Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 2

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Return of the Heroine

Led by Leaffa, we finally arrived at the Royal Palace.

The castle is made of mineral chalk – everything is white as snow.

“It’s really beautiful.”

“I agree. It’s a masterpiece.”

Youko and Luna ogled at the palace’s interior.

We strode towards the gates of the outer walls.

“Your Highness Leaffa, welcome home. These are your classmates, and… your professor, yes? Welcome.”

A handsome, suave elf in a butler’s suit welcomed us. Hey, this person seems quite strong.

He also looked taken aback as he gazed at Tina, who still has her hood on.

“Thank you. Is His Majesty available right now?”

“Yes, His Majesty is waiting for you in the throne hall.”

The butler elf escorted us towards the throne hall. All the furnishings adorning the castle appeared to sparkle.  

“These are magical tools crafted using the unique techniques of Elves. They can collect and store magical power gradually from the surrounding space.”

Mr. Butler explained while I was staring at a vase on display. 

“Heh, so it gathers magic on its own.”

What a convenient tool.

We arrived in front of a stately door after walking for a while.

“Papa! I’m home!!!”

The door opened grandly, and Leaffa entered the room, and we followed right behind her. 

The Elf King sat at the splendid throne situated at the innermost part of the hall.

This person seems really powerful. More than that, his magnificence was astounding.

His appearance is that of a young elf, but the dignified aura emanating from him is definitely that of a King. With the exception of Leaffa, all of us naturally fell on our knees.

“Thou hast come from afar. Greetings.”

The Elf King stood and walked until he was right before us.

“All Hail to His Majesty the King. We have come from the Kingdom of Grendale. I am Halt-Vie-Silveray, the third son of Count Silveray. With your permission, we request to stay in your Kingdom for a month.”

“Oh, so you are a Count’s son. Welcome. However, there is no need to humble yourselves like that. You are Leaffa’s friends. Can you treat me more comfortably? “

But your majestic aura won’t let us relax in any way, you know…

“Ah, sorry, I forgot to turn off my skill.”

“It’s the [Majesty of a King] skill.”

“Hey, Papa, what are you doing!?”

“Ah, I just thought I’d let your friends know how awesome I am as a King…”

Ah, so it’s a rascal King.

Everyone introduced themselves in order. Tina was the last one. She removed her hood.

“I am Tina Harivell. Your Majesty, it has been a while.”

“Ti, Tina!? You, where were you all this time!?”

The Elf King was astonished.

“Well, I just went on a sentimental journey to relieve heartbreak.”

“Heartbreak? …Ah, no matter. The most important of all is that you came back safely. You have done well in defeating the Demon King. You have my utmost gratitude.”

The Elf King might have questions, but he suppressed it in the face of his overwhelming joy in Tina’s return. He gripped Tina’s hand and expressed thanks over and over again.


A grand celebration of songs and feast was held at the palace that night.

Tina’s reappearance was not disclosed throughout the country in respect to her wishes, but the high-ranking officials assembled together to congratulate Tina’s return.

However, a problem occurred during the banquet.

“Lady Tina, have you decided on your marriage partner? If you do not have anyone in mind, how about my beloved son? He is a fine man if I say so myself.”

A nobleman suddenly proposed. As if tied by a string, marriage proposals came one after another, overwhelming Tina.

“Silence, all of you. Let the person decide who to like, and to whom she will be tied to.”

The Elf King tried to restrain the uproar but—

“Yes, we know, but Tina is a person who inherited the blood of the Heroes! We have to match her with an excellent man from our Kingdom so that she can give birth to the next generation of Heroes!”

“That is right!”

The higher-ups wanted Tina to give birth to heroes, with no consideration as to how she feels about it.

I’m getting irritated.

Tina anxiously glanced over here.

At that time, one minister said something outrageous.

“Anyone who wants to marry Tina must have the right amount of power. I propose a fighting competition and bestowing Tina to the winner as his spouse.”

“Oh, that is good!”

“What a good idea! Let us prepare immediately!”

They never considered Tina’s opinion at all during the whole conversation.

Contrary to the Glendale Kingdom, it seems that Tina can’t express a strong attitude against the Elf ministers.

 So you’re saying Tina will marry an Elf of this Kingdom?

Over my dead body!

“Can I join the competition?”

I interjected. 

“What does that human child think he’s saying? This is a problem among the Elves.”

“Isn’t he too disrespectful to talk about national issues, even if he is a guest of the King?”

My opinion was brushed aside right away.

Should I just blast off these guys and return to Glendale?

—I started to think that way.

“This should not be limited to the Elven Race.”

The King, who had been silent until now, finally spoke.

“Tina, who draws the blood of the heroes, will be tied to a suitable person. Their offspring will surely be the next trump card when the next Demon King appears in this world.”

The ministers nod in agreement with the King’s words.

“I believe that such an excellent person does not have to be an Elf. For example, he might be a human.”

The Elf King met my gaze.

I can see it in his eyes—it’s like he’s saying that if I wanted Tina, I have to win.

“Alright, let the other races join the competition. As for the date of the tournament- how about we set it three days later?”

One of the ministers made a recommendation. Other races are permitted to participate, but the grace period is only three days. Even if a person seeks Tina’s hand, he cannot be admitted to the tournament unless he’ll arrive in this country within three days.

Doesn’t matter to me.

With this, I will compete with my marriage to Tina at stake.

Eh? Why do I have the feeling that I just recently fought for a similar reason?


“Hey, I also don’t want Teacher Tina to be taken away by an Elf of this kingdom, so should I join the tournament? Wouldn’t that raise the chances of winning?”

“Ah, in that case, I’ll also compete. It’ll be upsetting if Teacher Tina’s gone.”

Ryuushin and Luke proposed their participation.

“Thanks. But it’s better if you don’t.”


“Tina’s marriage is at stake. I’ll go full force. Even if I end up facing you two, I won’t go easy on you.”

“R, right! Okay, I quit!”

“Ah, m, me too! Do your best, Halt!”

Both of them decided they’ll just cheer me on and support me.

I dunno why, but they look pale with cold sweat, so I encourage them to take a hot bath to avoid catching a cold.


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  1. “I dunno why, but they look pale with cold sweat, so I encourage them to take a hot bath to avoid catching a cold.”

    Well… pumping up 10mp per millisecond to your intimidation skill would have them envisioned a dragon waking up from slumber to annihilate everything~

  2. Why did Tina not just crush these nobles? Or is she trying to enjoy the fact that Halt is trying to protect her?

    1. Elven propriety or decorum maybe. Either that or she doesn’t want her reputation to be fraught with infamy and destitute of good. Those are my guesses anyways.

    2. Politic, but if I were to be her, i’d just let the competition goes (assuming the mc didn’t join there) and then reject the marriage afterward haha, the king even said the choice is in her hand, so you know how it gonna be lol

  3. Sounds like an Elven version of Wrestlemania lol.
    We just need the contestants to adopt some gimmicks and to trash-talk each other, and to flaunt and vaunt their reputations, and voila lol.

  4. Are you kidding me!? You just arrived and a bunch of people that have nothing to do with you try to decide your married partner on there own without even ask for your option and you just stay quiet like a mutt!? And you called yourself a heroine? She just a stupid mutt.

  5. Should I just blast off these guys and return to Glendale?

    Wooooow!! I truly wanted to see that happen LOL

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