I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 88

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


“Are you really planning on making Freya go?”

Those were the first words that came out of my mouth when I heard Gress told me about his plan. It was of course necessary to let Gojo know. However it was way too dangerous to let Freya go there.

“Leo, I’ll go. I may not be able to use magic, but there is no one else besides me that can get to Gojo. Besides I want to do it.”

If what Gress had told us was really true, then there was no way for Gojo to win… Everyone here had already seen Gojo’s unbelievable strength. If even Gojo is fighting an opponent that he can’t defeat, then now is no time to be arguing over these kinds of things!

“Okay. We’ll support you as well. Be careful.”

After I said that, Freya got on her Dragon and flew to the skies.


The Dragon King began gathering magic power in its mouth. I had decided to attack before the Hydra had a chance to do anything. After enough magic power was gathered it shot off a fire ball of pure destruction.

“Ball of Destruction!!”

The ball of fire heading towards the Hydra let off a blinding light and in the next moment enveloped Hydra’s whole body in a sea of flames. The shock from the collision traversed the whole sky.

‘As long as Hydra doesn’t have as much Magic Defense as Titan then it should have an effect.’ Is what I thought but…


Suddenly I noticed a shriek from behind me. Turning back to look, I saw that Freya was riding her Dragon and flying towards me. Due to the explosion she was apparently thrown back.

“What is she doing…”

I hurriedly used teleportation to go help her. When I got to Freya I noticed that there was actually a wall of wind surrounding and protecting her. 

‘Leo’s skill…’

Looking over to the others it seems like they were about to be blown off as well, however they somehow managed to resist with the help of Elias’ Protection.

“Why did you come here! Can’t you see it’s dangerous!!”

“Gojo… You need to come back, Gress has something important that he needs to tell you.”

“Something important? What is it!?”

“It’s about that black Dragon. The way things are now there’s no chance of winning. Please. Just trust me.”

I didn’t quite get what she was getting at, however it really did seem to be urgent.


Taking Freya and her Dragon with me I used teleportation to go back to where Leo and Gress were waiting. They were both kind of startled due to me suddenly appearing in front of them.

“Gojo!! There’s no way to beat that Dragon!”

Upon snapping out of his confusion, Gress immediately ran to me and spoke with a face rid of all color… 

‘Even if you tell me that… Hydra is currently enveloped in flames over there you know. No matter how strong it may be, I don’t think it’ll come out unscathed…’

Just as I thought that, the three heads let out a fierce roar sucking in the flames and smoke along with it. And as if trying to display its enormous dark silvery frame, Hydra rose up and spread its wings wide.

It suddenly gathered an enormous amount of magic power and simultaneously shot off three breaths of light!! Just as the light landed on the Dragon King’s body, he immediately disintegrated.

‘It defeated the Dragon King with one attack… It’s way too strong.’

On top of that it seemed like attacks themselves didn’t work on it!? 

‘Strange…, it’s like there’s no response from the attack at all… It doesn’t seem like it’s just a matter of having a high Defense stat…’

“Attacks against it are pointless. Even with your strength…”

“What do you mean!?”

“That Dragon has an Unique Skill called Absolute Defense. It nullifies any kind of attack.”

“Absolute Defense!?”

If that were really the case then that would explain why it didn’t feel any response from my attacks…

“Wait Gress you can see Hydra’s stats!?”

“Yes. I have a skill called Magic Eye which allows me to see through all kinds of statuses. And on top of its Absolute Defense, the breaths that it shoots out also have the effect of breaking down any kind of substance or energy on an atomic level. It’s an unblockable attack.”

‘An unblockable attack… Things are way worse than I originally thought. That Dragon has a hold of the strongest shield as well as the strongest spear, that’s a contradiction in itself…’ 

[TL/N: In japanese when you put the kanji for shield (盾) and the kanji for spear (矛) together you get the word contradiction (矛盾) in a way that a person cannot have both, but only one or the other] 

While we were talking, it seems like Hydra suddenly took note of our presence. Facing us it once again shot off those breaths of light.

The light ran through the ground disintegrating everything in its path.

I immediately stopped time and moved everyone. I moved us to a place far behind Hydra in an attempt to buy as much time as possible.

Upon resuming time everyone was once again a bit shocked, but due to it happening for the second time now, they all understood that it was probably due to one of my skills.

“If that’s the case then I can’t win. And in that case it’s for the best that we retreat from here.”

Hearing my words, everyone looked down, no one objecting. 

‘In the end if it’s just the people here then it won’t be that hard to save everyone…’

While thinking that, apparently Hydra had noticed us once more and was now heading towards us. I opened a huge crack space in an attempt to teleport everyone out.

However just as we were about to leave, Hydra suddenly stopped in mid air and turned in the opposite direction.

“What’s going on…?”

Leo was left with a shocked expression on his face. Looking up we could see that Hydra was beginning to gather magic power once more. It shot out its breaths towards the complete opposite direction of us, so we were all completely dumbfounded…

I immediately used Clairvoyance to see where Hydra’s breaths were heading.

In the distant sea I could clearly see the remains of numerous battle ships. There were numerous places where flames were rising up to the sky as well. 

‘That is…’

After me, Leo immediately asked Luke to use Clairvoyance as well. With only a glance Luke understood the situation.

“It’s the NATO Marine Forces. They’ve been completely wiped out.”

Hearing Luke’s words Leo made a complicated expression and tried to squeeze the words out of his mouth.

“It can attack even at that distance… If it goes to Ireland or France, then it will only lay ruin everywhere. There’s no way we can go and let that happen.”

“Even if you say that, considering there’s no way to defeat it, what are we supposed to do.”

It’s not like I wanted to run away as well, however I had no idea on what to do against it. Afterwards Hydra once again turned towards us, and spreading its wings began flying.

As we felt the pressure beginning to slowly choke us, Gress suddenly opened his mouth.

“There might be a way. If it’s that then maybe.”

Hydra opened its mouth and shot out its breath of light. It appears that it was keen on getting rid of us. Or maybe it was targeting just me.

Either way just as the light was about to envelop everything around us I stopped time and once again moved everyone.


Gress, Leo and the others were once again a bit startled. I couldn’t blame them, being forcefully moved through space while time was stopped would be startling for anyone.

“So what’s that way that you were talking about?”

“Oh yea, there’s a guy called Saruman who gave us, The Sanctuary Knights our weapons. In the midst of the weapons he owns, there’s a sword called the [Dragon Slayer].”

“Can we really kill Hydra with that!?”

“Probably… When I appraised it before, it had said that the one who is able to wield it will be able to slice through anything. However I cannot say for certain that it will be able to pass through Hydra’s Absolute Defense. However if there’s a hope of defeating Hydra, then I can’t think of anything else besides that sword.”

After hearing Gress’ explanation, as if having remembered something Leo bit his lips and then began speaking.

“Isn’t that the sword that sucks away MP?”

“Yes Master Leo that is correct. It’s the sword that no one could actually use.”

‘It sucks MP? So there’s a strange sword like that… Still if that’s the case then…’

“Still Gress, that thing sucks out an enormous amount of MP. And Gojo has already probably consumed a huge amount of MP as it is. If he loses any more he might be in danger…”

“If it’s Gojo then it’ll be fine. After all he has a skill that gives him infinite magic power.”

After hearing that, everyone in the area was completely stupefied. Every single ability user here could imagine what it would mean to have an infinite amount of MP.

“Amazing… You can even see my status?”

“Yea, I know that you have some amazing skills. To be honest at first I was scared, however you’re the only one we can count on Gojo!”

“I understand. So then where is that sword?”

“It’s in Saruman’s research facility in Dresden in Germany. Do you think we’re gonna be able to go there using your teleportation ability?”

I still hadn’t been to Dresden. I’d been to Berlin before, however if I didn’t have a clear image of the place I wanted to go to, I couldn’t teleport to it. If I knew this kind of thing would have happened I would have travelled a lot more before The Calamity…

“Is it far from Berlin?”

“It’s quite far…”

The only thing I could do now was go to Berlin and just fly to Dresden from there…

“It’ll probably take me from 2 to 30 minutes to get there. After all I still think it’s best if we all retreat.”

Hearing my proposal Leo shook his head.

“We cannot let that thing out of sight, if we do, no one knows where it might go next. If it goes to a place with a lot of people numerous casualties will appear, and even if it goes back to The Abyss it will be hard to track it down afterwards. If it’s me then I can control the atmosphere and prevent it from flying. Take Gress with you and go!”

I could see a strong determination within Leo’s eyes. And it appeared that all the other Sanctuary Knights members had the same idea as Leo. I could clearly see that they completely trusted Leo.

“Gojo go. We’ll take care of things here somehow.”

“It’s up to you Gojo. Just try to get back before we’re wiped out.”

Freya and Carlo both said to me with smiles on their faces, however I could clearly see that they were just acting tough.

“Gojo, not one person here will fall down easily. I believe that after you come back with that sword, you’ll be able to take it down easily. So go ahead. We believe in you!”

Wan slapped me on the back with everything she had. 

‘The only thing I can do is get the sword as fast as I can huh… In that case that’s exactly what I’ll do!’

I immediately took Gress’ hand.

“I’ll be right back.”

Looking back I could see everyone sending us off with a smile on their faces, and from behind them I could also see Hydra flying towards them at high speed.

I bit down hard on my lips and entered the space region disappearing towards Berlin…

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  1. Why doesn’t he just wait for the hydra to fire, stop time, physically move the hydra in front of the beam, or stop time to get the sword bust up the dragon? Good read though

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  2. i mean he could teleport to berlin and pause time and fly to germany couldnt he? i can’t remeber if he can’t use magic while time is frozen

  3. The dragon is a contradiction… he should be able to defeat it by bending space and turning his absolute attack on itself…

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