters hadn’t directly appeared here, the damages weren’t serious and the repairs had been pretty swift. 

‘To imagine that there’s this much difference from country to country…’

“Gress! In which direction is the research facility that holds the sword?”

“If I remember correctly it should be South from Berlin. I’m not sure about any other details.”


I took Gress’ hand and flew with him at high speed.


Gress screamed with a face devoid of all color after getting pulled up. He was probably extremely scared due to not being used to it, however I’d just have to have him bear it for the time being. Thinking back, this kind of reminded me of the time I flew with Shimizu back in Japan.

While we were soaring through the skies I opened my space region. Due to defeating a large number of Earth Dragons I had maxed out the Paladin class again. In order to be able to fight against Hydra more efficiently I took out a number of Class Slates that seemed like they’d be useful.

Just as I was thinking of using the Assassin Class Slate, I caught notice of something. On top of the Hero Class Slate I could now see the Y/N pop up.

‘Strange, up until now I’ve never been able to use it. Did I fulfil some sort of requirement? I guess it must’ve been because I maxed out the Paladin.’ 

No matter what, this was a sign of good luck.

I immediately pressed down on the pop up. Afterwards I decided to see what my new Class Skill had turned out to be…

Hero Lv1

Light Protection Rank F

Light Protection huh… Now that I think about it Leo had another one called Wind Protection. Does that mean that the Hero Class Skill is divided into Light and the Wind Protections?’

Either way I stopped thinking about it and decided to appraise the Light Protection skill. Apparently it raised the user’s Strength and Agility stats during the daytime. It was still at rank F so the increase wasn’t that significant, however it was still better than nothing.

I controlled the atmosphere to create a wall in order to block the incoming wind and spoke to Gress.

“Gress, is there some kind of building that stands out near the facility?”

After all, if there was such a building, I could easily search for it with Clairvoyance and teleport there afterwards.

“I’m not quite sure, I’ve only been there once as well… I only know that it’s situated on top of a small mountain. I’ll be able to recognize it if we get close, but that’s about it…”

“How about Dresden? Any specific place, or something that stands out there?”

“I’m not quite sure about Dresden as well… It’s not like I went there for sightseeing so I can’t think of anything on the top of my head.”

‘It’s a bit of a downer that he doesn’t know… Oh well I guess I’ll just keep going like this…’

I used Clairvoyance to look up ahead by quite a bit and afterwards teleported there. After all this way it was way faster than just normal flight.

It felt like I was using shortcuts.

“Gojo wait! If you keep teleporting like that I’ll lose track of where we are. If we’re not careful we might fly past Dresden. If you’re going to teleport at least try and use something that can be used as a landmark.”

“A landmark…”

“That’s it! An airport! There’s an airport in Dresden. We went to the town from there. Just teleport to any airport you see!”

“Got it!”

‘Airport huh…’ I immediately began scanning the area with Clairvoyance for airports.

“Found one!”

I teleported right on top of the airport that I had just found.

“How is it Gress? Is it this one?”

“…No it’s not this one.”

‘I guess it’s even farther then…’ 

While thinking that I continued scouting further up South with Clairvoyance for other airports. After a while, I managed to find an airport that was way bigger than the one we had visited just now. I immediately teleported there…

“Gress! How about this one?”

Flying up high in the air both me and Gress were looking at that airport.

“This is it! This is Dresden Airport!!”

“Where is the facility from here?”

“It should be North. Search for a mountain with facilities built on top of it!”

After flying and teleporting for a bit we found ourselves above a small mountain with buildings on top of it. The downside was that all of the buildings looked the same from above.

“Gress, which building is it?”

“…I don’t know, I’ve only seen the main entrance. If I see it again I’ll probably be able to tell.”

“Main entrance it is then.”

I immediately used teleportation to teleport myself and Gress in front of the main entrance of one of the buildings.

“How is it? Is it this one?”

“…No, it’s not this one.”

Using teleportation we immediately went to another building.

“How about this one?”

“Still not it…”

Afterwards we proceeded teleporting to several buildings but couldn’t find the right one. However at the time of the 7th teleport…

“This is it! This is Saruman’s research facility!!”


I immediately stopped time. The door in front of me looked automatic so I went in front of it and tried opening it, however as expected it was locked. And on the inside I could see numerous people standing guard. Still currently I didn’t have any time to explain to them what was happening.

I would have loved to go inside with teleportation, however I couldn’t use any kind of spells or magic while time was stopped. And I didn’t want to waste any time so I decided that the fastest method would be to break through the front.

I faced the door and shattered it. The pieces of broken glass however just stood there floating in the air, stopped in time. 

‘I should remember that it’s dangerous to break glass while time is stopped…’

While thinking that I proceeded to carefully dodge the pieces of shattered glass and go inside.

I wanted to go to the place where the sword was while still having time stopped, however I realized that I’d forgotten to ask on which floor it was.

So I unwillingly resumed time.

After which the alarm immediately sounded. 

‘Is it because I shattered the entrance…? I guess it’s understandable, however we’re in a hurry here! I’ll apologize later.’

“Gress, on which floor is the sword?”

“Wha? You’re already inside!?”

“Don’t sweat the small things! On which floor is it!?”

“The 2nd one underground. Last time I went there with the elevator.”

Hearing that I once again stopped time. When I was just turning around the corner, I saw that there were numerous guards running towards the entrance stopped in time. I looked at them for a sec and then slipped past them.

While carrying Gress on my shoulder I proceeded to look for the elevator. Time was stopped so there was no point in rushing, however I still wanted to find it as fast as possible.

After finding the elevator and opening up the door, another obstacle appeared in the form of a cabin, which wouldn’t let me go down. I once again resumed time and opened a crack in my space region which allowed me to slip through the other side of the cabin and go down.

I could hear Gress panicking while being carried on my shoulder, however I decided to pay him no mind and just kept going until I reached the 2nd underground floor.

I stopped time once again and proceeded to look for the room with the sword. After opening quite a few rooms forcefully I finally stumbled upon a completely dark room.

“Is it this one…?”

I let Gress down from my shoulder and began looking for the light switch. After finding it I resumed time and pressed it. Starting from us and going towards the back of the room, light started gradually enveloping the room.

What I saw in the next instant were hundreds of weapons and armor.

“This is it! It’s this room.”

Gress was shouting with a surprised expression.

“We don’t have time to look around! The guards will be here any moment. Where exactly is that sword?”

“It’s that sword in the far back strapped to that pedestal!”

Turning my gaze, I saw a single sword without a scabbard, laying there strapped by numerous chains on top of a pedestal made from metal. I slowly walked up to it. After getting close to I felt some kind of unpleasant feeling coming out of the sword.

“I think it should be fine, but still try to be careful Gojo.”

Still looking at it, it really was a strange sword. Starting from the middle up until the end, the blade of the sword was split into two parts, and the whole blade of the sword was black.

I proceeded to place my hand on the hilt.

Just as I grabbed it, the blade of the sword started emitting light. I could feel the sword trying to suck out my MP through my hand that was holding it, however due to having the Infinite Magic Power skill I was completely fine.

Numerous strange symbols started popping up on top of the sword after which it started glowing with even stronger light. 

‘This light… I feel like it’s similar to the light that Hydra shoots out.’

From behind me I could hear Gress speaking.

“That is the Dragon Slayer Seigfried’s Sword… Balmung.”

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  1. balmung? sounds familiar, but the name should have more impact cuz its a dragon slayer sword..
    anyway, shud i raise some flags that will delay them from escaping?
    like the old man researcher?

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