The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Interlude

Translator/Editor: TastefulSardine

The Start to Everything

—Above the castle walls, north of Sutherland.

Two people looked down at the whirlpool of delight surrounding the plains that spanned north of Sutherland.

“It’s over. I’m bringing out the gate.”

The black-haired youth with a seriously evil glare turned his back to the plains.

“Are you sure?” asked a handsome, muscular man with dark indigo skin who gloomily tugged at his golden hair.

“In the first place, nobody told me that we were up against an 【Invincible】”

“Yes, carelessly prodding that quack of a fighter who had miraculously stepped back would only be like fighting against a venomous snake.”

“This mission was to “teach Sutherland about the undead,” and we already accomplished that.”

“Although we didn’t do anything.”

“In the end, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s saved.”

“Oh. The seven heroes of the world would say otherwise, though.”

“Stop making fun of me.”

A black door abruptly appeared in front of the black-haired youth. An ominous red aura endlessly seeped out of the door like a haze.


A seed of doubt leaked out of the muscular man’s mouth.

The black-haired youth pointed his hand at the door.

“Hey, what are you doing!?” demanded the muscular man who grew intensely uneasy.

“I’m breaking it, of course.”

The black-haired youth quietly gripped his palm.


At the same time the muscular man jumped forward to stop the youth, the door shattered into particles.

“What do you think you’re doing!!?” raged the muscular man, grabbing the black-haired youth by the collar.

“Don’t worry. I have an emergency bracelet for returning. Now that the gate is destroyed, it should be forcefully activated any moment now.

“That’s not what I mean!! Not only is there an 【Invincible】and someone from 【Hell】 , the other 【Cardinal Sins】will probably regroup here. And most importantly, have you forgotten what Grid said!? Even that guy might be here!”

“Not might. Is.”

“Then that’s all the more reason we should deal with this. Destroying the gate means nobody from the outside can interfere with this world anymore. We of the Council won’t be able to intervene in this world anymore!”

“Yeah, but at the same time, that guy can’t leave this world.”

“Don’t fuck with me! Are you planning to pin our failures onto the inhabitants of this world? That’s the same as locking this world up with that monster you know?”

“The inhabitants of the world always had to deal with the crises of their world. It’s too arrogant for us to fix all their problems. Don’t you agree?”

“Nonsense! We of the Council were the ones who instigated this crisis!”

“Maybe. But you know, he’ll definitely be fine.”

The black-haired youth looked down at the masked boy who was bathing in cheers. His eyes held a hint of loneliness and filled with envy.

“I really can’t understand what you’re thinking.”

“I bet.”

The muscular man violently released the black-haired youth and shook his head.

“I’m reporting this to Grid.”

“No need. I mean, he was the one who ordered for the gate’s destruction.”

Now, the muscular man’s jaw dropped to the ground.

“D-d-did he make us come here?”

“Yes. The mission was just a cover; destroying the gate was the actual order.”

The muscular man trembled for a while, but then shouted, “That shitty clown! You’ve schemed yet another dark and disgusting plan!!”

Then, he abruptly disappeared.

“It’s about time for me too.”

The black-haired youth once again looked down at the masked boy standing in the plains.


He muttered something, but the deafening cheers and gale drowned it out.


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  1. interesting so【Invincible】must mean mc and the【Hell】 must be the guy who said he would kill mc next time they meet and what they talked about mean there are more than 2 worlds then

    1. I actually think【Invincible】is in reference to the guy that said he would kill MC at a later date. After rereading their conversation a couple of times I feel that they were there to prevent massive damage done by the undead horde to Sutherland but weren’t needed since MC already stopped the horde. So when talking about not expecting they were going to face【Invincible】it comes off to me that【Invincible】was their enemy along with the undead horde. Also they said prodding him after he already backed down was stupid. MC never backed down. The one who backed down was the guy who said he would kill the MC later. He showed up had the power to fight MC but chose to left clearly backing down. MC on the other hand was ready to fight him even though MC thought his chances of victory were near zero, never once backing down.

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